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6 BEST Content Writing Websites in 2024 (Earn Money)

9th January 2024 | 141 Views

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Content writing becomes much easier using some of the best content writing websites in 2023. The best writing websites provide robust tools and features to help you earn and streamline content creation. Choosing the wrong content creation website can result in unnecessary hassles, poor reach, and less income.

That’s why we’ve curated some of the best content websites for your needs. We meticulously evaluated all websites based on their joining fees, ease of writing, earning potential, and writing freedom. Our detailed analysis will help you choose the right fit for your needs.

Best Content Writing Websites

NameWriting FreedomJoining FeeEarning PotentialLink
HubpagesVery GoodFreeVery GoodHubpages
ContentaGoodFreeVery GoodContenta
MediumVery GoodFreeGoodMedium

1) Milyin

Milyin is the best for earning money while writing content

Milyin is devoted to being a stage for every unheard voice, everyone with a unique opinion, and all who have something worth writing. It is a free-to-join, open-for-all content creation platform that gives complete freedom and allows users to create a wide variety of content with control.

It is one of the best content-writing websites that allows you to write about anything, including stories, articles, blogs, quotes, unique perspectives, and more. All your creations can be monetized using advertisements, ensuring you earn for your hard work. It gives you complete control over your income.



  • Interactions: Easily interact with other writers using Chat, Comments, Follow/Unfollow, etc.
  • Writing: Provides writing tools to add, edit, and modify content as needed. It allows you to embed social media, add images/videos, and create tables, lists, and other content forms.
Allows you to increase or decrease the number of ads to meet your earning goals.No app; only available on the web.
It helps you grow with robust guidance about SEO, content writing, audience optimization, etc. 
Start Earning from day 1, and withdraw whenever you want. 


Why is Milyin the best platform for your needs?

Milyin is ideal for your needs as it allows you to write content on a niche and topic you choose without many restrictions. You can easily create content to your heart’s desire and earn much money.

2) Hubpages

Hubpage is the best for following your own passion

Hubpages is a collection of independent websites run by passionate writers. HubPages has an advanced UI that ensures your work can be streamlined and everything efficiently works. You can use this content writing website to create content divided into various categories, allowing easy access to readers and writers.

They have a robust Ad Program that helps you earn money as a writer through ad clicks and impressions. It has a highly active community of writers who engage and support one another to grow. It allows you to customize the appearance of your content according to your preferences.



  • Writing Tools: Intuitive formatting and writing tools for styling your content as per your taste with minimum effort.
  • Original Content: It helps you create original content based on your unique thoughts, feelings, opinions, and beliefs.
Robust tools to optimize and align your content for SEO.No free plan
Allows writers to share feedback and recommendations for improving platforms. 
Straightforward, hassle-free monetization. 


3) Fiverr

Fiverr is best for meeting new clients for writing

While Fiverr doesn’t precisely fit the description of a Content Writing Website”, it is still among the best places to become a writer online. Fiverr is an online freelancing platform that allows freelancers to provide customized offerings that clients can purchase as needed.

If you want to do Content Writing, you can join Fiverr and make your offerings available to the public, allowing them to buy your services. It ensures a constant supply of work and ensures writing doesn’t get boring, with new, unique clients coming every so often. This is a great way to use Fiverr as a content-writing platform.



  • Experience: Working with multiple big clients globally helps you build experience and gain knowledge and skills.
  • Focus: You can focus on writing without worrying about client complaints, payment delays, and various other issues, as Fiverr handles them all on your behalf.
Complete independence and minimal platform dependence.Finding clients can be demanding initially.
Manages finance for you, allowing you to focus on writing. 
Freedom to choose writing platform and style 


4) Contenta

Contenta is the best for enjoying high-income

Contenta helps connect content writers like you with prospective clients easily and earn a lot. It is geared toward experienced writers. It focuses on quality and enables you to make big bucks quickly. You can create profiles to apply for clients in various industries like finance, business, technology, etc.

Contenta is among the best content writing websites, with a robust job board that provides daily access to various new jobs. You can use it to become a professional-grade content writer and earn much money. You get complete control over your clients; therefore, it is an ideal platform for your needs, making it the best content writing platform.


  • Clients: You can selectively choose and approach clients that precisely match your skills, experience, and knowledge.
  • Portfolio: Working on Contenta helps you build a portfolio of clients, which is critical in helping you grow as a writer and get more prominent clients.
Consistent income for you.It requires a lot of experience and skill, which is not ideal for beginners.
It helps you work with some of the most prestigious clients. 
Allows you to choose clients according to your preferences 


5) WordPress

WordPress is best for writing with complete freedom

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform for building websites. You can use WordPress to start your independent career as a content writer. With WordPress, you can set up your website and write independently without depending on any platform or 3rd party affiliate.

WordPress is an ideal platform for content writing that lets you utilize various income streams and be more creative with your use cases. You can utilize conventional advertisements, affiliate links, sponsored posts, and more. Besides, with WordPress, you can also start your podcasts, newsletters, etc.


  • SEO: Robust SEO plugins and tools can help you improve your rankings on Google search and get discovered globally.
  • Growth: You can diversify your WordPress content writing into podcasts, merchandise, sponsored content, paid memberships, and more to improve revenue.
Wide variety of plugins and themes for the use case.Requires initial investments
Advanced tools to customize UI according to your preferences. 
Automation tools let you directly share your content on social media. 


6) Medium

Medium is best for meeting other content creators

Medium is one of the most renowned content writing websites with a global reach and access to some top writers. With its subscription-based model, the top writers globally find it highly lucrative to capitalize on their subscription fees. 

Medium has robust writing tools and an intuitive UI that ensures you can write freely and without restrictions. You can also interact with other writers and create collaborations, seek guidance, etc., putting its name among the best websites for content writing.



  • Independent Domains: You can host your Medium blogs independently on your website to create more excellent brand value.
  • Memberships: Allows you to offer paid memberships to your audience, helping them become loyal, long-term readers and followers of your content.
It helps build recognition and social status.Income is low initially.
Robust tools to add media, code, embed tweets, YT videos, etc. 
Straightforward signup process; get started with writing immediately. 


What are the best content-writing websites?

Some of the best websites for content writing are:


How do you choose the best content-writing website?

Some of the critical parameters to be considered while choosing websites for content writing are:

  • Writing Freedom: Some writing platforms are restricted to a particular niche or writing style. Choosing a platform that gives complete freedom to select your place and writing style is best.
  • Earning Potential: You should choose content platforms with relevant tools to help you make money and become financially successful.
  • Writing Tools: You should always prefer writing platforms with robust tools to ensure effortless content creation.

Conclusion for best content writing websites

Our analysis of the best content-writing websites will help you make the right decision for your needs. All these websites are among the best in the market, and you can choose anyone. However, some of these are more inclined towards specific use cases. Our conclusion will help you make the right call.

FeatureBest Content Writing Platform
Best platform overallMilyin
Best for creating a variety of contentHubPages
Best for freelance content writing.Contenta

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