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Cinematic Lighting And Editing

Lighting in Video : Lighting in video is one of the very important factors of good quality footage and grading. If you skip this element, your footage will come out to be trash. So if Continue...

Top 9 Books To Read For Self Improvement

Top 9 Books to Read For Self Improvement

Books are a important part of out lives, and we should remain close to books. Today we discuss the top 9 books that you should definitely read and enjoy. They will bring a paradigm shift Continue...

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Do What is Right Not What is In The Rules

Sometimes we get into dilemma, where the laws and the ethics are not in right place. In such situations should we do what is right, or should we just follow the laws. Simon Sinek gave Continue...


Top 11 Series That You Must Watch Before you Die

Web Series are What Keep you engaged in all mood swings. You can find some great titles that would suit all moods. You can’t die, without watching the below titles. It’s better to watch them, Continue...

Cultivate Gratitude Thankfulness

Whether you think you can or you can’t , you’re right !

The title for today’s article is very right . At the last , The man who wins is the man who thinks he can . 

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What’s Wrong With India: Finite and Infinite Game

India has been recently developing far more faster than earlier. But, we have never seen India at the bleeding edge of new technology, and never have we seen India innovative in recent past. Just few Continue...

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