Hey Creators, our guide is here to help you get started with creating stories, poems, quotes, and more in the form of Creations at Milyin. 

We will discuss how to publish Creations, monetize your Content to earn money, and provide guidance for growing your audience. This guide is dedicated to Creations only. So, please look at our FAQs or Help pages for any other concerns. You can also connect with us using Contact Us, Milyin Chat, or Mail.

But first, let’s answer some of your questions quickly.

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FAQs about Creating at Milyin

Who Can Create at Milyin?

Yes, anyone and everyone can Create at Milyin. There are no restrictions; you have complete access to all our tools. You can add lists, images, tables, embed tweets, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts.


How to Earn at Milyin?

As a Creator, you are monetized by default at Milyin, allowing you to start earning instantly. All Creations have “Earning Blocks” inserted in them by default. When your audience interacts naturally with these Earning Blocks, you make. Earnings can be withdrawn via PayPal or UPI.

You can add/edit/modify Earning Blocks by clicking the Earning Tools button when editing your Creation. 


Are there any restrictions on creating at Milyin?

Yes, while we give a free hand to our Creators, there are certain restrictions. Please be aware that AI-generated or plagiarised Content is not accepted at Milyin. Content that is age-inappropriate, misleading, or inconsistent with generally accepted social norms is not taken.


How To Grow Views at Milyin?

We will be discussing it later in-depth, but for now, here are some things you can implement:

  • Thumbnail: Always set an attractive thumbnail representing what your Creation is all about
  • Hashtags: Just like Twitter and Instagram, you can type hashtags in the Content, and they will convert into actual tags after publishing.
  • Sharing: After publishing, you can click the “Share Creation” button and share it with your friends and family to gain a wider audience.
  • Interlink: In all your Creations, include links to your other Creations for your audience to visit. This ensures people can directly go to more of your Creations when they visit any 1 Creation.
  • Followers: Your followers are sent weekly notifications (like YouTube Subscriptions) about your latest Creations. 
  • Title: Always try to make roughly 65 characters. It’s no compulsion, but 65 characters approximately 7-8 words) work best.


How to improve Earnings at Milyin?

Here are some tips to improve your earnings at Milyin:

  • Word Count: While we appreciate short-form Content, a higher word count and a higher number of paragraphs mean we can insert more ads, resulting in higher earnings for you.
  • Fake Engagement: We monitor and take preventive actions against them. However, if the engagements originate from the Creator, the earnings per engagement are severely impacted. This is all done by an algorithm. Therefore, we recommend avoiding fake engagements.
  • Views: Your Earnings are proportional to engagements. Also, your engagements are proportionate to your views. Therefore, you should focus on producing quality Creations that attract a vast audience. As your audience grows, your earnings will improve.
  • Consistency: We value consistent Creators. If you create regularly at Milyin, your earnings per click will likely improve and result in much better earnings. 

The above were parameters that you can optimize. Some parameters are not exactly in your control. These parameters are audience-driven and have been discussed later in this guide.

Understanding Pages

So, moving on, first of all, we would like to introduce all the essential pages that you should know about when writing and managing your Creations.

  • New Creation: Create a new Creation. You can save it as a draft or directly publish it.
  • My Creations: Manage existing Creations
  • Stats: Check your Statistics, such as views, word count, earnings, etc.
  • Earnings: You can withdraw your earnings once you cross $1 in total revenues.

New Creation

The New Creation page is where your journey begins. This is the page where you start writing your Creations.

This page is used to present a new Creation. The Creation Interface you see here will be elaborated on later, but it’s just the tools to write a Creation.

You can directly publish your Creations here or save them and later manage them on the My Creations page.

My Creations

My Creations page will show you a list of all your Creations. The My Creations page can be used to Edit Creations, Quick Edit Creations, Delete, Clone, and Preview/View.

My Creations page has one of the first elements as a link to add a new Creation. (because why not)

The list shows every Creation from you for all Creation statuses (Published, Draft, Private, Scheduled).

Below it, you have buttons to manage your Creation, including Edit, Clone, delete, and View.


The Stats Page is a page where you get basic analytics of your Creations.

The idea is to help you keep a check on your income and also to help you learn which Creations went well in terms of audience reach. It shall show you Today’s and Lifetime Stats about Earnings, Word Count, Views, Comments, etc.

You will see a horizontally scrolling section with daily stats for the last 60 days. Each container has a date, which tells about the various statistics for the respective date. At the bottom of the page is the Total Stats of your Account. Total views, Total Word, etc. The full payment made to you to date and the earnings that have yet to be credited to you are written as Payment Due.

Different Creation Statuses

Milyin stores every Creation based on 4 Creation Statuses. Each Creation Status has specific rules and functionality for itself. These Creation Statuses are Draft, Publish, Privately Published, and Scheduled.

  • Draft: It is saved and accessible only to you. Incomplete Creations are generally kept as Drafts.
  • Publish: Once a Creation is ready for publishing, you can save it as with Status Publish, and it will be available publically. Your audience will be able to access it.
  • Privately Published: Creation would be publically accessible but won’t be promoted at Milyin. You would have to share its link with specific people.
  • Scheduled: If you want your Creation to get published at a particular time, you can choose the schedule and feed at any time (in Indian Standard Time)

Learning The Creation Interface

The Milyin Creation Interface is an advanced and robust set of tools to solve all purposes and needs of a Content Creator. It has everything built into it. As told earlier, it is visible when you start writing a New Creation or edit any existing Creation.


You will see a thumbnail preview when you create a new one or edit an existing Creation. We will show you a preview if you have not set a Thumbnail.

You can upload a new Thumbnail by clicking the Set Thumbnail button below the preview. Please ensure the uploaded Thumbnail image is copyright-free and that you have the right to use it.

We recommend you always include a thumbnail, as it is the first thing your audience will see and sets the tone and expectations for the audience.

We give you a great degree of freedom when choosing the Thumbnail. There are specific requirements for your Thumbnail:

  • It should be minimum 300x300px
  • File format should be either JPG or PNG
  • The overall file size should be less than 10 MB
  • A stable internet connection is needed. Otherwise, the upload will timeout.

Pro Tip: The name of your image, like xyz.jpg, is taken as the default “Alt Text,” “Caption,” “Description,” and “Title.” So save your work by renaming the image itself before uploading to set all of those fields in one shot.


Your Creation Title is one of the things people will judge Creationation; your Creation title is what matters in helping viewers decide whether to click and read it. Therefore, special care is required here.

Your Creation Title should be around 65 characters. Google recommends 65 characters to be the optimum title length for any online content. The 75 characters include spaces and special characters.

Your Creation Title also decides the URL of your Creation. We convert your title to lowercase, replace spaces with dashes, and strip special characters. Your URL is generated once you publishCreationation for the first time, so it is recommended that the title be perfected before publishing. Once published, the URL can’t be changed. Avoid Changing your Creation Title after publishing.

Creation Editor

The Creation Editor is where your actual Creation is created and has many great features. It offers several tools to help you format and beautify paragraphs, headings, and more. The most common tools are included in a row on the toolbar. The menu at the top has fields like Format and Edit; it can be used to find more advanced and special tools.

Pro Tip #1: Another Handy feature is Full-Screen Mode; in the Creation Visual Editor, go to “View” and then click “Fullscreen.” Now, you have the Editor sticking to the edges of your screen. This is really handy and useful when you have to type for long durations; it finishes the hassle of scrolling up and down to switch tools. To exit Full-Screen Mode, follow the same Steps: Go to “View” and click “Fullscreen.”

Pro Tip #2: You can embed other Creations in other Creations directly. If you want to give a link or a reference to other Creations at Milyin, you can click the Insert Content button (“+” icon) -> Content Blocks -> Embed Creation -> Creation ID/URL.


Pro Tip #3: Any Headings You put on Milyin in your Creations, and they will automatically get consolidated and Generate a Table Of Contents. This is displayed at the top of your Creation on Frontend. When the user clicks any item in the Table Of Contents, it gets scrolled to the respective heading.


Pro Tip #4: When writing Creations, use Hashtags, similar to how it happens on other Social Media Platforms. Milyin will generate links to these hashtags on the front end, and each such link will include all creations from all creators. Using hashtags helps get additional traffic. Moreover, when Milyin shares any Creations on its official social media accounts, the exact same hashtags are used in our social media posts. This helps you leverage Milyin’s social media accounts to get traffic and socialize.

As far as the Creation Editor is concerned, it is straightforward typing and nothing too complicated.


The description is a quick synopsis of your entire Creation. You can explain concisely what it is all about; this will be used in Google Search results and as a preview of your Creations in various places. Make it short and precise. As always, it is optional and totally up to you to create.


If you have sponsored Content or need to provide references, credits, or attributions, you can add them to the disclaimer section. To maintain the proper policy and legal compliance, you must use Disclaimers as and when necessary,

Canonical URL

If you have multiple Creations such that one is a subset of another, you can use Canonical URLs. In your subset Creation, mention the link of the parent Creation. This helps us better understand how Creations are linked and related.

Earning Guide

At Milyin, you are provided with various earning tools and blocks from which you can choose. By default, all creators, including you, are monetized at Milyin, so you can start publishing and utilizing the Earning Blocks immediately.

Your audience will be shown these Earning Blocks between your Content. These blocks could include advertisements, affiliate links, and sponsorships. For every unique & genuine engagement with earning blocks on your Creations, you will earn up to $0.3.

You can check your total earnings on Stats. You need a minimum of $1 in dues before being able to withdraw your earnings. Once you cross the $1 threshold, you can claim your earnings at Earnings.

We insert some earning blocks in all Creations using our highly optimized settings that work best for almost all Creators. However, if you want to add some Earning Blocks or tweak some settings, you can click the “Earning Tools” in the Creation Editor to do the same.

Many parameters are considered to govern how your earnings per click are calculated. Some of the critical parameters are:

  • Views: Creators are getting higher views, and Milyin promotes diverse audiences, thus resulting in higher earnings.
  • Fake Engagements: Our algorithms track IP addresses, device agents, and other engagement parameters. Creators indulging in fake clicks or forcing their audience to fake clicks would be penalized with reduced earnings-per-click.
  • Content: Sometimes, we may struggle to find relevant Earning Blocks to show in your Creation. We use your Creation of content-relevant ads. So, by increasing content length, you might provide you broaden our search parameters as well, resulting in better Earning Blocks.
  • Word Count: This should be obvious. The higher the word count, the more Earning Blocks would be placed within the paragraphs, ensuring higher chances of your Earning. Therefore, if your Creation permits, try to improve your word count.
  • Consistency: Creators who publish Creations regularly and consistently over some time are awarded higher earnings per click to motivate them and support them in their journey.
  • Policy Violations: At Milyin, using AI, plagiarism, duplicating, and inappropriate Content is strictly prohibited. Any policy violations, including those not mentioned here, will result in reduced earnings.
  • Demographics: All advertisers have specific target demographics. The closer an engagement is to their demographic, the higher the earnings. The demographics could include location, age, gender, etc. (You can not control this; it is mentioned for info)
  • Time Of The Day: Time can be a critical factor for engagement. For example, an advertisement about Food Delivery will more likely convert into sales at lunchtime. So, advertisers would be willing to pay more for the ad during that time. (You can not control this; it is mentioned for info)

Some other parameters also exist, but we refrain from mentioning all of them. The parameters above paint an almost complete picture of optimizing your earnings.

Your Creations are not being Monetized.

Sometimes, you may see a note informing you that your Creations have been demonetized. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Policy Violations: If we observe a lack of compliance and poor adherence to our policies, we may choose to demonetize you. This will result in your account getting demonetized.
  • Excessive Fake Engagements: Our algorithms detect excessive fake clicks from you, which block your account from being monetized.
  • Excessive Engagements: Sometimes, some bots might attack your Creations (or Milyin as such), resulting in temporary demonetization. This generally gets resolved within a few minutes.

How To Get Remonetized?

In case of Policy Violations or Fake Clicks, our algorithm generally loses trust in you and demonetizes you. To resolve this issue, you must build some confidence.

To build trust, you must continue creating quality Creations when the algorithm sees some quality violation-free Creations.

In addition, you need to improve your views. Views are a signal that our audience trusts and accepts you. Producing consistent policy-free quality Creations that attract a large audience (and views) is the key to getting unbanned.

Detected Fake Engagements From Your Device

Sometimes, we might observe fake Earning Block engagements from specific devices. This detection is on an IP address basis. Someone on the same network might be responsible if you were not involved.

This doesn’t affect your account. This is only device-specific. Your earnings are not impacted, and your audience can still see and click the advertisements.

Improvement Guide: Grow Views

Growing your audience and attracting new views is critical for your growth. As a Creator, your audience will always appreciate quality Creations. Optimizing your Creations to maximize your reach further is essential in the modern, competitive world.

Everything we mention here is a recommendation and is highly generalized. We understand that every Creator has their unique audience; therefore, you should do what you consider best for your needs, even if it means going against these recommendations.


Always set an attractive thumbnail representing what your Creation is all about. Visual Content immediatelyCreations the audience’s attention and will likely be viewed quickly. Therefore, you can create or edit your Creation and Set Thumbnail for your audience.

Always ensure your images are copyright-free, and you have the right to use and distribute these images.


Like Twitter and Instagram, you can type hashtags in the Content, and they will convert into actual tags after publishing. People can directly visit hashtags to discover your Creations or find similar Creations from hashtags.


After publishing, you can click the “Share Creation” button and share it with your friends and family to gain a wider audience. As you share your Creation, the virality effect kicks in. The more the people that share your Creation, the higher will be your referral traffic.


In all your Creations, include links to your other Creations for your audience to visit. This ensures people can directly go to more of your Creations when they visit any 1 Creation.

To insert a link to any other Creation, click the plus icon in the Creation Editor, go to Content Blocks, and then embed Creation.


Your followers are sent Creation notifications (just like YouTube Subscriptions) about your latest Creations. 

Therefore, you should follow, engage, and chat with other Creators at Milyin. At the same time, you should follow other Creators to receive quality Creations in your mail.

Settings in Creation Interface

Action Buttons are used to manage, customize, and save your Creation. First and foremost, you should know how to create these buttons. The Action Bar is a small horizontal fixed at the top of your Creation Interface.

It has the Float Panel Toggles on the left and the Save Button on the right. The save button, as the name suggests, saves your Creation. The flat panel toolbar on the left has two buttons: Settings Float Panel and Customization Float Panel.

Clicking them brings up their respective Float Panels, from which you can adjust many things based on your needs. 

Privacy Tools And Content Restriction

Some people are shy, while others are open-minded. Some people love to get input from the public, while others don’t want to interact with people. As a result, Milyin baked some restrictions for the readers that you can use at your convenience.

Comment Status

On Milyin, any registered and logged-in user can open a Creation and write comments. This comment can be anything from a question, query, criticism, or offensive language. Milyin, being a responsible platform, always moderates comments, and any Comment with defamation, misleading statements, or harsh words gets deleted. But any criticism, question, query, appreciation, or random comment remains.

This helps grow your income and increases user interaction in your Creation, making it more interesting. Sometimes, random people do not want these interactions. As a result, they can turn them off by toggling the “Comments” switch. If you want all future Creations to be such, you can also set Creation Preferences.

Ping Status

Ping is a signal that says, “Hey, we have a link similar to yours. Wanna interlink.” If they agree, then your Creation and the other Creation link up. Essentially, when you include a link to another Creation in your Creation, we notify that other Creation. If the Creation goes to a pingback, their Creation will also start showing a link to your Creation.

Essentially, this is beneficial because the audience visiting the other Creators will see a link for you and probably click it in the hope of more information, thus adding more traffic to your Creation. But it indeed has its drawbacks. It is Creation. Your page loads times, so turn it off if you want to shave out a few milliseconds of the time it takes to load a Creation. Also, it may sometimes lead to irrelevant pings. However, you can contact Milyin to have the outside Pins removed.

Public Access

This feature was built on the advice and recommendation of a Creator (Parth Gulati.) We have had the belief to spread the message and voices of people, for which we wanted people to read and share their words. And we very well appreciate it. But then, as he suggested, there could be people who present the Content in the form of poetry, for example, who do not want their Content copied. As a result, we built the feature.

If “Allow Content Reuse” is turned off, we will disable the right-click functionality for any reader at Milyin. No one could right-click on images and text, meaning they couldn’t copy or download them. We will also put restrictions on text selection.

With restricted access, your audience won’t be able to select text on the entire screen, adding an obstacle to copy-pasting your hard work. Similarly, if a user tries to print a web page, he will be greeted with a blank screen. We have built as many ways to restrict content theft as possible. The limitations of web browsers cannot bind some ways, yet they block most people who could copy-paste the text. (We do not mention the limitations, so why give them an easy recipe to steal?)

Customization Options

In the Action Bar, the second button from the left toggles Customization Float Panel has some options for customizability. As per your taste and creativity, you can toggle on or off features for your Creation. This allows you to manipulate the various Creation elements on Frontend.

You can use Default Content Width. Milyin has a Contained user interface, meaning that on Desktops and other wider screens, we do not utilize full width to give your Content more breathing room and ensure that it doesn’t get too crowded on screen. But if you want your Content to consume the entire width of the display, then you can toggle off the “Use Default Content Width” option.

Besides, we have four more options, which are “Show Title,” “Show Header,” “Show Footer,” Show TOC(Table of Content).” You can toggle them on or off to have control over deciding what appears on the front.

Note:  Even if you toggle off the “Show Title,” you still need to set a title so that it can show up in Search Engine results. It is also needed to generate the URL of your Creations. The “Show Title” toggle only impacts the visibility of the Title on Frontend.

My Creations Tools

My Creations page is where you manage your Creations. It has all the tools in simplified terms. Each row on My Creations has a Title, Info, Thumbnail, and Tools. The info and the suite of tools available differ based on Its Creation Status. There would be four options, namely, “Edit,” “Delete,” “Clone,” and “Quick Edit.”

Edit: It is used to modify or change the Content of Creation. Clicking it takes you to the Creation Interface, where you can edit the Creation content. 

Clone: Clone is used to duplicate any Creation. Clicking it creates a New Creation, with CoContentrom the Parent Creation of the Clone button, and then set the Creation Status to draft because surely you would like to edit it before publishing, and also prefix it with “Cloned From,” once clones the ClClones independent of original, and can be edited like any regular Creation, based on Creator’s need.

Delete: You can click it if you want to Delete a Creation to present accidental clicks. When you click delete, we take you to a preview with your Creation Content and a Container asking you to confirm if you want to delete or cancel.

Quick Edit: Quick Edit is used to make any quick adjustments to settings and status. It does not edit the Content, but it is a handy, time-saving tool. 


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