Why walking makes me young, healthy and cheerful

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3rd July 2024 | 4 Views

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I like walking, even in the U.S, when everyone drives. It is my healthiest, most precious and productive time.

Walking is a time to exercise your body. I find it the easiest way of doing exercise. No appliances, no tools and no money are needed. Moreover, it saves your money to drive or  take any commuter.We are created to walk on our feet. Of course, there is a reason behind that we must use our feet daily, not just to brake or accelerate, but to walk. With a walking at least one hour each day surely contributes to my good shape and body which looks at least 10 years younger and fitter than the people around.

Walking is the best time to appreciate every detail of the surrounding, the neighborhood, the nature and everything. I discover the beauty of the houses, the plants, the gardens, the flowers,  the lawns, the backyard, the cars, the cats and the dogs. I find new kinds of flowers, butterflies, bees and insects in different seasons. I hear their every love songs, arguments and lamentation.

Walking is the best time to get connected with my neighbors. When everyone drives home and left home by jumping into their cars just right next to their doors or just staying inside their homes, there is always me, who walks by, waving hands with smiles and greetings to the neighbors who are ready to leave or back to home. I can only catch these few seconds when we can meet outside our protective shells. That is why, all the neighbors who have been living so close but didn’t know each other, while I am welcomed to their home party, leisure time and even funeral, just in my first few months of encounter with them.

Walking is the best time of solitude. I greatly enjoy solitude as well as social gathering. In solitude, I have many companions, such as butterflies who dance with their charming wings as well as different species of flowers who enchant me with their uniqueness in sizes, shapes and colors, as well as the forever changing clouds .

Walking is the most private time for me to communicate with God and to nurture my heart, my soul and my spirit. Many of my reflections, ideas, decisions and reliefs come from the time of walking when my whole being is united in this perfect blending of nature, tranquility and the wonders of God’s creation and providence. Sure, He guides my every step, my every breath as well as my every thought.

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