Download the App

Alternative for Android:

Download the APK for Android:

Download APK

How to Install PWA on Android Devices:

1. Click on the Download button, or scan the QR Code to download a ZIP folder

2. Extract the folder and find a file called "Milyin.apk"

3. The device may ask if you trust the unknown source. Please click "Yes"

4. You may see a prompt like "Do You Want to Install with App?", click "Install"

5. Your device will now install the app. Now, you can use it just like any other app on your Android device

Alternative for iOS/iPadOS:

If the install button does not work, iOS/iPadOS users can still enjoy our app with the following workaround:

Go to your browser and clear browsing data.

Visit Milyin

Click on the Share button

In options, find and click "Add to Homescreen"

Your app will be added and should work like a native app.