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Empowering Yourself (Raas, Rang and Naad)

1st January 2024 | 3 Views

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Empower yourself is to bring more power, more self awakening with in us for creating balanced and realisation of higher purpose goal.

In Vedic age, Saints, Rishi Munis meditate for hundreds and thousands of year and remained alive without food and water and after completion of meditative age what they feel is the more power within themselves. This is the Power of Meditation.
Meditation is combination of Raas, Rang and Naad.
These are the vedic terminology in others words we can say that
Raas- Power of Mudra.
Rang- Power of Color.
Naad- Power of Sound Vibration.
Lots of changes has taken place from vedic life to modern life, where technology and innovation had made our work at ease but stress became the major element in each and every household.
We all are aware that life is not as easy as old age life but, with the help of some older techniques we can add so much into our current life and definitely it can work as a wonder and can slowly break patterns of stress and bring calmness in the journey of life.
Nowadays, everyone is so busy with their hectic life schedule that they are rushing towards the process and nobody is really caring about their internal health.
Somewhere, our internal self is talking to us and saying wait for a minute, calm down, let’s take some rest but who cares?
In 24 hours we are must take minimum 15 minutes to recharge our internal self or our tired soul.
 With the process of Raas, Rang and Naad which is vedic and scientific technique to bring balance in disturbing life.
Now, let us understand the process of Raas, Rang and Naad
Raas – Power of Mudra
To stimulate the force of vital energy in our etheric body. Mudras are simply hand position or gesturs performed during meditation.
Each mudra is related with chakra and relevant to solve physical and emotional discomfort.
Rang- Power of Color
Many of us are very well aware about the color therapies. In chakra science each color is associated with certain color.
To heal any kind of illness imagine the color associated with chakra with related mudra.
Naad – Power of Sound Vibration
Researchers has proved that word OM has very higher vibration and have tremendous benefits on mental and physical health.
The the word OM different chakra has its different beej mantra and sound frequencies.

To unblock any chakra or to cure any disease with combining the elements of Raas, Rang and Naad better results are acheived as well as so many emotional benefits, hormonal balance and purpose of higher self is realized.

anu dodwani



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