7 BEST Ways to Earn Money by Writing Articles in 2024 [High Earnings]

Earn Money By Writing Articles

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Struggling to earn money by writing articles? Milyin is an ideal article writing platform to start earning from Day 1. But, Longreads is an al article writing platform for high income. Similarly, Greatist is suitable for writing articles about mental health and life. So, how do you choose?

Truth be told, writing articles is a time-consuming process and needs a lot of effort. Creating content without earnings is quite diffidifficult butrry not. I’ve curated a list of 7 best ways to earn money by writing articles.

But worry not! I’ve researched the top 7 websites to help you write articles and earn money online. The platforms I selected can be used as little side-income opportunities for a full-time profession. These websites have high earning potential and robust monetization tools. Let’s discuss it!

Earn Money by Writing Articles

Website to write articles and earn moneyEase of Article ApprovalEarning PotentialJoining FeesLink
MilyinExcellentVery GoodFreeMilyin
WordPressExcellentVery GoodUsually starts at $50 per yearWordPress
FiverrVery GoodVery GoodFreeFiverr

1) Milyin

Milyin is best article writing website with money earning potential

Milyin is open for all and free-to-join the platform to write articles, poems, quotes, and stories in the form of “Creations”. Your Creations are monetized through in-content advertisements. You earn money when your audience clicks ads on your Creations. 

I’ve used it and can confirm it works surprisingly well. You start earning from Day 1 and can withdraw money anytime you want, with payments in 3-5 days. 

But, even that is not the best part. Milyin is one of the finest article writing platforms with complete freedom over content writing. You can choose styling, formatting, fonts, content length, add media, and more. 



  • Analytics: Provides proper data-driven analytics for analyzing performance and improving your Creations for better income. 
  • Writing Tools: You get a variety of tools to insert media, embed social media, create tables, lists, and more. 
  • Monetization: My favorite feature of Milyin is the fact that all Creators are monetized by default. You can earn from Day 1 and withdraw once you cross $1.
  • Guidance: Customer support and internal documentation are ideal for seeking guidance for improving your Creations.
  • Socialization: Unlike most article writing platforms, Milyin is a lot more social. You can use Hashtags to promote your Creations and discover similar Creations.
It allows you to run advertisements, affiliate marketing, and promotions to earn money.Poor app for Android/iOS
Easily engage and interact with other Creators. 
No approvals needed, just signup and start writing. 

Link: https://milyin.com

2) Longreads

Longreads is best Professional High-Quality Article Writing Service

Longreads is a long-form content-writing website. It accepts articles and long-form essays, unlike other platforms, it offers upfront payments for the quality articles that get accepted. 

In my experience, beginners and intermediate writers struggle to get articles accepted with them. But, if you are an experienced writer, you can definitely give it a shot. Payouts can go as high as $350 per project.

High-quality personal essays can even reach $500 per approved essay, making it one of the best article websites to earn money.



  • Quality: It is a platform driven by quality over quantity. As a result, you will find only quality content. Having your article published on Longreads can boost your resume.
  • Earnings: You can easily earn money by writing articles on Longreads. With potential of $350-$500 per article, you can easily make a living as a professional.
  • Simplicity: It has no complicated requirements. Infact you don’t need to fill out any forms, just go to their site, find their email ID and send them your article. They let you focus on writing.
Provides one of the highest prices, helping you earn money by writing articles.Beginners and Intermediate users often struggle to get articles approved.
Freedom of choosing topics, lets you pick essays, criticisms, and reportage. 
Publishes content in your name, giving you recognition and fame. 

Link: https://longreads.com/submissions/

3) Greatist

Greatist is best for Write about Mental health, Relationships, and Life

Greatist is one of my favorite places to write articles and earn money in 2023. Unlike other platforms, it is focused on certain niches. This site is ideal to make money by writing articles about food, health, relationships, life, and more.

I’ve found great articles on it, and I think everyone can enjoy articles on it. All content goes through strict reviews to ensure that readers are served only genuinely great content. You should definitely use Greatist to write articles and make money.



  • Accuracy: You learn and build a habit of fact-driven writing. With their low tolerance levels, you eventually learn the skill of citing sources and writing genuinely top-quality content.
  • Youth: It targets explicitly youth between the age groups of 20 to 40. So, if you belong to that age group, you can connect very well with the audience.
  • Guidance: They provide relevant advice and insightful information about rejected articles. This helps you build your skills and improve shortcomings.
Supports forward-thinking writers with unique opinionsLimited niches might no be ideal for some people
All content is fact-checked by doctors, psychologists, and various other professionals. 
With an inclusive writing style and friendly tone, it welcomes all writers. 

Link: https://greatist.com/

4) WordPress

WordPress is best for starting your own website

WordPress is an ideal choice to earn money by writing articles online. It can be used to setup a website of your own and start earning. You can even use it to earn money by writing quotes.

You might be scared of the additional workload of building, maintaining, and managing the website. But WordPress provides pre-built tools and templates to get your website ready within an hour. The main advantage of WordPress is freedom. 

You can set up affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, sponsorship, merchandise, and a lot more. The control and customizability of your own website is unmatched.



  • Themes: Widest range of free themes to stylize the website UI as needed. You can find highly themes for your niche or use general-purpose themes with customization options.
  • Plugins: Almost every WordPress user will tell you that the power of WordPress plugins is unmatched. They can be used to do everything imaginable and beyond. Sharing posts on social media, newsletters, subscriber lists, e-commerce, marketing, management, everything can be done with plugins.
Native tools for SEO, marketing, ads, analytics,Requires initial investment for domain and hosting.
Allows you to build a highly niche focused website. 
Teaches you concepts of SEO, monetization, and user engagement. 

Link: https://wordpress.org/

5) Fiverr

Fiverr is best to earn money by article writing as a freelancer.

Fiverr is a really popular freelancing platform. It offers a plethora of services, including content writing. If you are looking for easy yet long-term solution for making money through article writing, Fiverr is an ideal choice.

You can register on Fiverr as a freelancer and start offering article writing services for your audience. The initial few months are often tough. Once you get a hang of it, things become really easy and free-flowing.

Fiverr’s protections and systems ensure you are always protected against rogue clients. Once you build good reputation, you will be earn consistently.



  • Specialization: Fiverr is an ideal choice if you are specialized in a particular skill and want to bank on it in the long run. You can showcase your skills easily and start attracting customers from Day 1.
  • Scale: If you are like me, after a certain point, you really stop getting topic ideas for writing and have to really scratch your head. That’s why Fiverr is an ideal choice, as it allows you to scale easily with the constant flow of work.
  • Portfolio: Working with multiple clients ensures that you can build a portfolio of your best works. This can later be showcased in your resume for seeking jobs and direct client deals.
Helps build reputation and credibility as a writer.Takes a lot of time to build an initial income.
Lets you focus on writing and automatically handles payments, follow-ups, deadlines, etc. 
Easy to use and fairly straightforward UI. 

Link: https://fiverr.com

6) Listverse

Listverse is the best choice if you like writing product reviews, round-up reviews, and rankings of products or services.

Listverse is an ideal choice if you are looking to make money by writing articles as reviews. As the name suggests, it is focused on “lists” and focuses on articles in the form of lists. These could include content of the form “Top 10 Smartphones in 2023”, or “10 Best Legal Services in California”. 

Essentially, you need to create in-depth lists of 10, with proper coverage of each topic. If your list gets approved the payments are really heavy, making it a really great option for a lot of article writers.



  • Writing Only: As a writer, your only focus in on writing articles, rest everything is handled by them. Essentially Listverse handles all SEO, media, publishing, formatting, and styling.
  • Opinions: Unlike other platforms, you can use it to present your unique takes, opinions, and ideas in the form of lists.
For 1500 word articles, it has the highest cost per clickRelatively low acceptance rate.
Direct payment in PayPal for each article. 
Freedom to choose the niche of your choice. 

Link: https://listverse.com/write-get-paid/

7)  Copyhackers

Copyhackers is the best website to make money by writing articles for business and entrepreneurs.

Copyhackers is a platform that focuses solely on writing articles for the needs of businesses, startups, and MSEs. Their content includes guidance, advice, recommendations, and more for businesses. The insights received from Copyhackers can be critical in helping you manage your business.

You can visit their website and find a topic of your liking. Thereafter, create the article and submit it for approval. Approved articles can fetch prices ranging from $300 to $1000. Considering the usual length of articles in 2000 words, you are looking at one of the highest cost per word for your article writing.



  • Guest Posts: Each submission is a guest post and can be used to build your own social reputation, backlinks, authority, and direct traffic to your own pages.
  • Style Guide: Provides strict style guides for headings, content lengths, dos and don’ts, to help you create articles according to their required spec.
One of the highest money earning potential.1 in 60 chances of getting articles approved.
Initial pitch review ensures you don’t waste too much time on articles that are bound to be rejected. 
Provides strict list of categories to choose the topic from. 

Link: https://copyhackers.com/write-for-us-2/

FAQs for Earn Money by Writing Articles

Is it possible to write articles and earn money?

Yes, some of the best article writing platforms provide tools to help you easily write articles and earn money. Some of the best articles to make money by writing articles are:


How to choose the best article writing platform?

Some of the key parameters that must be considered while choosing an article writing platform are:

  • Freedom: Always prefer website for articles that give you freedom to create content on topics and niches of your choice.
  • Earn Money: You should be able to earn a reasonable income consistently from the platform to be able to continue the work for long-term.
  • Approvals: Some article writing websites are approved only, wherein you are only paid if your article is approved. You should choose websites with no criteria for approval or a very high approval rating overall.

What are the benefits of writing articles to earn money?

Writing articles is one of the most underrated career options. It is an ideal choice for a lot of people, with minimum qualifications, resources, and experience you can become successful.

Since article writing happens online, you can do it from anywhere and at any time. Clearly, it is an ideal choice for people looking for part-time jobs, work from home, or a side hustle.


Conclusion – Write Articles and Earn Money

Article writing is a unique skill with huge potential. If you are like me, and love writing, it is in your best interests to choose from the best websites to earn money by writing articles. Usually, most writing websites are for casual writers and generate no income.

Furthermore, most other websites have extremely low earning potential, making them less than viable options for the long term. But my list of best websites to write articles and earn money is ideal for your needs.

  • Milyin is overall a great and really balanced platform with straightforward content publishing and the ability to earn money from Day 1.
  • Longreads is an ideal choice if you are an experienced writer and looking for a really high-value opportunity to make money by writing articles.
  • If you are looking for full freedom of content creation, it is best to go with WordPress, as it gives you the ability to monetize content through ads, affiliate sales, sponsorship, guest posts, etc.

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