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Info: This Creation is monetized via ads and affiliate links. We may earn from promoting certain products in our Creations, or when you engage with various Ad Units.

How was this Creation created: We are a completely AI-free platform, all Creations are checked to make sure content is original, human-written, and plagiarism free.


Here’s another update about everything happening at Milyin. From a revamped new Monetization Scheme, updated policies and more, we’ll talk about everything happening at Milyin.

Before starting, we did a major policy update recently. If you haven’t already, please read and stay up-to-date with all our policies for your well-being.


First things first, Milyin is going through its annual server upgrades between the 25th and 27th June 2023. So, you won’t be able to access Milyin till 28th June 2023, 00:00:01. All your existing data is safe, but any activity from the 25th to the 27th will not be stored.

You are requested not to use Milyin and cooperate with us. These upgrades are expected to improve loading times while laying down the groundwork for many new features, including the new Earning Scheme (but more on that later).

We are not responsible for any loss of data for your activities between the 25th and 27th.

Earning Scheme

Till now, Creators had been earning $0.1 per legitimate click at Milyin. This is changing for the better. Starting now, Creator’s earnings per click would vary. More valuable ad clicks would be rewarded more, while less useful clicks would be awarded less. This is called Earning-Per-Click Model.

Many factors are involved in calculating Earnings. Here are some of the key things to remember:

  • Reputation: Creators with good reputations, rare policy violations, and overall good behaviour will see higher earnings.
  • Origin: Creators with audiences from some of the higher GDP countries (US, Australia, UK, Canada) will earn more.
  • Ad Type: Google Ads will have higher earnings compared to Amazon Ads.
  • Click-Through-Rate: The number of clicks your Creations receive per 100 views would also be a critical parameter.
  • Time: Clicks received in the peak hours of the day would be earned much better.
  • Topic: Most importantly, the topic of your Creation and its inclination to our audience preferences.
  • And more. We have a lot of parameters, and we would continuously optimize algorithms to suit best our Creators, our profits, and our audience alike.

Okay, that’s some significant updates; now, let’s rewind. There are a lot of things that happened since our last update. Let’s talk about them.


There were also many under-the-hood changes to Earning Scheme. We introduced a robust blocking system that automatically blocks spammy IPs and Creators, ensuring only well-intentioned users remain at Milyin.

Manual ad insertion was also simplified, with better previews, explanation texts and clarity for the Creators. Previously manual ads, especially for Google Ads, were hard to understand.

For all Google Ads, loading animation has been added on the front end so the viewers do not be surprised by suddenly popping ads.

Insert Content

We introduced the option to insert Content Blocks in the Creation. Accessible through a “+” icon in the Creation Interface allows you to add content to your Creations. This can include embedding content from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Milyin.

Recently we enhanced it further to introduce the functionality of adding FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and Expandable Sections (click a button to expand a paragraph).

It is an area that requires a lot of effort, and we intend to keep improving it further.

Social Media

As a 5-year-old website, our social media presence was negligible, to say the least. Since December, we’ve made purchases that have made it possible to ensure all our Creations get automatically shared on our Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In case you don’t follow us, we would be honoured to have you as a follower now. Even now, our presence is still tiny, but thanks to automation, we are able to focus on serving you while our social media platforms run automatically.

New at Milyin

There were many things that were pretty new. One of them is our app. We have launched a PWA (Progressive Web App) as a barebones solution.

It is clearly not ideal, and we plan to not invest in improving it further. A PWA is a cost-effective, effortless way of building a basic app. Anything more complicated would divert our attention from the more critical issues at Milyin.

We intend to stick with it until we can have a diversified team to actually create a useful app.

Speaking of useful, we made 2 really pages that are really useful for new Creators. Getting Started and How It Works.

If you are among our new Creators, we wish you a warm welcome and suggest you read both these pages for better understanding. Besides, we are just a mail away if you ever need us.


This is a big one. In the past we used to have a URL Structure of:{Creation Title}/

Now, as we grow, we observe more and more Creations have similar titles, creating confusion.

So, we shifted to a much better structure, where in the URL structure is:{Creation ID}/{Creation Title}/

This allows us to manage multiple Creations with similar Titles better. Besides, we are afraid of Creations with emojis or non-English characters in the Title. These characters can make the URL look ugly. Having the Creation ID in the permalink makes things easier to remember.

Creation Interface

Some major overhauls to the Creation Interface also happened, which are intended to make the Creation experience better for our Creators. 

One of the major steps involved the removal of the Legacy Editor. When we shifted to the modern TinyMCE 5/6-based Creation Editor instead of WordPress default WP Editor, we intended to ensure minimum confusion for our Creators.

The old WP Editor was kept as a Legacy option to help people transition smoothly. For the past many months, we have been putting a lot of effort into maintaining the modern and legacy editor. With almost no userbase using Legacy Editor, it was best to bid farewell to it and focus our resources on the growth of the current interface.

Putting our focus back on the Creation Interface, we also made a change that was appreciated by almost everyone – revamped Thumbnail Uploader.

Thumbnails, previously known as Featured Images, were uploaded through a very poorly designed WordPress interface. While useable, it lacked the styling and design of Milyin, was slow to load, and did not work well with Dark Mode. File uploads were also harder to find and manage.

A completely revamped, straightforward user interface was introduced that solved all these issues. Fast loading, with AJAX-based file uploads, and easy selection, it was ideal for everyone.

After its introduction, we have seen significant improvement in the number of Creators putting Thumbnails in their Creations.

We plan to introduce a similar update to the Add Media button for Creation Editor as well.


We were banned from Bing search for a long time for no apparent reason. After many emails spanning many years, we were finally able to get Microsoft Bing to realise that they were a mistake. As a result, our site was unbanned, and we are now indexed and ranking on Bing as well.

For a long time, we had a system to show some other Creation links at the bottom of each Creation, none of them was very relevant, with low clicks recorded. Now, we implemented a new ML-driven system that accurately shows 3 related Creations to all users at the bottom of each Creation. This is likely to increase traffic, user retention, and engagement.

Our team also implemented a new Policy Box. Until now, first-time visitors were shown a consent box, making them aware of the policies they must follow to use Milyin. With a lack of transitions and an overall inappropriate size, it was not perfect. We made it better with an entirely in-house implementation.


With many things happening under the hood, we continue to grow and evolve and are hopping to hit our inflection point soon. Do let us know your thoughts or any suggestions that you may have in the comments below.


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