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flash fiction-Long live the blood that saves the world


16th October 2023 | 10 Views

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Long live the blood that saves the world

“Ha ha! This is the order. Only if I send it out…..


“Who are you?”

Inside a grand white building in a highly technological country in the world , two reddish-brown bodies, each with eight legs but no wings, are ready to fight.

“You stupid ass! Don’t do that! You will destroy the world.”

”This is my mission. I fed my previous host and got to finish his ambition to control the world.“ One of his legs is stretched out to press down the button and send……”

“ I will defeat you as my previous host’s mission is to save the world……”They are fighting fiercely by biting one another with their numerous hooks.

“I solely get the access to the code and now I can do what I want.” The fight suddenly stopped when the loser lay on the ground with a dried body. “Ha ha. now I can….!” The leg of the winner stays just 1 mm on the button and withdraws in 0.00001 second. No order was sent when a warmth with the injection of new blood passed through from the dead to the living.

“Though I feel a bit of a headache and fatigue. I am now fervent with my refreshed mission to save the world.”

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