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Indian Black Berries -Jamun

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5th April 2024 | 16 Views
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Jambolan plum or jambhul or jamun fruit, Java plum (Syzygium cumini).(iStock)

It was summer holidays.My school was closed for 15 days.In between I had to go to school to supervise minor science projects of my students.My #grand children Medha ,Jay  and Arya had come to spend some time with us(grand parents).It was such a #coincident that one mango tree was at last leg of its #mango crop(in full ripe stage).Even my big blue berry(Jamun) had started  giving #blue berries.We and our grand children  used to enjoy natural trees  fruits mango and blue berries-Jamun every day.

It was sunday my project students also had come for #breakfast.I prepared lemon rice with fruit custard.Of course lot of fresh mangoes and blue berries were also on table and their fragrance had made unique atmosphere for breakfast.It so happened Mr.David-biologist our guest visiting school for official assignment also by chance came to our house.It was breakfast time and every one was in pleasant mood.

Mr. David said”madam your garden black berries-Jamun are of very good quality.This Jamun stem wood is very precious .If in stored water tank one just put piece of jamun stem water tank water will never get fungual infection.Water will remain as fresh as ever.”

Mr David further said”Because of this unique quality of Jamun wood it is being used in making wooden boats which never get spoiled for years together.For its same quality its use was made in making bottom of each well made in village.From health point of view Jamun is very useful for eye sight as it contains lot of vitamin C.

I said”sir you are right Jamun fruit contains lot of iron therefor help one in keeping hemoglobin of blood at right level.”

One student said”madam my grandmother used to tell us Jamun helps diabetic and arthiritus patients”.

I said”students Jamun helps one in digetion and helps in making loose motion all right.”

Students and children picked up clean fallen jamun,and did lot of photography with my fruit garden tree.

I am no more living in same house.But pleasant memory of lovely jamun and mangoes are still with us and grand children.

Moral-Indian Jamun fruit is very delicious and its seeds are very good for #diabetic patients.Please do rope Jamun tree in your #garden if possible.

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Sukarma TharejaOnline

Sukarma Thareja



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