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This is my first article on any platform. This is just a starting of my writings about my experiences in life. This is one of the biggest lesson I have learned from my life journey till date. This is my personal experience. Please apologise me if you feel down at any level. I hope this can help you to overcome your pains and negativity. This is just little effort to uplift your soul. Thanks for appreciating and giving precious time of yours to read it. Thank you.

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Tough Mission

It seem women got the talent. They easily understand the prey. Either by sense or logic, they’re highly expert.  It wasn’t until I couldn’t fall back to sleep did I realized how crazily it is to fall in love. And what was it? The stupid love kept on nagging me.  Average girl. Average but got me thinking. Got me thinking like crazy. Wondering and cross-checking… Read More »Tough Mission

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First phase “Love or Lust”

Are you in a relationship -“YES”. How cool it sounds right! But in today’s lifestyle, Do we really mean it. Let’s take an example – Once kids started to reach their high school, their lifestyle and curiosity to explore leads them in a relationship and I’m pretty sure they don’t even realise what the concept of love is. Here, I’m not saying that this is… Read More »First phase “Love or Lust”

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Earn with chegg one lakh per month in india

Chegg India Earnings Chegg is an American online education company that provides academic assistance to students across the world. It offers a range of services, including homework help, textbook solutions, and online tutoring. Chegg has gained immense popularity among students in India as well, who are always on the lookout for academic support to excel in their studies. Additionally, Chegg offers an excellent opportunity for… Read More »Earn with chegg one lakh per month in india

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A Sad Truth Of Today’s Parents

we have to give proper education to our child but we can’t force them to study very hard as much as you can and get very good result. Because we can only work hard but we can’t make sure that result is in our favour.

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“Music is the blissful-rhythmic expression of the soul.” – Ranjan Baral.

“Music is the blissful-rhythmic expression of the soul.” –  Ranjan Baral. This statement captures the essence of the emotional and creative power of music. Here’s why: Shop Now Music is a universal language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, and it has the ability to evoke strong emotional responses in listeners. It can uplift our spirits, soothe our souls, and inspire us to action. The… Read More »“Music is the blissful-rhythmic expression of the soul.” – Ranjan Baral.

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Festivals of India

India is a diverse country embracing all religions and celebrates all of them with equal enthusiasm through out the year. These festivals reflect the rich cultural heritage of India and its people. Each festival has its unique customs and traditions that are celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy