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Empowering Yourself (Raas, Rang and Naad)

Empower yourself is to bring more power, more self awakening with in us for creating balanced and realisation of higher purpose goal. In Vedic age, Saints,

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Recreate Your Mind

Imagine you are draining the battery of a mobile phone by playing unnecessary games and scrolling videos through social media platforms and a time comes when emergency purposes you are unable to use y...

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LGBTQIA+ connected with Masculine and Feminine Energy

Everyone and every gender is made up of two energies Masculine and the other one is Feminine. Different cultures have different names such as in Chinese it is called yin yang, and in India,

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How to charge food and Water!

It is interesting to know that the topic I am going to share today is,  what if,  I tell that mobile phones,  laptops,

How to enhance biological clock?

Today,  the world is much equipped with technology and automation, where everyone is so dependent on mobile phones and smartwatches,