What is the meaning of ‘Your Creations are not being monetized’ | Why are my Creations demonetized?

At Milyin, we take quality very seriously. If we observe any malpractice, such as fake clicks or poorly written Creations, we immediately block monetization on Creations.

Sometimes, you may see a note informing you that your Creations have been demonetized. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • Policy Violations: If we observe a lack of compliance and poor adherence to our policies, we may choose to demonetize you. This will result in your account getting demonetized.
  • Excessive Fake Engagements: Our algorithms detect excessive fake clicks from you, which block your account from being monetized.
  • Excessive Engagements: Sometimes, some bots might attack your Creations (or Milyin as such), resulting in temporary demonetization. This generally gets resolved within a few minutes.

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