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How to charge food and Water!

20th December 2023 | 7 Views

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It is interesting to know that the topic I am going to share today is,  what if,  I tell that mobile phones,  laptops, and nowadays vehicles which are also charged for their optimum utilization,  we can also charge water and food for their optimum utilization on health. 

Water and Food both provide energy to the body for working and performing tasks,  what if we can increase its effectiveness? 
Everything in the universe is Energy. As per an experiment conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto that each droplet of water appears different as per the microscopic view according to vibrations created on water. 
In this way,  different emotions work differently on the water. 
The property of water is purity and purity is associated with orange color. 
For charging water: 
Whenever we are drinking a glass of water try to radiate orange color from our mind going toward the water and apply the emotion of purity with the positive affirmation-
 This water is going to heal my body from illness and my body is recovering from disease,  I am a positive human being.  After some days tremendous changes will be visible in the body because continuously water is receiving a positive frequency of emotions. 
In the same way, the food we are consuming for our bodies can also be charged. Food and water charging synergized for better health. 
For Charging food: 
For charging food yellow color is imagined.  The color yellow is associated with Sun energy,  The Sun is responsible for good digestion. The other property of yellow color is Power.  Power is generated within the body through the medium of food.  In this way, we have so many scientific and Vedic compositions of charging food with yellow color. 
As water,  whenever while having food,  first of all,  show gratitude towards food and then try to radiate yellow color from the mind go towards food and say a positive affirmation,  Food is providing more energy and I am having healthy body, mind, and soul,  free from diseases. 
In this way, by following our Vedic Science and knowledge of our ancestors we can create a healthy and peaceful life and create a sense of satisfaction which is much harder nowadays. 
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