7 BEST Ways To Write Online For Free (2024)

Top 7 Ways To Write Online For Free

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Some of the best writing platforms allow you to write and create quality content for free. The best websites for writing include Milyin, WordPress, and Weebly. You should look for sites with proper writing tools, sharing options, a large audience, and ideal earning potential.

Writing content isn’t straightforward. Social Media platforms aren’t good enough for speaking your mind and writing with complete freedom. I can very well understand that frustration. That’s why I curated the 7 best websites to write online for free in 2024. Keep reading till the end to read our in-depth advice for selecting the right platform for your needs.

The best websites to write online for free include Milyin, Weebly, and Blogger. Milyin is ideal for the widest range of online writing tools. Weebly has the best free page builder. Blogger is beginner-friendly.

Editor’s Pick

Editor recommends you choose Milyin as your preferred website to write online for free. It has robust writing tools to add media, embed social media, add tables, lists, and more.

Best Ways to Write Online For Free

PlatformJoining CostFreedom to WriteEase of WritingMoney Earning PotentialLink
👍MilyinFreeVery GoodVery GoodVery HighMilyin
WordPressFreeVery GoodGoodVery HighWordPress
WeeblyFreeVery GoodVery GoodHighWeebly
BloggerFreeVery GoodGoodModerateBlogger
TumblrFreeVery GoodGoodModerateTumblr

1) Milyin

Milyin is best for earning money through online writing for free and growing as a writer. It provides proper editing and formatting tools for writing.

Milyin is a platform for multi-format content. Unlike social media platforms, Milyin allows range in multiple forms. Short-form content, long-form blogs, stories, poems, quotes, and more. They have got it all. Moreover, you can easily earn money by writing content. You can monetize your content by running ads on it.

It provides plenty of tools and statistics to understand how your audience feels about your content. Their simple-to-use tools, clean interface, and many features allow you to write online for free quickly. In addition, it helps you make up to $0.25 per unique ad click over your content.



  • Support: Their knowledgebase and creation guide help new writers learn essential concepts and become better writers.
  • Content Insertion: It supports effortlessly inserting images, videos, graphics, tables, lists, and many more forms of content.
  • Monetization: In-built monetization tools allow you to add/modify advertisements shown on your content to optimize your revenue.
  • Free: It is free to use, allows you to start earning from Day 1, and provides suggestions to improve your writing.
Completely free for all use casesNo Android or iOS app is available
Provides complete freedom of expression to all writers 
Allows controlling and configuring earnings through monetization tools 

2) WordPress

WordPress is the best way to write online for free leveraging a large array of plugins, themes, and tools for all use cases. It is customizable and east to use.

WordPress is the most prominent place for online websites and content. The most significant advantage of WordPress is scalability. You can initially start your journey with WordPress for free, but as you grow and become famous, you can quickly scale it up to an independent website. WordPress powers more than 50% of the internet. 

It provides a wide range of themes, plugins, and tools to help you design your content how you want. WordPress is known to power more than 50% of the internet. You can write online for free using WordPress and various WordPress alternatives to enjoy a suite of great SEO and grammar tools to improve your writing. 



  • Scale: There is a variety of tools and features to help you scale up your content writing into a professional website.
  • Tools: The most comprehensive range of plugins, themes, and tools to grow your blog and implement use cases like merchandise, membership, newsletters, and more.
  • Integrations: It allows you to create integrations with Google Analytics, Amazon Affiliate, and other ad networks.
  • Community: Biggest community and support among all the platforms with robust support forums, discussion forums, and stack exchange.
By far the world’s most popular website CMSNo free monetization plan
Supports completely code-free website designing and growing 
Allows E-Commerce and supports  

3) Weebly

Weebly is the best place to create e-commerce store and write online freely. The page building tools and customization options are ideal for writing online effortlessly.

Weebly is the best place for writing online and selling content for free. You can use it to write content online, do e-commerce, create portfolios, and more. It’s an excellent choice for a variety of use cases. Besides, you could experience quality content from other writers as well. Their combination of tools makes it possible to make money from home through writing online.

It also allows selling merchandise, Ebooks, paid subscriptions for exclusive content, and more. In addition, you are offered detailed, insightful data that helps you understand your audience and create lasting content.



  • Tools: Weebly provides various free and easy-to-use Tools for all intents and purposes, with customization options for managing your website.
  • Page Building: Professional page-building tools allow the creation of professional-looking, modern, and minimalistic tools.
  • Marketing: Marketing and lead generation tools help you build a following and create email lists for marketing your content.
Advanced analytics, statistics, and data to optimize your content for viewsLacks customizability options
A straightforward signup process ensures you can write online for free quickly. 
Their page builder makes the creation and maintenance of content easy. 

4) Blogger

Blogger is the best place to write online for free as a beginner. As one of the oldest writing platforms it has plenty of tools and resources for all your online writing needs.

Blogger is the oldest platform for writing content on the internet. Almost all writing platforms today find their roots in the legacy the Blogger built. It is entirely free to join and use. It might look unpolished, but it gets all the job done. They provide plenty of tools and solutions to help you be a better writer. They do not run ads on their content, making your content entirely your own.

Besides, Blogger is hosted on Google Cloud’s servers, so your content would load fast and efficiently. They manage all performance, security, and design-related affairs, allowing them to focus on writing and earning money. Various Blogger Competitors can also be used for beginner-level online writing.



  • User Interface: The simple and easy-to-use interface makes it an excellent choice for newcomers.
  • Personalized Writings: Basic yet excellent themes and personalization options allow you to theme your written content according to your preferences
  • Collaboration: Allows collaboration among multiple authors and users for more excellent teamwork and scaling.
Trusted by many long-term writersRelatively old UI
Very reliable and ensures easy publishing 
Completely free to use and provided monetization options 

5) Tumblr

Tumblr is a great place to write and create content online. It’s one of the best places to register online for free. They provide an excellent editor for creating and inserting lists, images, paragraphs, headings, videos, and more to your content. You can write content online for free with their advanced tools.

They do not provide monetization options, so you must rely on paid sponsorships and other forms of marketing to earn revenue. This is among the best ways to write online for free for people without experience who want to become a proper writer. It is a great starting point to #WriteOnlineForFree and is easily scalable.



  • Content Themes: It supports various formats, including photos, videos, GIFs, and more, allowing you to create content in the way you like.
  • Free Web Hosting: You get entirely free web hosting to write online quickly and ensure your content 
  • Beginner Friendly: Its straightforward setup can be completed within minutes, ensuring you can start writing and publishing content online for free.
Excellent choice for creating and sharing creative contentLacks monetization tools
Easy-to-use form builder allows for lead generation and marketing. 
An excellent choice for short stories 

6) Medium

Medium is the best place to write online for free and interacting with top writers across the globe.

Medium is one of the most popular #WritingPlatforms among top creators. It has some of the biggest creators on its platform. It’s a great place to write online for free. They provide a lot of tools and a simple UI to get started with creating. You can also look into some of the Medium alternatives to write content with much freedom.

In addition, it lets you interact and share your content with many other writers, helping you generate traffic, gain popularity, and become a better writer. Their monetization scheme is simple. You’ll mainly earn from the readers who buy a Medium subscription through your content.



  • Professionalism: The most polished and advanced user interface for creating content that meets your basic and advanced needs.
  • Custom Implementation: Allows installations on custom domains and subdomains to work with greater independence and brand recognition.
  • Tools: It helps you improve as a writer with various tools that speed up work and optimize workflow for efficiency.
  • Audience: One of the most engaging audiences among all platforms utilizes tools for chatting, appreciating, and socializing with you.
Great place to see and learn the writing skills from the best writers on the internetNew writers have to spend some time before gaining any popularity
Creator Hub provides support, guidance, tips, and a lot more info to help you become better 
Allows interaction with your audience and fan base quickly. 

7) HubPages

HubPages is best for writing in online discussions and forums, sharing your opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

HubPages is built with discussions in mind. It’s a place to tell and share your thoughts. You can share the things you like on HubPages. This could include your cooking recipes, personal experiences, unique views/ideas, and opinions. Using HubPages is a great place to #WriteOnline for free and earn money. 

You will find yourself indulged in plenty of discussions and ideas. You can earn money through HubPages by monetizing your content through monetization streams like Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate. If it doesn’t satisfy you, you can look at the top Hubpages Alternatives as well.



  • Support: Supports independent writers and helps them grow and scale up to big influencers.
  • Feeds: The highly engaging meals and relevant results help you discover relevant content from other creators.
You can be a successful writer even with almost no experienceLacks professional content creation tools
It can be used to share quotes, messages, poems, etc. 
Multiple revenue streams that can be easily optimized according to your needs. 

What should you look for while choosing methods to write online for free?

Some of the key things to consider while choosing a platform to write online for free are:

  • Writing Tools: You should choose writing platforms with sufficient tools to create original content using formatting, styling, customization, and tools.
  • Monetization: Even though you are looking for free writing platforms, you don’t have to work for free. Look for services that let you monetize your content and grow your earnings.
  • Audience: It is best to choose tools that help you build and interact with your audience. This could include facilities like chat, comments, newsletters, sharing, and more.

How do you become successful by writing online for free?

Even if you are writing online for free, you can gain a lot of success. Financially and socially, writing online can be a great choice for you.

  • Monetize: To gain financial success, you can monetize your content. This could include offering sponsorships, promoting products via affiliate links, and more.
  • Socialize: As a writer, if you can actually promote your content and make people aware of yourself, you can easily gain fame and recognition.


Is it Possible to Write Online For Free?

Yes. Writing online for free with complete independence makes it possible to express your thoughts and note how you like. You can quickly write how you want and publish it how you like. 


The Verdict: Write Online For Free

There are many ways to write online for free. You can choose from some of the best places to register online for free:

Best for earning moneyMilyin
Best for complete beginnersBlogger
Best for interacting with top creatorsMedium
Best for writing in online discussionsHubPages

Thanks for Reading,

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Aditya Milyin



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