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Just imagine dark sky beautifully dressed in stars, and a walk on the grass immersed in fluorescent coloured light..Wow its amazing right? Luckily these mere imagination is a real story.
The journey was 40 KM away from Nagpur City on Amravati Highway. Huhhh..! The distance took one n half hours to reach the destination, that is “Sky Garden” and it was the journey of my patience because my stomach started playing hungry music (gud gud).

Well we should Never leave hope specially for pleasing journey & food, these are not my words but made me believed when i went for dinner over there.
Finally I was at “Sky Garden” excited and curious to know about the place. But the fact is when you are happy and specially hungry then the Villain comes in get-up of Manager and say you ” sorry the place is occupied, come some other day”. And suggested to book table before you come ( which i was unaware of).
I imagined the character of Manager with Villain who wasn’t getting convinced for entering inside the venue.
I prepared mentally to go back again in that long journey which i was excited few minutes before and thought ab itna fuel gya at least 10 minute to ruk jau ( to wait for at least 10 minutes because my fuel was wasted). And therefore thought to at least  see the venue and return back.
But suddenly i was offered to take a seat which made me confused and delighted and came to know that the people who booked were late. And yes finally i got chance to view the location and taste food (was still in confusion and delighted mood by their service ) and asked the Manager are you mistaken or intentionally i am getting to seat , then he told that people are yet to come so you can enjoy your meal. Then i thought sometimes Villain also act as a Hero.LoL!
The name suited the place  as i could see the open sky and upon grass tables were arranged, DJ wala music was loud still i felt internal silence and therefore was happy.
We ordered Paneer Labaabdar,dal tadka with tandoori chappatis & jeera rice(Labaabdar was experiment) & Yummm…! the food was really tasty & sighed in my mind “itne door ana vasool hua“.
interesting part of this place was “Laalten light” which brightened face and table.
I went in my flashback were in my village Bihar there wasn’t facility of electricity ( still i can experience the same when i go)and we use to study and eat in that brightness which brought smile on my face and enjoyed over there far from city wala mahol.
I try to learn every time wherever i go or meet people and here i learnt that we have to protect our environment which brings glory and positivity and last but not the least we should never leave hope otherwise I would have missed a delicious food and ambience.
#Save environment #Keep exploring!

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