How To Get Remonetized?

Hey, Creator, did your Creations get demonetized? Let’s guide you through the process of remonetization.

Before getting remonetized, be sure you know the reasons for your demonetization

In case of Policy Violations or Fake Clicks, our algorithm generally loses trust in you and demonetizes you. To resolve this issue, you must build some confidence.

To build trust, you must continue creating quality Creations when the algorithm sees some quality violation-free Creations.

In addition, you need to improve your views. Views are a signal that our audience trusts and accepts you. Producing consistent policy-free quality Creations that attract a large audience (and views) is the key to getting unbanned.

Eventually, your Creations will automatically get remonetized.

Detected Fake Engagements From Your Device

Sometimes, we might observe fake Earning Block engagements from specific devices. This detection is on an IP address basis. Someone on the same network might be responsible if you were not involved.

This doesn’t affect your account. This is only device-specific. Your earnings are not impacted, and your audience can still see and click the advertisements.

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