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Austria-Sleep Hormone

25th April 2024 | 10 Views

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I was on my way back to home after completing my duties at school. I was waiting at metro station for metro to come. I met my old student Sarla. She said  ”  Madam what happens in morning time is very peculiar.After 5 am temperature of #environment get little cooler and body become #comfortable . I get deeper sleep and in no #mood to get up early in morning.I always wonder why it is so. 

Science #finding  indicate that sleep hormone #”melatonin” Respond to darkness and cooler temperature ” Therefore I found that in morning time I get deep sleep. But unfortunately it is time to get up and make my self ready to go to school for my #teaching duties. “

I said “If one get good sleep at night one feels fresh and #relaxed whole day. Good sleep is sign of #good health. Good sleep regulate all #hormones secreted in one’s body”

I further said “In Austria people are particular about #sleep hormones. In order that people get good sleep they open their house window at frequency of 2 hours for short while so that air inside house which is moist due to cooking and #breathing etc get replaced by cool fresh air. This activity brings lowering of temperature which response to more production of sleep hormone   through brain glands. “

This process of opening window of house/ working place to make house full with cool fresh air, is customary in Austria. This practice is fabric of Austria culture. They call it #”Luften Time”.

Moral -To get good sleep one should make sure that bed room has enough #darkness and #cooler temperature available. 

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