Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Milyin is devoted to customer privacy, and we believe customer’s data security is of utmost importance. We collect the data that is not unique or personal to you, and leverage it to the greatest extent to develop our systems and services. For same, We have made Our Privacy Policy

Why We Collect It

We build products that directly affect lives of consumers and writers, for developing our programs, and give people better user experience we collect data. This data can be in form of searches, Creations viewed or Creations published.

The Data We Collect

The data that we use, belongs and is sourced from you, automatically by our servers. But we insure, that it is not the data unique to you, to ensure it cannot be misused. We don’t use your passwords, email-ids etc. until you give us permission to use them, like when you register on our website, we send you mails about Creations you publish. We can use your search history to show some ads for relevant products, but we won’t share your email id with other sources. We also use it to communicate with you.


We in order to comply with GDPR policy, we have made arrangements, where you can opt your self to be not included in Member Directory, this ensures that none of your personal information is visible others or used by Milyin. This shall insure that no data such as bio-data, birthday, phone no. is visible publicly or used my Milyin, though it may still be visible to admins of Milyin, but that would not be used for any purpose other than communicating necessarily information. Your passwords are safe with us, and are not visible to anyone regardless of if you opt-out of Member Directory or not.

If you wish to get your personal data, you need to send us a mail at from the email id of the account of which the data is required. We send them within 48 hours of receiving mail.

We also have the support for the right to be forgotten. You can delete your account in account settings and this would ensure all your data shall be deleted over Milyin.


Your data remains safe in our hands. And we insure that your data never reaches wrong hands. None of your data, is given to any other entity, without your permission. Also it is worth taking note, that any data displayed by you in any of your creations you post, is solely your responsibility, Milyin is not responsible in such case.


Milyin has sole right to change this document terms without any prior warnings. This is to insure that highest security is maintained and any loopholes can be plugged as early as possible. Also if you have any further doubts do contact us at

Milyin is a growing platform, you shall comply with all changes across all the policies as and when they get updated.

Our Income

Often times, you will see a special link unique to each website that track referrals.

When you click on these link, you are tagged with a special cookie to track the referral. If you end up buying the product, then they pay us a referral fee.

The referral fees vary for each product. For a WordPress book that you may buy at Amazon, we might earn $1. For a premium WordPress theme, we might earn $10, and similar is income from hosting. In most of the cases the deal that we provide you saves your money.

We also earn money from Google Adsense, where advertisements based on relevant products are put on your screen, clicking which leads to us earning small income.

Besides the advertisements and links that we automatically put, we are not liable for any other links. If a Content Creator is putting advertisements, sponsors, promotions and links on his Creation, then he/she is solely responsible and liable for it. We are solely responsible for advertisements put by ourselves, that are seen in various locations across different posts.


Milyin allows Content Creators to sell downloadable content. You can purchase it as per your liking.

The purchase gives you the right to view it, and in some cases personal use. But, by no means it shall provide you the ownership for the content, and neither will it, give you the license.

You can download it for a set number of times, the number controlled by the creator. You cannot lend, or share or resale the downloadable by any means.

In case you feel any download that you bought is inappropriate or in case you fail to access it, you can send as an email, and we shall contact the seller.

We are on a mission to develop great content creation platform, and we want to protect the creators. By stealing or misusing there hardwork, you would be doing unfair to them.

In case you want you can separately contact them on Milyin chat or any other resource, and ask them for the necessary rights. In such case Milyin shall be considered related to this matter.