Inside Look Secrets Of How Does Elon Musk Make Money

Inside Look: Secrets of How Does Elon Musk Make Money

Elon Musk is one of the richest people alive yet he takes a salary of $1 per year only. We’d try to uncover some of the most critical investment secrets that keep him rich While Elon Musk is one of the most high net-worth individuals in the world, his actual liquid money is negligible. Let me explain, the net worth is value of all the…

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I can

“I can make it, I affirm it always, that’s the reason I wake every morning, the joy of progression and accomplishments.” ~George Farfan “

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Divine Truth

“Once we can learn from animals, we become the dominant species” ~George Farfan

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Till the End

“For the glory, for the dream, will it be manifested or will it be forgotten, what I do know what’s guaranteed is a honorable death, till the end my friends.” ~George Farfan

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The One

I am the one, guided by God, flying like wings of an angel, I see a vision, unity in the hearts of all species of earth, we ascended like the stars, now were synchronized in this walk of life, we’re in one benevolent motion with creation” ~George Farfan

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If I Fall

“If I fall I get back up, I live in God’s grace in God’s mercy, I will come back, I will rise, because I owe it to you my light and unto you a redemption for the sands of glory” ~George Farfan

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Heart of a Winner

“I am a winner, I never quit, learn what works and forget the doubts, I’m always seeking ways to improve, i cannot be stopped, my goal is to win, I’ve done that” ~George Farfan

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Let love guide you

“I see my reflection of when I die, bitter and hideous, I see a different reflection in my minds eye, one of accomplishments and happiness. See your future self before you die and choose which reflection leads you to your heart.” ~George Farfan

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“I was born to lead, learn to sacrifice who I was to create who I imagined in my minds eye, it is written in the stars, I will leave my mark on humanity” ~George Farfan

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God’s Gift

“I am God’s creation, a fierce being filled with love beyond imaginable” ~George Farfan