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16th October 2023 | 6 Views

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Middlesboro-a city connecting three states with unique historical background, scenery and traditions.


Are you so smart to know that, in the south-eastern border of Kentucky, there is a crater city called Middlesboro?

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Middlesboro is famous for being a crater city. Do you know what a crater city is? Middlesboro is a town founded in the center of a meteor crater formed 300 million years ago. 

There was a car show from June through October which displayed different colors and patterns of traditional antique cars. They showed off their uniqueness, antiquity and integrity. It is really stunning and attractive.

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I was stunned to know that such a small city is the first city in the U.S. to have an organic garden.

Living here just for a few months, I am fully in love with that small town. All daily needs and facilities as well as city resources are so close to each other within your walk or a few minutes drive. 


Personally, it has won my heart as  a famous “Trail Town.” A few trails alongside the creek for you to take a solitude walk.  Besides some friendly  trailers, you will meet the ducks and gooses which might walk towards you and even sit on the bench. They claim their ownership of the region but they are so nice to welcome you with their elegant steps.


The winter here is short and around zero at its lowest, with a bit snow only, I can walk up to the historic Cumberland Gap town in winter at a temperature of around 10 degrees with good sunshine or slight breeze.


While LA is over 110 this summer, here it is still under 90 with slight wind and light rainfall. Though there is an absence of scorching heat, the city’s public pool is still open for the public to use daily for free from May to August. 


Lots of families bring their babies, toddlers and children there to have fun in the public pool. They will splash water on you,if you don’t mind playing with them. More attractive to me are the youth. They are so nice to ask me to teach them swimming, dancing, Chinese and Cantonese. Some grown-ups will even offer to teach me swimming.

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On the way to and back from the pool, I always enjoy walking. Whenever the residents along the way see me walking alone, they will be so sweet to talk to me and we become friends. They even give me a free ride to the pool or back home. When it rains, they ask me to get in for a shelter.


I have tried lots of local restaurants, coffee shops and stores. Many nice stories to share with you further.

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Do you feel that Middlesboro is well worth a stay? Next time, when you  explore Cumberland Gap National Park, don’t miss a relaxing trip  to the little Kentucky town, Middlesboro.


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