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Elementary Programming Concepts

Before learning any programming language, there are some basic points to which we should know. Young programmers are like infants,

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Simple things in life

This article is about a feeling and thoughts which always occur to me. This is just one of the compartment of train of my thoughts. I hope you would like it.

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Protagonist of my own life

These are the thoughts a person would have felt in their life at some point of time. Maybe reading it would be nostalgic for you. These are just random feelings and my very own way to express myself.

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Thoughts about my own thoughts

This is a perception on how I think about my own perception, in this article I am trying to judge my own way of thinking about everything. How I treat people, how they treat me etc.

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A secret

This poem is about what a teen girl sometimes feel.Sometimes she just can't say a lot of thing. She is tied with chains of society. Even though she is right ,she still fears about people's thought.