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Lesson From Lush Green Tapestry Resident

Sukarma Thareja

26th April 2024 | 8 Views

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Satpura unique dense forest are nested in #tapestry of Madhya Pradesh(India). Eco walk in its #lush  greenery  greets one extremely beautiful nature.Its rich #biodiversity offers an unforgettable experience.

My uncle Vardan Kohli was forest officer and was posted in #satpura forest.Whenever  Kohli uncle  used to come for official assignment to our metro city ,he would make a point to visit us also.Once he came with his assistant Raju . Raju was local boy living in #satpura forest and did not know how to speak english. Raju used to play with children.His #sports skills were very good.Therefore every child in our colony was fond of Raju.

When Raju went back to #Satpura Jungle,he told his friends about culture of city which he visited with Mr Kohli.

Raju’s father knew how to write in English language.He wrote a small article describing #culture in big cities-as told by his son Raju to him.My uncle told the contents of same to me on phone.To help my students know about #Raju‘s experiences in metro city I wrote a small article and pasted on notice board of school.The same I am listing below for my esteem readers.

In big metro cities there are hardly any person who wishes to learn from experiences of #senior citizens.Every child think that he/she is very intelligent.Hardly any child takes lassi and #curd in their everyday diet.On one hand they  continuously  keep complaining about #soar throat and #nose blocking problems.On other hand they prefer drinking tea and strongly believe tea give them lot of #comfort.On social front they hardly #write letter to each other but are fond of sending #messages on what’s up on mobile phone.Many hours they spend in sitting in #air conditioner.Children go to school with very heavy bags which contain lot of copies and #heavy books.Every person is surrounded by lot of #materialistic comfort giving apparatus,But some how every one in city is feeling #uncomfortable  and is not at peace with oneself in this metro cities.

But  Raju was very much happy living in #satpura  dense forest.He felt near to nature where hardly any facility available in #metro cities was available to Raju. Satpura forest give Raju peace and feeling of near to God-a  pure bliss and #tranquility.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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