How It Works

1. You Publish Creations

You start publishing Creations, allowing your audience to experience your Creations.

2. Audience Growth

Your audience discovers your content through Google Search, Milyin Search, Social Media, direct sharing (WhatsApp, Instagram Stories), and more.

3. Improve Audience Engagement

Once your Creation starts getting views, your audience would naturally engage in activities like commenting, clicking ads, chatting, becoming your follower, etc.

4. Start Earning

For every genuine ad click you would earn upto $0.25, you can withdraw your eanings once your total dues are above $1.

5. Repeat

Once you are done, repeat the same steps, to create many more succesful creations and build an ever-growing audience.

What Next?

Checkout our getting started guide to get well verse with the systems and features of Milyin.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us or write an email.