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Dear Angel,

When I write this letter to you, I am so sad that I can only see you again with Christ together in Heaven.

You are sent by God to share with my burden in your last two weeks. When I am grateful that I have a dearest friend to walk with me in my new life here with so many difficulties. However, without saying a goodbye, you left me heartbroken to hear of your sudden passing away in a fatal road accident,caused by a drunken driver.

With the overflowing tears, I am still thankful to have you coming into my sufferings with comfort and listening in your last two weeks. The moments are so sweet that you listen, empathize, hug and pray for me. I will always remember your last words to me: “I love you.” My last words are :” I love you, too”. May these words echo in Heaven and on earth so that there won’t be so many tragedies.

Hearing your death, I really want my life, rather than yours, to be taken away. I rushed to the hospital to visit your injured children and husband under the severest weather with lightning, thunderstorm, hail, heavy rainfall and lowest visibility on the road. I am expecting a car accident to happen to me. Yet, my God saves me. So glad to see your daughter and husband are only slightly hurt. I promised God and you that I will try my best to accompany your daughter and pray for the comfort from God to all of your family members.

goodbye forever!



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