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A letter in the perspective of a HK student protester in HK in 2019 protest

16th October 2023 | 5 Views

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Hi, do you know the youth’s favorite in their lifetime? Sure video games, right? Yes, I am , as a normal Hong Kong teen, before June 12, 2019. 
My life has utterly changed since June 12, 2019. My battlefield is no longer the screen on my mobile phone. I have upgraded myself to a real fighter for my home, Hong Kong.
The battlefield is so real that there is no more fun but only tear gas, bullets from plastic to real one, violence and false accusation. We have nothing but umbrella, school bag, tennis  racket and plate to protect ourselves or to run away in great speed. Being unarmed, what would our fate be? Whom could we turn to?
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I am so addicted in my previous mobile phone games to be a fake winner but now I totally realize that I am a real loser. Never too late, right? I am still a student. I have just started growing up in this revolutionary movement. 
What an idiot that I have never practiced running? I was caught so easily. I have not learnt martial art like Bruce Lee so I could not save my partners from the HK Police. I did not put time to study the law so I was ill-treated by the Police who denounced my basic human rights.
It is a bit late to experience that I have wasted so much time in the past but is not yet ready for the cruel future to come suddenly. Yet, reality also makes us mature.
No kidding, if you have paid just a few minutes to watch those live videos about our protests, you will find the youth, including me, has stepped up a lot in just a few short months.
We came out on 9th June just in response to the HK Government’s denial to withdraw an absurd Extradition law. However, can you imagine what the crazy government did to us? Tear gas! Water cannon ! Even real bullets! They shot the unprotected mass of youngsters with live round and charged us as rioters.
No! No rioters! If we are rioters, why would one million and then 2 million civilians march out peacefully to press the Police to release us without any charge of any crime? Then, you know what happened? 
Quite a few students were shot right at the chest and head and narrowly escaped death. Yet, till now not any policeman or triad gangster were charged guilty. It greatly antagonized  the Hong Kong people to fight for freedom and autonomy protected by Our Basic Law. Here is Hong Kong, with an excellent reputation of a good system of separation of Powers. We cannot allow the charming, well governed Pearl of the East to be degraded into a terrorist Police State.
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Now we dare to fight back with the Police: to throw back the tear gas grenades, to make petrol bombs ourselves, to throw slingshot with fire and burn the Police car. We have learnt more strategies to build barricades during our protects in Campus. One of our brothers on the front line have jumped up and kicked the Police like Bruce Lee and saved brothers from being caught. Of course, without any real weapon, we were finally surrounded, bombarded, brutally beaten, arrested and and finally put into jail while some were raped and found missing or even dead. 
Are we risking our lives? Are we scared to be thrown into the sea or thrown down from floors and declared to take suicide. Of course, but we have no choice but keep fighting to safeguard our campuses, our Hk and our rights. We dare not go home or leave our campus. We are so desperate to send our written statement to friends, indicating that we would never, never take suicide, in case one day you found our corpse in sea or anywhere. Sounds horrible? However, it really happens every day in HK for a few months.
It seems we have lost so much: freedom, prosperity, even many lives including the hurt, the imprisoned, the dead, the lost. Already a few thousands of us have been under prosecution while a great number of corpses were found and declared legally dead . What a great casualty!
However, we are winning. Facing the standoff, all Hong Kong fighters for freedom and democracy are never so connected. All classes of citizens are supporting in different means. Even the aged has stood fearlessly between us and the armed Force to persuade them to spare our lives. The teens have never been so brave, responsible, creative, strong and determined to confront the terrorism and brutality of the evil power. Our persistence have won tremendous support from the HK great majority. We have United and won a tough battle through voting in the District election recently which has historically capsized the pro-China camp.
We are steadfast to protect our Hong Kong’s core values. We are gaining global support from everyone who is in favor of freedom, democracy and human rights. US House an Senate have already passed the Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Bill. 
Should we give up when the whole world is looking at us and cheering us? We will fight to the end.
Five Demands!Not one less!
Fight for freedom! Stand with Hong Kong! 
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