The loss of a comforter in my life turns me into a comforter of others


16th October 2023 | 9 Views

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Dear Angel, 

I will like to continue to write letter to you, joining our hearts in Christ though I can no longer hug you and pray with you together.

The loss of a comforter like you is really heartbroken , but it turns my heart to comfort your family.

To be a comforter is not only a tough but a needed task, especially when your family is in a time of grief for your loss. What should I say and do? What shouldn’t I say and do? I earnestly pray and think and clearly know that I am only your neighbor. There should not be a legitimate place for me to gain access to your family’s life or feelings. Thank God that surely you have mentioned me to all of your family members so that they all accept me and welcome me. Particularly your daughter, who has connected you and me because of her passion to hug me and want my hug when I walked past your home. Now, she is still a beloved girl who is so passionate to lean on me  because her both hands were hurt in the accident which has taken your life. I bought her a drawing and story book for us  to draw and create stories together, hoping to give her some happy moments. 

They invited me to attend your funeral. Standing next to your corpse, I am really numb.  You have been in that city for so long. I have just moved in and got started to share with you two weeks ago. After you left me, I still looked at the swings which you sat on very often and talked with me. I am blessed to have these two weeks for you to come into my life and for me to join this grief time with your family now.

Before your funeral, it is a nice day with sunshine. However, after your funeral, there is a downpour of heavy rainfall with lightning. It seems that the sky is crying with us for the loss of you,too.

May God use me to be a  good supporter, companion and  comforter to your daughter and other family members. 

Rest in peace.  See you in heaven.


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