Creation Guide

Milyin’s Creation Guide, is intended to help you learn about basics of the Content Creation system. We would help you understand and all tools and all settings, so that you can get comfortable in Milyin.

So, Milyin, is a Content Creation platform, where we get User Generated Content, in the form of posts, which we term “Creations”.

Every user of Milyin, has a fundamental right, to write Creations on Milyin. We want all your creations to be according to guidelines as presented in Creation Policy.

Understanding Pages

So moving on first of all, we would like to introduce with all the basic pages which you should know about in order to write and manage your Creations

New Creation

New Creation page, is where your journey begins, this is the page where you start writing your creations. The New Creation page, is the page that has got the Creation Interface, which is basically an interface to write your creation.

This page is used to present a new Creation. The Creation Interface you see here will be elaborated later, but for now, it’s just the tools to write a Creation.

You can directly publish your creations here, or save them as and later manage them with My Creations page.

My Creations

My Creations, page, will show you a list of all your creations. The My Creations page can be used to Edit Creations, Delete them, Clone them, and Preview/View them.

My Creations page has one of the first elements as a link to add new post, (because why not)

The list shows each and every Creation from you, for all Creation statuses (published, draft, private). Each List item, has a Creation Title, below which there is the Date on which Creation got created, and the Creation Views next to it.

Below it you have buttons to manage your creation, these include edit, clone, delete, and view buttons.

Draft Creations

Draft Creations is a page that has all the Creation that are currently draft. Many a times, we start writing and then we lose interest or may be we are unable to express ourselves as a result we leave it.

This page allows you to see everything that is currently draft, so that later when u come back to it. The interface and controls are made exactly similar to the My Creations page for simplicity.


The Stats Page, is a page where you get basic analytics of your Creations. The idea is to help you keep a check of your income, and also, to help you learn which Creations went well in terms of audience reach.

The Stats page, will have the Words Images, Comments and Views of each Creation written. It will have all your currently Published Creation there. Each List item will have The title of a Creation, and then the Views, Words, Images and Comments written. In the bracket next to views/words/images/comments there would be the income earned, in USD

Now if you happen to create a Downloadable Creation Type. Then it will also show you your Total Sales, and Total Income from sales. (If you don’t know what are Downloadable Creations, then we will discuss it #strongdownloadablesstrong " later="" a="">)

After scrolling through all the Creations, you shall see a horizontally scrolling section with daily stats, of last 60 days. Each container has a date, written which tells about the various statistics for respective date.

At the Bottom of the page is the Total Stats of your Account. The Total views, Total Word etc.

Total payment made to you till date, and then the your earnings that are yet to be credited to you are written as Payment Due.

Understanding Creation Types


So What are Creation Types. In Milyin, we support 2 types of Creations. One is Post other is called Downloadable.


When you are building a Creation, you have the option to choose between Creation Types. These Creation Type setting add relevant code, features and optimizations to suit there respective purpose.

A normal Creation, is called of Creation Type Post, and is the default for any new Creation. The other Creation Type is downloadable.

In the default creation, the idea is to socialize. As a result, in this creation, you use it to present your thoughts, opinions, beliefs and ideas to the world. You can here use Hashtags, and you earn at fixed rates described by Milyin.


The other Creation Type which is Downloadables is intended to help you earn more, it has less socialization.

In it, you can write a Creation, and sell any digital file relevant to it, at rates defined by you. You can put the link of the downloadable file, and set price, number of downloads allowed etc.

For example, you can write a Creation about “Tutorial to Photoshop and Improve Skin Tones”

Where you can talk about how you Photoshopped image, and then once you are over, you can add the before and after Photoshop files which you used to sale, so that people can buy them if they like it.

Different Creation Statuses

Milyin, stores every Creation based on 4 Creation Statuses. Each Creation Status has specific rules, and functionality for itself. These Creation Statuses are Draft, Privately Published, Publish, and Scheduled.


When you start writing a Creation and you are not ready to share it yet, save it with Creation Status Draft, (How to Toggle Creation Status will be mentioned #strongthe -actions-and-buttonsstrong" later="" a="">). A draft Creation, is not publicly visible. Only you can view it. And this Draft Creation is not shared on Social Media. It is better to keep your Creation as draft, untill you are not sure about the Creation being ready for people to read.

Draft Creation can be fully changed from scratch, so it’s a lot flexible.


A Creation with Creation Status publish, is visible to public. People can view it read it and share it. The Creation is included on our home page list of latest, and it is visible on our Creations Page.

As soon as you publish the Creation, it also gets shared to our social media accounts. We immediately ping Google, and other search engines, so that they can index it, and probably make your Creation rank on them.

Privately Published

These Creations can be viewed by anyone, and have less flexibility, yet, they are still hidden for a casual user. These Creations, are not included in Social Media, or any feeds of Milyin, neither are they sent to Google, they can be viewed by specifically through there URL. There presence on Milyin, outside the scope of the Creation itself is negligible.

It can be used to attract really selective group of audience. Currently Downloadable Creation Type cannot be made Privately Published.


A Scheduled Creation is a Creation Status, which can be used to specifically publish a Creation at a given time.

With Scheduled Creation, you set a convenient time in future as you want, and till that time your Creation would act as a Draft Creation, but as the specified reaches, the Creation gets published. The timing you select are in GMT+0530, or Indian Standard Time (IST)

Learning The Creation Interface

The Milyin Creation Interface, is really advanced and robust set of tools to solve all purposes and needs of a Content Creator. It has everything built into it. As told earlier it is visible when you start writing a New Creation, or edit any existing creation.


The first thing that you are greeted in the Creation Interface is, The Thumbnail/Featured Image Section.

The Thumbnails, are the Images that people see along with Title on the Creations Page, and this Thumbnail is the image shared to social media platforms.

Putting up a Featured Image is upto you. We recommend you to put a Thumbnail anyhow. By default there is a random auto-generated Featured Image assigned to each and every Creation. Incase you don’t add your own thumbnail, we will use this auto generated image as the thumbnail.

How To Set the Thumbnail/Featured Image on Milyin

Click the “Set Featured Image” link in the overlay of image. Let the popup load. This is the media uploader of Milyin.

The first step to set a featured image is obviously to Upload it. If you already have a image that you uploaded sometime before, then directly head onto Media Library Tab of the Uploader, and click on your desired image.

For a newly uploaded image, after processing and crunching, the Media Uploader will present to you some settings.

Scroll through them, and locate the “Set as Featured Image” button. The media uploader’ job is to upload and process image. The image is not a featured image untill you click the Set as Featured Image button.

If you have a look at the various things mentioned in the media uploader, then you will see fields for “Title”, “Caption”, “Alt Text” and “Description” these fields should briefly describe, your actual image. This is important for User Accessibility and helps improve your ranking on Google.

Pro Tip: The name of your image like xyz.jpg is taken as the default “Alt Text”, “Caption”, “Description” and “Title”. So save your work, by renaming the image itself before uploading, to set all of those fields, in one shot.


Your Creation Title, is one of the things from which people will judge your Creation, your Creation title is what matters in helping viewers decide whether to click and read it or not. Therefore a special care is required here.

Your Creation Title should be around 75 characters. Google recommends 75 characters to be the optimum title length for any online content. The 75 characters do include spaces and special characters.

Your Creation Title, also decides the URL of your Creation. We convert your title to lower case, replace spaces with dashes, strip special characters. Your URL is generated once you publish the Creation for first time, so it is recommended to perfect the title before publishing. Once published the url can’t be changed.

Avoid Changing your Creation Title after publishing.

Creation Type

Creation Type, is a simple selector, and is self explanatory. It is a toggle to Select Different Creation Types. If you want to do Downloadables, Selecting Downloadable Creation Type will bring up many new Input Fields in the lower sections of Creation Interface.

The Creation Type as discussed #strongunderstanding -creation-typesstrong"> earlier brings many features specific to the it’s respective needs. It needs to be carefully selected.

If you don’t intend to sell or give a downloadable file to your users besides your default content, then surely you should Keep the Creation Type as Post.

Creation Visual Editor

The Creation Visual Editor, is the place where your Actual Content is written and it has many great features. Visual Editor means every formating happens using Buttons rather than needing to Code.

It’s a WYSIWYG(What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) Editor, and has a number of tools to help you format and beautify paragraphs, headings and what not

The Most Common tools are included in the 2 rows of 2 toolbars themselves. The menu on top, has fields like Format, and Edit, it can be used to find more advanced, and special tools.

When you start writing, please ensure that the whole of the Visual Editor is visible to you. If it’s not visible fully on your screen, then you can resize it. At the bottom right, just beside the “WORDS” , there is a draggable triangle shaped anchor point, it can be dragged up and down to increase or decrease the height of The Visual Editor.

Pro Tip #1: Try To Click The Sink Icon, which is the last Icon of First Row of Visual Editor, clicking this hides the Second Row, thus giving more screen real estate to work.

Pro Tip #2: Another Handy feature, is full screen Mode, in the Creation Visual Editor, go to “View” and then click “Fullscreen”, now you have the visual editor sticked with the edges of your screen. This is really Handy and be useful when you have to type for long durations, it finishes the hassle of scrolling up and down to switch tools. To exit Full Screen Mode follow the same Steps, Go to “View” and click “Fullscreen”

Pro Tip #3: Embed YouTube Videos Directly Into Creation. Just copy-paste the URL for a YouTube Video, no need to Even Create a Link, we will automatically embed the video if permitted by YouTube in your Creation On Frontend.


Pro Tip #4: Any Headings You put on Milyin, in your creation, automatically get consolidated and Generate a Table Of Content. This is displayed at top of Your Creation on Frontend. When user clicks any item in the Table Of Content, it gets scrolled to the respective heading.


Pro Tip #5: When writing Creations, use Hashtags, similar to how it happens on other Social Media Platforms. Milyin will generate links to these Hashtags on Frontend, and each such link will include all Creations from all Creations having used the Hashtags, it helps get additional traffic. Moreover when Milyin shared any Creation over it’s official Social Media Accounts, the exact same hashtags are then used in our Social Media posts too. This helps you leverage Milyin’s Social Media Accounts for getting traffic and socializing.

As far as the Creation Editor itself is concerned it is straight forward typing nothing to complicated, the key trick lies in learning The various options in the The Menus and Toolbars.

The Next few is only Visible and applicable when you have Creation Type selected as “Download”, if not, then they won’t be visible. If you want to skip this and continue onto the next general setting for All Creation Types, then click here.

Downloadable Specific Settings

When you select Creation Type as downloadable, you are given added capability to sell a digital file. It’s an extension to Normal Creation.

Download Price

It’s the price at which the Digitally Downloadable file would sell. The price is in USD, and can be changed whenever you want. You can even set it to 0, if you want to give a free download file in addition to your Creation. Please note that this is selling price, Milyin would take 5% commission per sale, and the income you recieve would be after Tax Deduction.

Download Link

It is the Link of the actual Download File. Milyin would inspect every link whenever a downloadable is updated. The link can be a direct download one, or at Max a One Click download. For example, if you give a link to Google Drive, when user opens it, the download button for file, is one click away therefore it is eligible.

Download Limit

Milyin doesn’t provide the Link to a person who purchased it. Rather Milyin gives a custom generated link, that further redirects to your actual file. The benefit is, that you can set the Limit on downloads, which is the number of times, a person can visit through the custom link given to him, and download the file. For example, if the Limit is set to 3, then once user has clicked the link, or essentially opened it total thrice, it will not redirect him to the actual file again.

Download Notes

Download Notes can have some special instruction that you want people to read only after the purchase. This can include may be a password, for the file, or some things to remember, or copyrights etc.


Description, is a short text that summarizes your Creation in about 150 characters including spaces. This is the text that would appear as excerpt on various pages at Milyin itself, and Google would also show this text in it’s search result, as the Content of your Creation.

We recommend you to use it, though if you want you can leave it blank, in which case we would take the first 144 characters of your Creation rounded of to nearest word, and set them as your Description.

The description doesn’t include any images or media, and will neither consider any kind of content formatting, like line Breaks etc. It will be converted to plain alpha-numeric-symbolic text and used as such.

For example, if your Creation is about benefits of brushing teeth properly then the description can look like this.

“How to Keep Your Teeth Clean, and maintain it, based on proven facts and researches, along with expert opinion, to help you have healthy teeth lifelong”

Privacy Tools And Content Restriction

Some people are shy while others are open minded, some people love to get inputs from public, while others don’t want to interact with people.

As a result Milyin baked some restrictions for the readers, that you can use as per your convenience.

Comment Status

On Milyin, any registered and logged in user can open a Creation and write comments. This comment can be anything from a question to a query to a criticism to an offensive language.

Milyin being a responsible platform, always moderates comments, and finding any Comment with defamation or misleading statement or offensive words, gets deleted. But any criticism, question and query or may be appreciation or random comment remains there.

This helps not only grow your income, but also, helps increase user interaction in your Creation, Making it more interesting.

Sometimes, some introverts, or may be some random people do not want these interactions, as a result, they can “Close” the comments. Which means no user, whatsoever may he be, will be able to write a comment on your Creation. The default Status for Comments is Open. Open means that the Comments section is open to public, any registered and logged in user can comment there.

Ping Status

Milyin is built on a foundation of WordPress, which also powers more than 1/3 of internet. The benefit of this huge number comes handy with Pings

When you write a Article that is similar to another article from a WordPress site, the other site is sent a Ping. Ping is a signal that says “Hey, we have a link that is similar to yours, wanna interlink”, this is called Ping.

If they agree, then your article and the article on other site get interlinked, meaning that essentially your Creation will now include a link for other site, and the other site would include a link for your site. And similarly there site will also include link for your Creation.

Essentially this is beneficial because people who visit the other site, would see a link for you, and would probably click it in hope of more information thus adding more traffic to your Creation.

But it surely has it’s drawbacks, it adds to your page load times, so if you want to shave out a few milliseconds from the time it takes to load a Creation, then sure disable it. Also, it may sometime lead to irrelevant pings. Though you can contact Milyin to get Irrelevant Pings removed

Public Access

This feature was built on advice and recommendation of Parth Gulati.

We have had the belief to spread the message and voices of people, for which we wanted people to read and share their words. And we very well appreciated it.

But then as he suggested their could be people who present the Content in form of poetry for example who do not want there Content to be copied. As a result we built the feature.

If Public Access is set to restricted, we would disable the right click functionality for any reader at Milyin, no one could be able to right click on images and text meaning they can’t copy or Download them. We will also put restrictions on text selection. With Restricted access users won’t be able to select text on entire screen, therefore adding an obstacle in copy pasting your hard work.

Similarly if a user tries to Print a web page he would be greeted with a blank screen. We have built as many ways to restrict content theft, as possible. There are some ways which cannot be restricted by the limitations of web browsers, yet it blocks a vast majority of people who could copy paste the text.

(We do not mention the limitations, because why to give the probable their an easy recipe to steal.)


It as an area of which you need to have proper understanding, else in cases it can cause your Creation to get banned or even deleted.

So here’s the thing, many a times you yourself copy the content from a 3rd Party source, or may be use any Intellectual Property, of an Individual or Organisation, these things are not what we want at Milyin

As a result you need to clearly mention the sources from where you copied the content, and how and what exact permission you got from them in written, if you use an Intellectual Property, then you tell about the License you hold for same, and credit the original owner.

Also, Incase of Intellectual Property, you need to get that licensed for use and distribution at Milyin too.

If you have all the above permissions if required, then please mention them in the Disclaimer. Also, if you don’t have the permission, then please be sure that Milyin would give you maximum 24hrs after it finds you to violate any of it.

Incase you don’t use Any Intellectual Property, which include Trademarks, Parents, Copyrights, and all your content is original then you can skip writing the Disclaimer. The Disclaimer appears in the Last Column of Milyin’s Creator Bar at bottom of your Creation.

Incase you want to know more you can read Milyin’s Creation Policy, to correctly understand the Does and Donts of Milyin’s Content Creation System and Disclaimer.

Canonical URL

This is another optional field, in which you can put URL. If it happens that you have 2 Creations on Milyin, that are similar, or may be you have a Creation on Milyin, that is similar to a Creation you wrote somewhere else.

In such a case, sometimes your Creation can fight within themselves for ranking on Google, negatively impacting both of them.

For such situations all modern Search Engines use Canonical URLs. If you want to prioritize one of the 2 articles, then put the link for other article.

In case you do not fill in Canonical URL, your Creation remains independent. In other words, empty URL means your Creation’s URL becomes the Canonical URL.

Edit the Creation on Milyin, that is of less priority, and put in the link of Creation with relatively higher priority.

It is similar to something like saying search engines like Google, “Hey You know what this article is good, but I have another article which can be better, so please use that URL.”

Do note: That it’s beneficial only when the 2 Creations are really similar, and both of them rank on many keywords.

Just type in the URL for your More Priority Creation.

The Canonical URL you type, can be of another Creation on Milyin, can be your link on some other platform, or may be any other site too.

Use it carefully, and avoid it when not sure. Because if 2 distinct Creations have canonical URLs leading to either one, they both are negatively impacted.

The Actions and  Buttons

Action Buttons, are buttons You can use to save your Creation. First and fore most, you should know the location of these buttons. The Save Button and Creation Status button, are fixed to the Bottom Left Edge of Your screen, you can use them to select the Creation Status, and then save it.

If you Scroll to bottom, the Last Thing you See is the “Publish Now” button and “Autosave button”.

The Publish Now button hides itself if the Creation is currently published (why will anyone publish an already published Creation) and Autosave Button is adjacent to it, that can help finish the hassle of constantly saving content.

There is a Distract Button fixed to the right edge of your screen, and is used to enable or disable Distraction Free mode.

So beginning with:

1.Distract Button: This button is really helpful when writing on small screens, clicking this button, hides the Navbar, hides the Footer, hides the Scroll to Top button, to give you more screen real estate to work, and prevents accidental touches.

When Dark Mode on Here’s How the Interface Looks

If Dark Mode is off, then it will also make the background darker to give things more contrast and improve accessibility. It will also, change the position of Creation Status and Save Button. These buttons which were earlier fixed to the bottom left of your screen will get unfixed and move down near the Auto Save and Publish Now button.

2.Creation Status: This is a selector that can toggle the Creation Status of the current Creation. Each Creation Status has it’s own rules that Apply to it, we discussed the Creation Statuses at start of the Creation Guide, so it would be nice for you to refer them. Do note, that Toggling Creation Status won’t bring things into effect until saved.

3.Save Button: Save button as it sounds saves your Creation. If it’s a new Creation, then it adds the Creation in Database, if it’s old, it updates it over there. Upon clicking the button, it turns yellow, and says ‘Saving’, you can continue writing while it saves, because saving happens in background without needing to reload the page. If the Saving was successful, then it would turn green, and you can be Happy, but if there’s a problem, it will turn red and say ‘Error’.

The error can be a network issue, or an issue at Milyin’s end. In such case we request you to copy the content, and store it locally till you are able to save it again. Milyin has less that 1% of times, where saving fails due to Milyin’s errors, therefore first thing to look for is, your network,

In case that is working, then in another tab, try editing and saving any other Creation. This will confirm is the error is with us or you, if you are not able to save that means error is probably with Milyin. But if it saves, then probably the quick fix is to write a New Creation and copy paste the content into the New Creation. Some times it can stop randomly too :-).

If your creation is already published, and you don’t want republishing, then save your content locally, and contact us, we will help you do steps to solve it.

4.Publish Button: The default Creation status of your Creations always is Draft, and for most of the people, only status change they would do is from Draft to Publish, once there Creation is complete.

So we felt the need to add a Publish Now button, this button like Save button, saves your Creation, but also, regardless of it’s current status, it changes the Creation status to Publish. Surely it saves a Second or Two for Toggling between statuses.

This button disappears as soon as the Creation publishes, and if you save your Creation as a draft again, any time later then it would again be visible.

5.Autosave Button: This button is another important feature, for the lazy heads who are too busy to click save button frequently, or the ones who accidentally close the tabs.

The Autosave button, once clicked will attempt to save your creation every 30 seconds. Untill you close the tab, or reload it, the Creation will continue to save on it’s own every 30 seconds.

Now do note that any error or network outage can cause Creation to not save, in that case we will keep reattempting every 30 seconds. Do note, that you need to enable autosave again every time you refresh the Creation Interface or start a fresh edit. The Autosave works only as long as it’s Creation Interface is present on the browser window.

Every time we autosave, the save button also changed to Yellow and green, so you should once in a while have a look there to be sure it’s saving.

Also we have timestamp to the Last Saved time at Bottom of Creation Interface. Every time, there is a successful Creation save, we update this time.

Schedule Creation

Milyin lets you schedule any Draft Creation, so that you can specify the time, at which the post would automatically. Their are certain necessary conditions for it to be available. First of all, your Creation should have never been Published before, you cannot save the creation as publish, and then bring it back to draft and then Schedule it.

Your creation should be currently Draft or Private. When so, toggle the Creation Status, to Schedule Creation. Upon doing so a text field for date would be made visible. Here you can click the date to set time using the Visualised Time Picker,

The time for the Publishing should be of future, you can not set time which has already gone. The time is taken for Indian Standard Time, IST GMT+0530

My Creations Tools

The My Creations page is where you manage your creations. It has all tools in simplified terms.

Each unit on My Creations, has title, Info, and Tools. The info and the suite of tools available differ based on Its Creation Status, for example, A published post doesn’t have the link for “Preview”.

If a Creation is either Privately Published or Draft, it will show the date when it was last edited. And below it, there would be 4 tools, “Edit”, “Delete”, “Clone” and “Preview”.

Edit: It is used to modify or Chan the Content of Creation, clicking it takes you to the Creation Interface where you can edit Content of Post.

Delete: You can click it if you want to Delete a Creation, in order to present accidental clicks, when you click delete we take you to a preview with your Creation Content, and a Container asking you to confirm if you want to delete or cancel.

Clone: Clone is used to duplicate any Creation, clicking it creates a New Creation, with Content from the Parent Creation of the Clone button, and then set the Creation Status to draft, because surely you would like to edit it before publishing, and also prefix it with “Cloned From”, once clones the Clone is independent of original, and can be edited like any normal Creation, based on Creator’s need.

Preview: Preview is used for Creations, which are yet to be published to have a look at how the Content would look like at Frontend. This is used to verify every thing works, usually used before publishing a Creation.

Then we have, Scheduled Creations, they shall also, have the same tools, but in Information they show, views count too, which remains “0 Views”, till it reaches the publishing time.

For a Published Creation, the Title, is actually a link, clicking which takes you to the Creation itself.

The information shown is date and Views. The toolset has Edit, Delete and Clone. We do not keep Preview because for a Published Creation you can directly view the actual Post by clicking the Title, so the Preview is essentially useless here.

We hope you liked the Creation Guide, feel free to ask questions, or recommend any changes.


All at Milyin,

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