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Milyin devotes to creating a world, of people who follow their passion without worrying of income. Milyin is a Content Creation platform for representing your thoughts, believes and opinions


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Do whatever you love, and simply spread your works in world by Doing Content Creation At Milyin. And We will Take Care Of Income. We would Pay You at Predefined rates after Predefined Milestones. So that You can focus on your love and money is never a problem.

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“People Who Love The Journey Reach The Most beautiful Destinations”
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AMAZON Started Shipping Stuff In INDIA from US And……….

#Amazon was the one who made everyone know them. #JEFF BEZOS being the world’s richest entrepreneur recently executed something for the sake of Amazon. It would benefit many but to some there’s no use of Continue...

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Independence Day Whatsapp Status Video Download: 15th August 2019

Watch this video on YouTube made by me: It has been ages, around 72 years, we are celebrating the Great Independence Day Every Year. And this year on 15 August it will be the time Continue...


How Steve Jobs made a Perfect Balance of Smart Work and Hard Work

The time is of early 1980s, Apple was working on their 3rd Device Apple Macintosh. They decided that they wanted to sell a complete device that can be used by any random person. They wanted Continue...

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Definite and Indefinite Thinkers Finite and Infinite Players

So we discussed 3 types of thinkers and 2 types of Players. I have already stated that the first step is to Decide the goal. How do you decide the goal, well if you have Continue...

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Like You we also loved the idea of Content Creation Platform, and we want to create a world people wake up inspired. Inspired not work there Job, but to do whatever they love, and simply do Content Creation regarding there love. And we will take care of income


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