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Welcome to another update from Milyin. We have got plenty of changes in the last three months, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Our updates generally don’t happen this frequently, but the past few months saw so many significant changes that we knew we had to provide another update in just three months.

Beggining with a change that is very near and dear to us — Our Logo.

New Logo

Yes, we have got a new logo. Keeping the same concept and colors, there are plenty of subtle changes that you can notice. Our creators and we loved the previous logo, but sometimes things have to change for the better. This new logo is one such step to leaving the past behind while keeping the essential lessons and moving forwards toward a better and brighter future.

As a team, we have loved and cherished the concepts and ideology behind our logo, and we continue to use the same for this new one.

We hope you like it. 


As a part of our annual web hosting change, we have shifted from Bluehost Shared Hosting to Hostinger Cloud Hosting. This has given us far more capabilities and performance improvements.

Being a LiteSpeed server, we had to work around some of our plugins, including removal of Autoptimize and adapting the LS Cache Plugin. 

Our high-performance servers allow us to score well above 90 on most Google Page Speed Insights tests.

The far higher server resources have also enabled us to build features like Auto Save; more on that later.

Facebook and Instagram

As you might already know, we have been blocked on Facebook and Instagram for quite some time. This meant you could not our URLs on those platforms.

We finally have got unblocked over there.

This means now you can share Milyin’s URLs on Instagram/Facebook just like any other ordinary site.

This ban had lasted more than two years, and we had wished for this ban to be uplifted.

New Home Page

As if a new Logo wasn’t enough, we also got a New Home Page. 

Heavily inspired from the previous home page, yet subtly different. This time, the home page has been designed to be entirely different for logged-in and logged-out users.

Logged-out users are greeted with a home page similar to the previous home page with a few new sections like the FAQ section.

Logged-in users see a new homepage that shows the most relevant content for the creators. Itsignificantthree significant sections, namely “For You,” “Trending,” and “Latest.”

The “For You” Section shows the latest creations from your favorite creators or your favorite hashtags. The “Trending” Section shows some of the most famous creations at Milyin recently. The “Latest Creations” Section offers the newest Creations from all creators.


A massive update and overhaul to our mailing strategy have ensured that the emails are now users are greeted with frequent emails about their account.

Previously the automated mass emails would rarely be completed due to a lack of server resources. However, now,  we have used an approach to divide emails into batches to optimize for better email delivery.

Our emails would include reminders about your pending Creations, unclaimed payments, new creations from the accounts you follow, and more.

Creation Interface

Creation Interface saw some pretty significant changes in it. Let’s talk about it.

Auto Save

You might remember that we introduced you to a much more optimized Auto Save functionality in our previous update.

Well, we are now taking it to the next level. Now you can set Auto Save on by default in the Preferences. It’s turned OFF by default, but you can turn it “ON” so that you never lose your content.

Besides, Auto Save has also got some more performance and reliability improvements to reduce the number of HTTP requests while increasing its reliability.

Creation Scheduler

We have had complete overhauls of Creation Scheduler a couple of times. However, we never found something good enough for our needs.

Our previous scheduler was built by modifying a 3rd party JS script. It was decent, yet it was far from perfect. 

As a result, we took the job into our own hands to build something from the ground up.

Our new Creation Scheduler has been built in-house and seems to be the best solution for all our needs.

It uses no external JavaScript, making it very light and improving loading times for Creation Interface. It now follows GMT rather than IST to ensure catering for our international creators. Moreover, it provides. Creators cannot misuse it to backdate their content.

While we admit it’s not as good-looking as our previous schedulers, this one is the most reliable, effortless, and lightweight.


This feature is yet to be released, but it’s being worked on and shall be available very, very soon. In Creation Interface, it is a somewhat tedious task to embed a YouTube video or a Tweet. 

We are making all of it very easy with our Insertion tools that enable you to insert such content into your Creations effortlessly.

Embeds will also allow you to add FAQs to your content effortlessly. It will be expanded to other use cases in the future.

Our Insert Media button will remain as it is to ensure that our Creators don’t get confused. This button would be used to insert various other types of content blocks. 


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