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State of lack started from your state of mind. Those who succeed do so because they desire it and eschews state of beggar. We can push ourselves to greatness when we do unexpected things

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No limit

Your mind has endless thought and your brain has infinite processing along side with your super wisdom which increases every day. Those three body has super power which surpasses any thing in life,

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Safe side

Many fall a victim of problem and adversity be of carelessness and nonchalant attitude.

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Be smart

All our achievement on earth is the fulfilment of prophecy in one way or the other but to be sincere nothing will occur without occurrence .

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Choose well

Chosen wisely is by define help, heeding to instructions is by engagement and application of wisdoms. Whatsoever happened to a man on earth comes from what he has done.

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Let it go

Regret is the grip and shakle the bind the heart of man in the prison of sorrow when you meet failure,

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Failure is inevitable in life, having this perspective will prepare and make you strong and stronger against any opposition like failure. Life is a war and our heart or mind is the battle ground.

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Every success has is own time of development, when working it over and over again but nothing is showing up.

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Be humble

The cry for success is very alarming this days but many forget some core keys of success.