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Humor in spousal relationship


16th October 2023 | 3 Views

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Relationship desperately needs humor. Humor in spousal relationship certainly will save your marriage. Let us look at the humor quotes to learn how to deal with spousal relationships in humor.


  1. Man wants to make rule to have his supremacy over his woman while the wife always wants to change the man and his everything. 


“I am the husband, so I make the rules to suit me.” “And I am the wife, so I change the rules to suit me.”― Mia Vincy, A Wicked Kind of Husband


This is really a paradox which only makes the relationship tense. Treat it with humor. Take for example. play the game of changing roles. Sometimes let the husband make the rules and allow the wife to change it and vice versa.


  1. Whenever a woman finds herself to be so blessed to have a man who can attract her, she is really at risk of falling into a trap called fantasy


“She was overwhelmed by your charm and consideration. So I knew she had the wrong man.”― Mia Vincy, A Wicked Kind of Husband


When a man wants you, he can perform as a chameleon which performs as what you like. After marrying you, he will lose his magical power and turn back from a prince to a frog.


  1. Men really don’t know what they want for a woman. Those intelligent will expose their silliness, Those ignorant will stimulate their nerves easily. They love what they hate  and hate what they love.


“You men cannot demand that women be innocent and then mock us for being exactly what you say you want.”― Mia Vincy, A Wicked Kind of Husband


So an intelligent woman must have the wisdom to discern when to be innocent and when to be not. 

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