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Forever my love

Even when my hair turns gray and starts falling off, your memories won't fade.                                                                      I know my teeth will start to fall out someday,

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From you

From you I have learnt most of the things I do. Smile like you, laugh like you, celebrate like. It's from you I adopted most of the virtues and vices and am proud about them.

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Missing you

I  miss you wherever you are. I only have to choose whether to miss when you are gone or when you are here with me. I choose missing when you are with me.

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The sun shines so I can see you. The moon…

The sun shines so I can see you. The moon is there to show that not that much light is needed for your beauty to show and in the darkness you are light. All is for you, my love.

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My love

We only go one life, but even if they were to be seven hundred, I would still live them loving you because you're the only thing that would give them meaning.

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Earth the mother home.

For one hundred sixty five million years, this home of ours, was home to one of the most dominant species history can construct. A kind that occupied the sea, air and land.