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Why are Three Stone Engagement Rings Adored?


30th April 2024 | 3 Views

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Diamond Engagement Rings

When you have finally thought of getting down on your knees to propose to someone, you have imagined a life revolving around that one special person!  What can be a better way of proposal than slipping a three-stone engagement ring that symbolizes friendship, love, and fidelity till eternity? While the underlying meaning of 3 stone engagement rings is beautiful, the appeal of the ring can keep the eyeballs rolling. Elegant and magnificent, three-stone engagement rings can be customized according to ring shape, metal, stone, settings, and proportions. 

How can Three Stone Engagement Rings be customized?

Diamond engagement rings come in different settings and designs. If you have decided on getting a 3 stone engagement ring customized, then the following tips will be helpful:

·    Cut: The eternal bond of love and commitment as shown through 3 stone engagement rings will shine with all its brilliance if the cut of the diamond is impressive. Round brilliant diamonds ooze brilliance from every angle. Generally, the diamond is in the center of the ring, as in the case of 3-stone engagement rings, and is flanked by either small diamonds or birthstones on either side.                                                                

·      Color: The center stone in diamond engagement rings needs to stand out and thus should be colorless. The side stones can, however, be lower in color grade. However, you need to ensure that all the stones are in harmony with each other. 

·       Clarity: You definitely don’t want too many cuts or blemishes on the diamond ring you buy. And for that, the clarity of the diamond needs to be paid attention to. The higher the clarity, the more would be the price, but after all, 3 stone engagement ring is always one of its kind, so invest more in the clarity for that envious look.

       Carat: Since 3 stone engagement rings have meaning attached to them, so many feel that the center stone must be big and should weigh more, thus symbolizing the importance of living in the present moment. However, this is a matter of choice, and you can decide on the carat weight depending on your budget.

·    Engagement Ring Settings: This element needs careful introspection because how the rig will look is determined by its setting. The most common setting as in the case of 3 stone engagement rings is either prong or bezel. While the prong setting shows the diamond in the most glorifying way, the bezel setting is considered to be better if you are involved in too much physical activity during the day, and the chances of the ring getting damaged are higher. Semi mount engagement ring setting can be chosen wherein you will have to select the center stone while the other accents will be present.

·   Metal: Diamonds or other stones on the 3 stone engagement rings will dazzle while resting on the engagement finger if the metal is chosen wisely. You have the option of selecting yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum for that unblemished fill look.

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