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reciting Chinese classic story in Cantonese with detailed English explanation

Do you like original Chinese? Do you like Cantonese stories and movies? I am promoting traditional Chinese and Cantonese. I will share some stories, movies and articles on Chinese,

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Humor in spousal relationship

Relationship desperately needs humor. Humor in spousal relationship certainly will save your marriage. Let us look at the humor quotes to learn how to deal with spousal relationships in humor.


Sharing of the life in a US city full of antiques, liveliness and warmth

Middlesboro-a city connecting three states with unique historical background, scenery and traditions.   Are you so smart to know that, in the south-eastern border of Kentucky,

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A letter in the perspective of a HK student protester in HK in 2019 protest

Hi, do you know the youth's favorite in their lifetime? Sure video games, right? Yes, I am , as a normal Hong Kong teen, before June 12, 2019.  My life has utterly changed since June 12, 2019.

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Why walking makes me young, healthy and cheerful

I like walking, even in the U.S, when everyone drives. It is my healthiest, most precious and productive time. Walking is a time to exercise your body. I find it the easiest way of doing exercise.


The loss of a comforter in my life turns me into a comforter of others

Dear Angel,  I will like to continue to write letter to you, joining our hearts in Christ though I can no longer hug you and pray with you together.


How to overcome the loss of an Angel neighbor

Dear Angel, When I write this letter to you, I am so sad that I can only see you again with Christ together in Heaven. You are sent by God to share with my burden in your last two weeks.

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flash fiction-Long live the blood that saves the world

Long live the blood that saves the world 'Ha ha! This is the order. Only if I send it out….. 'Stop' 'Who are you?' Inside a grand white building in a highly technological country in the world ,

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own a child’s heart to keep yourself forever young

Do you believe a child’s heart makes you forever young? I believe psychologically and spiritually a heart for children makes me forever young.

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Are you well prepared to get married or acquainted ?

I have dedicated my time to write on some advice to those not yet married to prevent tragedy. Anyone must read to give yourself or those you love before they get married or acquainted