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Did You Emjoy Mass PT at School


1st May 2024 | 4 Views

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I am science teacher in Government school.I distinctly remember when I was in school we had very dynamic #games teacher Ms Kohli in our school.School will open with #spiritual activity.All students used to offer prayers  #Chorus.Those moments were full of peace and #bliss.After that our PT teacher used to give us command on #drum beat for simple #exercise like hands in font,hands at back,hands on side.Some time #meditation activity was conducted by teachers and students for a while to look #inside our souls.Many students could not #concentrate and used to take this activity as joke.

Now I myself is teacher I observe many students don’t realize the #utility of same in future life.So to educate my dear students  I   wrote very simple article indicating the implication of different #exercises in reforming one’s physical body and #mental peace and life and pasted the same  on notice board.Same I am listing below for my respected readers below.

Dear students” these PT exercises  not only give #physical comfort to our physical bodies ,they also have #spiritual meaning in one’s day to day life.I am listing the same below.

1.Command hands at back means experience which one got in #past are good #lessons to life.

2.Command hands in front means look forward for #hope-positive emotions.

3. Command hand on side ways means please look around and observe keenly what is going on around oneself and make wise# decisions in life accordingly

4.Command for  #meditation means look #inside oneself and eliminate all #negativity from one’s personality.

Many skills like reading,writing calculation reasoning make life easier for child.Similarly mass PT makes one strong and guides one when stuck in real life problems.

Moral-Physical exercises which every student perform with PT teacher’s command in morning keeps one physically fit.These exercises indirectly teach one meaning of Past ,present and surrounding timings in one’s life.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK