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Milyin devotes to creating a world, of people who follow their passion without worrying of income. Milyin is a Content Creation platform for representing your thoughts, believes and opinions


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Do whatever you love, and simply spread your works in world by Doing Content Creation At Milyin. And We will Take Care Of Income. We would Pay You at Predefined rates after Predefined Milestones. So that You can focus on your love and money is never a problem.

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Get ready for more BLOODSHED and kick some monster butt, DOOM ETERNAL IS COMING!!!

I would love to say that Bethesdas conference was a DISSAPOINTMENTT but i have good news for you doom eternal is cominggg!!! GAMEPLAY: Players once again take on the role of the Doom Slayer, an ancient warrior who Continue...

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Keanu revees is in cyberpunk2077!!!!

So the e3 2019 was awesome and it gave us a lot of good news about games and consoles though I admit that it was bit of a disappointment as we didn’t got any news Continue...

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Can iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop For Pro Work

The iPad Pro, is a great device and after the announcement of iPadOS in WWDC it has become even better. But iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop for Pro Work. Well had you asked me the Continue...

How To Find Investor For Your Startup

7 Ways How To Find Investors for Your Startup

Any New Startup, has financial trouble, and needs lots of funds to develop itself and keep it self afloat. 7 Ways How to Find Investors For Your Startup, is the ultimate guide, to ensure that Continue...

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Like You we also loved the idea of Content Creation Platform, and we want to create a world people wake up inspired. Inspired not work there Job, but to do whatever they love, and simply do Content Creation regarding there love. And we will take care of income


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