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9 BEST Hubpages Alternatives & Competitors (2024)

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Hubpages is a popular platform for writers and readers. It is ideal for people to share their views in the form of content writing, but it also has some drawbacks. Often, low-quality content, poor income potential, and high competition make it a hard sell for many writers. It usually takes experienced writers at least six months to start earning. Furthermore, the lack of tools for writing and formatting can make content creation difficult. 

Some of the best Hubpages alternatives include Milyin and iWrite, Blogger, and Medium. Milyin is the ideal Hubpages alternative for high earning potential. Blogger is the best competitor of Hubpages for beginners. You can also join Medium to interact with top writers. These Hubpages competitors provide robust writing, formatting, and styling stools. This article will provide pragmatic advice as we plunge into the nine best substitutes for Hubpages.

Editor’s Pick

If you are looking for the best writing platform that is a genuine Huboage alternative, Milyin is the most suitable website. Writers can use all the tools and resources to create personal masterpieces. Most importantly, with Milyin, you can earn right from Day 1.

Best Hubpages Competitors

PlatformSign-up FeePay PotentialRecommended ExperienceLink
MilyinFreeVery HighBeginner Milyin
Write.asFreeVery HighLittle
WordPressStarts at $5 per month.HighBeginnerWordPress
MediumFreeHighLittle Experience Medium
SubstackFreeVery HighLittle ExperienceSubstack

1) Milyin

Milyin is the best platform to earn from writing blogs/articles. The editing tools offered are next to emmaculate, making it ideal Hubpages alternative for readers and writers.

With Milyin, you can access a comprehensive platform that caters to all kinds of content. This versatile writing website embraces an open-door policy and offers limitless opportunities to explore any topic your heart desires. With its decent monetizing options, this Hubpages alternative has quickly become a top choice for aspiring writers. It opens up new horizons and offers a pathway towards financial success.

Milyin is a great competitor for Hubpages, with an inclusive community where you can connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals, creating a network that promotes growth. With its Cost-Per-Click-based advertising revenue model, Milyin allows writers to earn income through advertisements in their Creations. It’s a win-win situation where creativity meets monetization.



  • Content: By including multimedia content, writing essays, and attaching photographs, you may format your content to a higher standard.
  • No paywall: Anyone can begin their creative path without having to go through the hassle of making a premium subscription purchase.
  • Earning: The amount varies on Milyin depending on the ad shown. You typically make between $0.10 and $0.25 per click. 
Beginners can start earning right from day 1.UI/UX is outdated compared to other platforms.
Built-in table of contents generator and best in industry formatting.  
Stats and Analytics to provide an in-depth analysis. 


2) is entirely built around privacy, so you focus on your personal domain and writing. It is not a CMS rather an effecient editor first.

Crafting compelling written content can be challenging and demands much focus. Unfortunately, in today’s connected world, we are bombarded with an overwhelming number of advertisements daily—roughly 6,000 to 10,000. This constant exposure has diminished our attention spans over time. Write. as is an essential and privacy-focused platform to write and publish content online.

With simplicity being their selling point, even extending it to their websites’ UI/UX, whether you are a writer, blogger, or someone who wants a tidy workspace to jot down points and pen your mind, is an ideal alternative to Hubpages. One feature that stands out is its ability to support languages like Markdown and HTML. This allows users to embed YouTube videos and format their blogs, thus enhancing their visibility and providing writers with flexibility.



  • Privacy: You don’t necessarily need an account to write and publish. You can even put up your creation under anonymous if you prioritize your privacy.
  • No Ads: it keeps all the unnecessary pop-ups and advertisements aside to give you a clean writing environment.
  • API Access: For more technical users, provides API access, allowing you to integrate your content with other services and applications.
This Hubpages alternative offers offline creation and editing support.SEO is unfriendly and unsuitable for writers relying heavily on search optimization.
Markdown is supported for simplicity and ease of use. 
Control over who can read your content, with options for public, unlisted, or password-protected posts. 


3) Blogger

Get started in the world of blogging with blogger by choosing from a wide variety of templates that elevate your writing to a next level.

Blogger was established in 1999. Due to its reputation over the years, it still attracts many businesses, thus making it suitable for beginners to begin their content writing journey while accumulating experience and a few pennies along the way. If you’re a beginner looking to host a website, Blogger is your go-to platform. Its custom domain lets you pick a template and post your content quickly.

The platform ensures the management of technical aspects of blogging so that writers can focus on publishing creations and dedicate more time to reader analytics. Blogger is built on a multi-tiered tool for reliability and scalability. Unlike Hubpages, it leverages Google’s extensive infrastructure to display relevant ads on your blogs, helping you earn money. It also provides users in-depth analytics to identify their best niche and bring more views. 



  • Free Hosting: Bloggers can use it to host their blog independently or directly on their site, as they wish.
  • Multiple Blogs: It allows you to run more than one blog on an account, thus providing easy access.
  • Scheduled Posts: You can schedule posts to be published at specific times, allowing you to plan your content.

Mobile responsive templates ensure that your blog looks good.Harsh actions (including removal) can be taken against you for policy violations.
No coding knowledge is requisite to manage your domain. 
Seamlessly integrates with Google AdSense and Analytics. 


4) WordPress

WordPress outperforms Hubpages in terms of UI and extensive plugin ecosystem. It has features for almost all possible use cases including content monetization.

WordPress is a powerful and popular content management system (CMS). It provides an ideal platform for bloggers to create and manage their blogs when combined with hosting. WordPress provides tools to organize your content efficiently. This organizational structure enhances the user experience and helps with SEO. 

One of the key benefits of using WordPress is the flexibility to choose from various themes to give their blogs a unique look. These themes are customizable by adjusting colors, fonts, layouts, etc, or your personalized web development skills. This model provides a predictable and recurring source of revenue. You can sign up for advertising networks like Google AdSense,, or AdThrive and display ads on your blog, making WordPress the perfect Hubpages alternative.



  • Tags: You can categorize posts and assign tags to make navigating and finding relevant articles easy for readers.
  • Plugin Ecosystem: WordPress’s robust ecosystem includes thousands of plugins for adding features like SEO optimization, social media integration, etc. 
  • Content Management: WordPress is arguably the best CMS present in the market. You can easily create your blogs and personal domains.
  • Multilingual Support: WordPress is available in many languages, making it easier for people to connect.
SEO-friendly to improve your site’s engine ranking.Feature-rich nature can result in a complex backend.
With WooCommerce, WordPress can turn into a full-fledged e-commerce platform. 
Responsive themes ensure that your website looks and functions equally well. 


5) Ghost

A clean distraction free workspace for bloggers and content creators. This platform is widely known for great user retention.

If you get overwhelmed by the arsenal of tools and features of various platforms, then Ghost is the best-suited platform for you. It is widely known for its robust support of Markdown, a lightweight markup language that simplifies content formatting. This can be a significant advantage for bloggers who prefer writing in Markdown for its simplicity and efficiency, making it SEO-friendly straight out of the box.

Besides the Ad revenue from Google AdSense and affiliate marketing, Ghost’s built-in membership model allows you to offer premium content to your audience. Money flows where the audience is  Ghost is a Hubpages competitor with a thriving community of content writers, developers, and designers. You can find resources and assistance within this community to enhance your blogging experience while learning. 



  • No Plugins: Unlike other platforms, no additional plugins are required for content optimization.
  • Live Preview: Ghost includes features like a live preview of your content as you write and a content card system for organizing your content.
  • Post Types: You can create custom posts and present them as you want, such as podcasts, portfolios, or events. 
  • AMP Support: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is supported by Ghost, loading the pages faster and improving user experience.
Exceptional speed and performance with very little load time.Ghost is self-hosted. Hence, users must arrange their own hosting, domain, and server management.
Monetize your content by offering premium subscriptions to readers. 
Ghost focuses on providing all the essential features, thus reducing reliance on third-party plugins. 


6) Medium

Medium is ideal for lengthy articles and captivating storytelling. It boasts an impressive roster of internationally renowned wordsmiths.

Medium was founded in 2012 to provide an elegant platform for writers to publish their content. It aimed to bridge the gap between traditional blogs and full-fledged publishing platforms, And it has done precisely that. Its popularity among writers and clients is second to none. Long-form essays and tales can be found in abundance on Medium.

This Hubpages alternative effectively allows sharing of content, including stories, blogs, prose, and poetry. Every piece of writing submitted on the website is legitimate and authentic, thanks to a subscription-based business model. Through the partner program, authors can get paid based on how many medium members engage with their tales. Even if outstanding material earns a sizable compensation that exceeds industry standards, newcomers may first require assistance to expand and draw viewers. The key is consistency.



  • Engaging Algorithm: The Mediums feed is regularly updated with user-relevant content, ensuring your creations reach the appropriate target audience.
  • Collaboration: Medium transforms the act of writing into a collaborative experience where authors and readers can actively participate in shaping the narrative.
  • Community-Building: Medium’s outstanding reputation is reflected in its readers’ quality, thus helping build a constructive audience.
Partner Program allows writers to get a share of readers’ monthly fee to access premium content.It demands a lot of time to build a palpable and sizeable audience.
Newsletters help writers connect better with their audience. 
Medium’s publishing tools help you create visually appealing articles. 


7) Tumblr

Best suited to short-form content and multimedia expression. The scope for community building is exquisite.

Tumblr is a versatile and creative platform that offers unique opportunities for expressing ideas and sharing written content. Its microblogging format encourages content writers to create concise posts suitable for sharing quick thoughts, quotes, and writing snippets. Content writers can convey a wide range of content formats on Tumblr, including text, images, GIFs, videos, excerpts, and links. This platform is a treat if you enjoy a more creative and unorthodox approach to your creations. 

Among all websites similar to Hubpages, Tumblr’s mobile-centric approach beats its competition and is pivotal in increasing reachability and popularity. It is best if you are a beginner looking to find your feet online. It’s an easy-to-use interface, and limited customization options mean you can stress more about your content and start worrying about secondary priorities like templates later in your career.



  • Reblogging: Tumblr’s reblog feature allows users to share and reshare posts from other blogs quickly. This encourages the viral spread of content and promotes a community.
  • Loyal Fanbase: “Tumblrians” reflect the unique and fun culture this platform offers. This helps users to identify with creators, thus increasing user engagement.
  • Personal Dashboard: Users have a customizable dashboard to view content from blogs they follow. It’s designed for easy content discovery and interaction with other users.
Pros Cons
Add tags to posts for better visibility that aligns with user interests.Tumblr focuses on short-form content and can be limiting for long-form content writers.
Wide selection of themes, most of which can be customized using HTML and CSS. 
Tumblr offers Android and iOS mobile apps so users can consume content on the go. 


8) Vocal.Media

If you enjoy fiction, writing poetry or creative non-fiction, then Vocal Media is the platform for you.

Vocal Media is a publishing platform and community where creators can publish their articles, stories, and other written content. Vocal Media provides a space for writers and content creators to share their work with a broader audience and earn money based on the performance of their content. Writers can publish articles, short stories, poetry, and other content on various topics and genres.

It offers several monetization options for writers. Creators can earn money based on the number of reads, the time readers spend on their content, and the engagement they receive from the audience. It is also a fun platform,  hosting various contests and allowing writers to compete for cash prizes and ultimate recognition. Your writing journey is often defined by the niche you pick. 

Vocal Media


  • Vocal+ Program: Writers can earn money on their posts based on the performance of their creations. This includes the number of reads, engagement, and subscribers to their content.
  • Editorial Support: Vocal Media provides editor support to help writers improve their skills.
  • Content Ownership: Writers retain ownership of their content published on Vocal Media, allowing them to repurpose or use it elsewhere if desired.

Pros Cons
Build an attractive author profile to showcase your work and build a following.While writers retain ownership of their content, Vocal Media can display and distribute it across its platform and partner networks.
Vocal Media actively promotes high-quality content through its editorial team. 
Readers can like, comment on, and share stories, fostering a sense of community. 


9) Substack

Substack unleashes the ultimate potential of email newsletters and connect with your readers via everyone’s favourite service-the e-mail!

Substack is a subscription-based platform that empowers writers and journalists to publish and monetize their work through email newsletters. Substack primarily focuses on email newsletters as the Medium for delivering content to subscribers. Creators can regularly send newsletters to their subscribers’ email inboxes, typically weekly or monthly. Substack offers a paid subscription model, where content creators can charge subscribers a recurring fee to access their premium content. Writers have the flexibility to set their subscription prices.

It is a powerful alternative to Hubpages and offers creators more control over their content and revenue streams. A closer relationship is built since you connect with your readers through email. A significant advantage of the platform is that it doesn’t display ads on your content, and it doesn’t make algorithmic changes that can affect the visibility of your work.



  • Subscription Model: Writers can monetize their work by offering paid subscriptions to their newsletters or content. Subscribers pay a monthly or annual fee to access exclusive content.
  • Monetization Flexibility: Creators control pricing, allowing them to experiment with subscription tiers and pricing models to find what works best for their audience.
  • Archiving and SEO: Substack automatically archives content, making it accessible to new subscribers. The platform also supports SEO to improve content discoverability.
Customize your newsletter design to make it more personalized and unique.It offers no automation; new users will find engaging with your old content challenging.
The subscription model encourages a direct relationship between creators and their audience. 
Substack automatically manages and maintains your email list, thus making it easier to keep your readers updated. 


FAQs – Websites Like Hubpages

What are the best Hubpages Alternatives?

Some of the best Hubpages alternatives are:


How do you choose the best Hubpages competitor?

Here are some of the points that could help you choose a suitable platform for yourself:

  • Purpose: You should be well-versed and fully aware of your niche. Once you’ve identified that, choose the platform that suits you best regarding features and popularity.
  • Popularity: When searching for alternatives to Hubpages, it is essential to consider platforms with a broad reach. These platforms should allow users to easily find your site content and enable direct discovery through social media and search engines.
  • Portfolio: When you choose writing as a career, it becomes essential to build a strong portfolio. Hence, selecting platforms with a decent reputation and quality client base becomes necessary.


The Verdict

This article aims to acquaint you with the best alternatives to Hubpages. As mentioned earlier, rating platforms can be subjective and vary based on individual requirements. However, we will offer you a conclusive recommendation so that you can make an informed choice that suits you best.

Best ForPlatform
Highest earning potential Milyin
Largest client-base WordPress
Setting up your website for total control Substack

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