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For one hundred sixty five million years, this home of ours, was home to one of the most dominant species history can construct. A kind that occupied the sea, air and land. It looks almost impossible to come up with a way on how to bring such a kingdom to an end, yet sixty five million years ago, it was all gone without a trace. For all their large size, terrifying demeanor, killer instinct and hunting supremacy, dinosaurs, couldn’t escape their apocalypse. One wonders what we humans take from that. We have been here for a mean three hundred years, we feel like we are the most dominant there has ever been yet our existence is equivalent to a paragraph in Earth’s history book. With our destructive nature, there’s no need for a catalyst to our destruction. It is inevitable that our reign will come to an end, be it due to the rise of a better kind than us or due to an external hand as was the case with dinosaurs. The former is highly unlikely. So what could be the external hand that will wipe us off the earth? Well there evidence of a flood from several cultures around the world. A global flood that would have wiped out our race had it not been for the craftiness of some individuals or guidance from beings of higher power with ability to fore see. 

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