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How is it Like to Work at Apple in 2019


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Apple is one of biggest and the greatest companies in the world. But how is it like to Work at Apple for a normal employee. The Work at Apple, has a really unique and difference experience. Most of the former employees love working there. [purchase_link id=”22129″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=” #1f1fff“]

Unique Procedures in Apple

Images (4)

Images (4)

There are a few things that #employees pointed out as the speciality of apple. There were some different procedure in Apple, that made a difference in how is it like to work in Apple versus how is it like to work in any other company.

Apple in its headquarters provides, a good system. Employees are provided with standing desks. You can adjust the heights based on how you want to work.

This is to ensure that you don’t need to sit in same posture for long intervals of time. #Apple, is a big company and any decision leaked to public before time can make significant impact. They don’t want there competitors to know there secret plans. As a result, any important information, is written in multiple versions of different grammar and words.

They send different versions of these same documents to different organizations. This helps them understand the weak link when any leak happens. By the vocabulary used they find out which department or location leaked it. There is a high level of secrecy maintained in Apple. And this is a important factor that you will need to understand and adjust to experience how is it like to Work at Apple.

Understand The Hiring Mindset Of Apple

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Images (5)

For any person willing to join Apple, it is important to understand how Apple works. Even before you understand how is it like to work at Apple, you need to understand how Apple Works.

Apple has always preferred young talented employees. Just recently, Apple made it unnecessary for employee to have a 4 year graduation. Apple CEO Tim Cook says there’s a “mismatch” between the skills learned in college and the skills that businesses need, especially when it comes to coding.

Apple’s Founder himself was a college drop out. Apple will prefer more skilled and talented people, who are willing to accomplish the impossible Simple having good grades would help you get job. But it is not a compulsion.

Keep yourself mentally prepared that they while working at Apple, you will only be respected if you can innovate. This a proof of great culture of Work at Apple, and adjusting it will make your experience of how is it like to work at Apple, much better.

How is It Like to Work At Apple with Hardcore Work Ethics

How Is It Like To Work At Apple

How Is It Like To Work At Apple

Apple is a company that has the changed the world in the past 4 decades. There iPads and Apple Watch are amazing, and they are working really hard to improve it.

They managers and executives have so die hard dedication and sincerity to work, that if they have to fix a problem, they will have late night shifts. And no employee would question.

They work day and night to improve there stuff. Many a times you don’t even know what exactly are you working at…

This doesn’t mean that company doesn’t have or is confused in itself. But will only give you the necessary information. A story i recall about the same is of Ken Kocienda.

He was a software engineer, responsible for making a multi touch keyboard, for Apple’s first phone. He was clearly given all information of all that he needed to do. But it was not untill the launch date, that he actually got to know what the phone is called. He didn’t knew untill the launch day that the phone is going to be called “iPhone”.

Work At Apple prioritizes Great Ideas

Creativ Selection How Is It Like To Work At Apple

Creativ Selection How Is It Like To Work At Apple

At Apple they prioritize ideas, and great moves. They have a culture of having many teams, that do are given a mission, teams find and make the best way they can to do the task.

The idea that is best wins.

We saw it again in the example of Ken Kocienda. Apple was the first company to make true smartphone. And they had many engineers develop there best substitutes for keyboard, this is a proper cultural implementation making a very memorable how is it like to work at Apple experience.

They had multiple rounds of keyboard derby, and testing to decide what works. There is a culture, of finding the best way to do a thing, and selecting it.

How is it like to work at Apple in terms of competition? It’s fun, even though you compete you are never enemies. You together help everyone in there projects. If you need any support from other department, you can collaborate with them.

How is it like to Work at Apple Headquarters in Silicon Valley

Apple Headquarters How Is It Like To Work At Apple

Apple Headquarters How Is It Like To Work At Apple

Apple headquarters in Cupertino, is beautiful, and trust me before you even get a job, it is a a wonderful experience to visit there headquaters. Spread over a mile in circumference, and beautifully designed spacious place, it is a amazing piece of art?

It will make a great impression on first visit itself.

But how it like to work at Apple Headquarters.

Well the Apple Headquarters, being influenced by Silcon Valley. You will find all the people dressed.

Don’t Expect Great Hardware For Your Use In Apple Offices.

Apple is a top of the line technology products maker, but it doesn’t mean that you will get to use great hardware and software for use. 

The bleeding edge of technology is always bleeding. 

You will use early stage products most of the time How is it like to work at Apple when you are a product developer, like you work on iPhones, or iPads or Macs or Airpods.

It’s great, but it would be bad in terms products you own. Apple has it’s teams test the hardware and software, before it is released to public.

As a result, they test really buggy and early version of software that contains lots of bugs and glitches. Apple tries that the software and hardware is perfect, and as a result the development teams are asked to use the under development products, which are really bad initially.

They improve quickly by the time the release date comes. If you are not in the product development team, then you will receive polished products. They would have the latest stable version of software that Apple offers. But depending upon your work, they may cut costs on hardware.

It’s quite understood, that a person responsible for spreadsheets will not need the highest specd hardware. How is it like to work with at Apple, in terms of products, well you will be either testing beta versions of products or you will be using less powerful PCs.

Please note, Apple ensures that if you need powerful Macs, then they will provide it to you, they are generous with it, but if your work can be managed easily on less powered Macs also, they will give them to you.

How Is it Like to Work At Apple: Take Opinion of Experienced

A Apple leakster, and a guy that i know since a few days gave insights about Apple regarding how they lot of experiments and how designs change every so often.

They also, try to release fake information to mislead people, and keep actual information private. This is the culture of unique procedures at Apple I think it’s the best to ask people, who themselves experienced the culture of Apple, not necessarily employees, we include ex-employees, and interested employees etc. I asked and contacted many guys, on Twitter, Instagram and Quora.

I met a guy named Jorge Luis Longoria, he tried to get a job at Apple. I prefer rather than talking about long conversation that we had i tell a summary about his experience about how they liked to work at Apple. He told that even after being graduate, he was not hired.

According to him, Apple took less qualified employees and younger talent. Jorge was well over 40 when we talked to him. We covered this in point 3, which in understanding mindset of hiring Apple employees. Similarly we got a chance to talk with a quora guy, he stated that Apple was biased.

If an employee, made sub standard product designs, he was given other chance, but if he couldn’t improve it to make it great, he could face backlash, great design is of immense value. Another twitter person, stated thar unlike most of the companies, Apple has really fit employees in its

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