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Milyin Devotes to Make A World Having Vast Majority Of People Who are Passionate About There Work, Who feel proud to have different Thoughts, Beliefs and Opinions. Milyin Supports all those who Improve Society and bring a change.
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Milyin is a great place for you to foIlow your passion. Write about what you love, present your stories and experiences, share your journey towards your goal.

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Jiten Kumar

Jiten Kumar, 16, is a Content Creator at Milyin. He is one of the oldest Members of Milyin, He manages Social Media of Milyin and Brings organic traffic to Milyin. He is a talented gamer and can play games all day.

Moreover he is a Tech Enthusiast, Animator, Content Creator and many more, he is into a lot of things. He is a big fan of Eminem and is inspired by him. He is a crazy person who will do everything to become a millionaire.


Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal, 16, the guy who founded Milyin, is an imensely talented Content Creator, Web Developer, Tech Enthusiast, and a person who wants this world to be a better place, by constantly helping people present there stories through great new features at Milyin.

Aditya is a Book Reader, and enjoys writing too. He on Milyin is responsible for all Development, Communications and Payment's.

He is a Steve Jobs fan, and is inspired by him. He loves the Google's Material Design theory, and tries to bring it to life, in everything on Milyin.


Saksham Bakshi

Saksham Bakshi, 16, who wants that people must respect transport. He hopes that reading this line will make you laugh but it is a serious matter in his opinion that people don't love cars.

There very less of them who are in love with it. Let's not take it to a simple introduction. I am a very unstable guy who wants to take up interest in all things.

But his knowledge to vehicles are truely at a very high level. If you wanna test him go through his Creations you are really gonna get addicted to it. Also, He is a great cricketer, someday try playing a cricket match with him, to know him in his wildest form.

Creative Minds

The creative minds and artists can show there creativity to world, as a platform, we empower you to leverage your creativity to be sold/licensed to your own audience.

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Great System

Our Great Content Creation systems, empower you to work smoothly, with a wondeful Content Editor, ability to scale and crop images, adding custom code, and fonts, It's hard to write a bad post.

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On 28th August, 1963, A quarter a Million people gathered on the footsteps of the Lincoln Memorial. There were no posters distributed, no marketing, and internet was not a thing at that time. Those 1/4th a Million people held there breathe to hear Martin Luther King say "I have A Dream".

Ever since the start of humanity, great ideas, great concepts, and people with a passion to improve the world have always built there audience. These are the People who create and move the society forward. We want to be the stage for you to resonate your thoughts, opinions and believes.

All the great ideas, and the ability to bring a radical shift in society happened with just a stage. They just needed a stage to speak, and create history. Milyin wants to be the stage you use for presenting yourself.