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8 BEST Websites To Get Paid to Write Poetry at Home (2024)

28th April 2024 | 28 Views

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Earning money from the rare skill of poetry isn’t easy. The lack of websites to get paid for poems is a huge bummer. Try to find sites with an audience interested in poetry that give monetization options, and you won’t reach far. That’s why I did the hard work, so you don’t have to.

While struggling to get my poetry published, I discovered some unique websites suitable for your needs. All these websites were selected based on their global reach, payments, and all the perks you are provided with as a contributor. 

Some of the best poetry websites include Milyin, Rattle, Poetry Foundation, The Sun, and AGNI. These websites that pay for writing poetry are highly reputed, pay you consistently for the long term, and have audiences that appreciate quality poetry.

Websites To Get Paid To Write Poetry

Websites For PoetryEarning PotentialPricingTurnaround TimeLink
MilyinHighFreeInstant PublicationMilyin
RattleVery High$25 per submissionUpto 6 monthsRattle
Poetry FoundationHighFreeUpto 8 monthsPoetry Foundation
The SunVery High$2.5 per online submissionUpto 3 monthsThe Sun
AGNIModerate$3 per submission2 to 4 MonthsAGNI

My Recommendation

Milyin is the best website to get paid for writing poetry, as it is open to all genres of topics and can be used at any point in your writing career. It has the maximum earning potential as you start earning from Day 1, even if you are a beginner in poetry.

1) Milyin 

Milyin is the best website to get paid for writing poetry due to robust monetization, quick withdrawal, and a large audience. OK, I know what you’re thinking: it’s a new site. Can you really trust it? Despite being a new website, I enjoyed interacting with other Creators and publishing my poems.

Speaking of “getting paid,” you can earn up to $0.30 for every organic engagement on advertisements and affiliate links on MIlyin. Its SEO tools ensure you rank on Google, helping you attract new visitors and grow your overall audience.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 190400


  • Styling: You can change the font type, size, and color and add images or links to your poetry. It has proper Microsoft Word-level editing tools.
  • Content Reuse: To protect against misuse of your poetry, you can disable reuse, which would ensure people cannot download or copy/paste your Creations.
  • Stats: On the home page, it displays the stats that include your views, your earnings, etc. The robust statistics and data-driven insights help you improve your content.
  • Earning: Advertisements and affiliate links allow you to monetize content and earn revenue when your audience engages with them.
  • Creator Box: All your Creations will have a Creator box showing your profile, allowing the audience to follow you.
Customize advertisements to meet your financial goals and get paid for organic ad clicks.Weak marketing tools make initial audience growth very difficult.
Low earnings threshold. You can withdraw earnings after reaching $1 in dues. 
Chat with other users and interact with your readers in the comment section. 

Pricing: Lifetime Free

2) Rattle

Rattle is best for exploring the diverse genres of its poems. They accumulate around 20,000 page views daily, and around 200,000 poems are read yearly. I was pretty impressed by their platform scale, which allowed me to target a large audience and connect with like-minded people.

On this #PoetryWebsite, you will find numerous poems, issues, and books, so it’s not just about publishing your work but also about getting inspired by others’ works. And the best part? If your poem is published in the print magazine, you are paid $200; if it is published online, you are paid $100.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 185259


  • Art Inspiring Poetry (Ekphrastic Challenge): This is a monthly contest where Rattle posts a piece of art you have to use to inspire your poetry, and two winners will be selected.
  • Young Poets: Rattle accepts submissions of poems written by children (15 years or younger) under a different section of ‘Young Poets.’
  • Content: This writing website publishes high-quality, thoroughly verified poems, translations, and book reviews for various genres.
  • Simultaneous Submissions: You can submit multiple creative works of your works simultaneously to ensure quicker reviews and reduce average turnaround times.
  • Narration: You can also attach a voice recording of you reading your work so your viewers can enjoy your poetry in audio format.
All the selected poems and issues are well advertised on the website.Relatively outdated UI is not suitable for mobile devices.
$15000 annual poetry price for a single poem every year. 
Diversity in what kind of poems you want to read and write for free. 

Pricing: Lifetime Free

3) Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation is best for laying the foundation of your poetry. Why do I say this? Well, it has different sections for different age groups, showing published poems suitable for the same. It is equally beneficial for experienced poets, as many publish their poems on this platform for the first time.

The submitted poem, once selected, is published in the magazine, and the poet is paid $10 per line with a minimum honorarium of $150 per poem. Around 10,000 poems are submitted every year. The poems need not pertain to a specific type. 

Screenshot 2024 03 29 185446


  • Library Programs: They offer online book clubs and poetry workshops where you can interact with other poets and improve your poetry.
  • Newsletter: A biweekly newsletter will update you about the poem of the day or new poems added.
  • Content: It can be a simple poem, prose, or an explanation of a poem and can even be submitted in audio or video form.
  • About Poets: A bio is attached for every poet through which your readers can learn about you and your works and help you build an audience.
  • Collaboration: You can collaborate with any number of poets to submit a poem, and due recognition will be given to all the poets. 
  • Submissions: The Poetry Foundation has a magazine open for submissions annually except from June 15 to September 15.
Rattle includes its Collections of poems that pertain to a specific topic, e.g., Women’s Day.Once the poem is submitted to the magazine, the waiting time is around eight months.
The works published online are provided with tags to ease the search for the readers. 
Submissions can be made in any language and not necessarily in English. 

Pricing: Lifetime Free

4) The Sun

The Sun is the best website that pays for writing poems and aims to promote under-represented topics and authors worldwide. I can confidently say that if you are a person of color, queer, or differently abled seeking a place where you feel your views are validated, your search ends here.

You can submit up to 5 poems at once, and you would be paid a minimum of $200 per poem. They review around 2,000 submissions every month and have more than 60,000 print and digital subscribers, which, I believe, makes them a worthy website to #WritePoemsAndEarnMoney.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 185629


  • Sample Poems: You can review the sections provided for sample poems before submitting yours.
  • Genres: It welcomes poetry in topics and content from various genres, including erotica.
  • Author’s bio: You can add your website link(if any) in your bio apart from your introduction and achievements.
  • Correspondence page: You can connect with readers and contributors through their correspondence page.
You can submit various forms of content, including essays, fiction, and poetry.There are no topic tags.
It is a reader-supported magazine with minimal censorship. 
No ads and marketing, completely donations-driven monetization model. 

Pricing: There is a $2.5 submission fee for online submission, and it’s free of cost for mailed submissions.


AGNI is the best blog publication and magazine creation and welcome various topics, including personal essays, memoirs, prose poems, etc. If your work is selected, you are paid $20 per page for prose and $40 per page for poetry (up to $300), as well as a subscription to AGNI magazine.

It has a print run of 2500 copies with subscribers all over the USA. I observed that their magazine submissions are open from September 1 to December 15 and then again from February 15 to May 31st, which is a bummer. 

Screenshot 2024 03 29 185729


  • Authors: All the website’s authors are alphabetically listed under the author’s section. You can also include your bio so readers can learn more about you and your achievements.
  • Copies: Each contributor receives two copies for print publication; four additional copies are sent to their family and friends.
  • Tags: Built-in support for assigning tags improves the discoverability of your poetry and helps gain the audience’s attention.
  • Waiting Period: Compared to other #poetry websites, it has less waiting time, with an average waiting period of 2-4 months.
  • AGNI Online: It features poems, blogs, and reviews with writers from around the world, letting you write anything and make money.
You can include topic tags in our work to make the search easy for readers.AGNI is selective of the genres published. It does not publish romance, horror, mystery, or science fiction.
The latest submissions are displayed under the poetry section. 
It is exclusively for writers with prior contributions to AGNI magazine or AGNI online. 

Pricing: $3 per submission

6) The Threepenny Review 

The Threepenny Review is one of the best old publications running since the 1900s. You can trust them in terms of experience and the quality of the content they post. In my experience, publishing on this website that pays for poetry will build credibility and open doors for many new opportunities.

This website has a waiting period of two days to a week for online submissions and about a month for mailed submissions (open from January till April 15). Once selected, you are paid $200 per poem. For each submission, you can submit at most five poems.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 185856


  • Signed Copies: A Threepenny Review contributor can send in the signed copies of their books, and if they are good in number, then they are sold on the site.
  • Links: You will find certain links on The Threepenny Review promoting a website that is historically or aesthetically linked to them.
  • Issues: They provide a sample of a few pages of their magazines, and you can buy one at $7.
  • Blog: They have an additional online-only blog feature called ‘The Lesser Blog’, for publishing long-form non-fiction content.
  • Author’s bio: Authors have to add a description of themselves where they can promote a book they wrote or any other literary achievement so that people can follow and read more of their literary pieces.
You can promote your work on this website apart from the one you posted.They do not accept simultaneous submissions.
You can also submit poems for their quarterly magazine. 
They have a section called ‘Reading Room’ where you can access various articles, poems, and blogs. 

Pricing: Lifetime free

7) Boulevard

Boulevard is best known for its many award-winning authors contributing. Hence, your published work may be able to reach and inspire many people from across the globe. In addition, you can even read poems by other authors to familiarize yourself with the website’s writing style.

The poems submitted should be up to 200 lines long, and not more than five must be submitted simultaneously (open from November 1 till May). The payment for poetry ranges between $50 to $250. Their average response time is four months, which makes it a suitable website to get paid to write poetry.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 190110


  • Natural Bridge: It is an online-exclusive feature wherein you can submit your work, and it has a flat rate of $50.
  • Magazine: This platform is an ideal place to show off your expertise in poetry. They deal with magazine creation and publish only the finest in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. 
  • Explore: You can even read the work of other authors to familiarize yourself with the writing style common to this website.
  • Poetry Content: They organize a poetry contest where you can win a cash prize of $1000, and there is a registration fee of $18.
  • Sample: They provide a sample to read before you submit your work, helping you better understand and optimize content, increasing the likelihood of approval.
Multiple submissions, with a gap of one month, are accepted.Light verse is not accepted.
Cover letters with previous credits are not required. 
For the contest, all the entries will be considered for publication and payment at the regular rate. 

Pricing: $3 online submission fee.

8) Palette Poetry 

Palette Poetry is an online literary journal aiming to uplift emerging and established poets. All the selected poems are displayed in its Featured section. Hence, this website promises proper advertising of their featured poets.

You can send up to poems with at most ten pages, and your payment per poem ranges between $50 to $150. They have a response time of 12 weeks. They offer two paid options for each submission, i.e., fast response and editorial feedback, which is suitable for desperate poets.

Screenshot 2024 03 29 190225


  • Cover Letter: You have to include a cover letter with your publication history, if any.
  • Simultaneous Submissions: It has proper support for simultaneous submissions, allowing you to send multiple poems in a single attempt to save time.
  • Columns: These sections contain different types of interviews, such as authors interviewing artists who designed their book covers or authors talking about their journey of publishing a debut full-length collection.
  • Contests: They organize contests where you win cash prizes, and they have a registration fee of $20.
Pros Cons 
They offer a quick-response submission option for writers of historically marginalized identities.Multiple submissions are not accepted.
For contests, no fee is charged for marginalized identities until a specific number. 
All the winners to date and their bios are advertised in the Awards section. 

Pricing: Lifetime Free

What are poetry writing websites?

Poetry writing websites are quality, reputable websites that help you get paid to write poetry on their site. They have a large audience, credible content, and a well-built reputation that drives visitors to their site, newsletters, and magazines.

You can use these websites to earn money from poetry by submitting your original poems and hoping for approval. If approved, you will receive significant earnings along with huge fame and recognition, giving significant boost to your career.

How to Choose the Best Websites to get paid to write poems

Some of the critical parameters to consider when choosing poetry writing websites are:

  • Genres: It is best to select poetry websites with various genres that match your writing style and requirements.
  • Price: You should always look for reputed websites that publish your content for minimum possible submission charges.
  • Turnaround Time: You should always prioritize websites with quick turnaround times to ensure you get information about approval ASAP.
  • Earnings: Most importantly, they should have an ideal monetization scheme to help you meet your financial goals.

FAQs – Best Websites To Get Paid For Poems

What are the best websites that pay you for writing poems?

The best websites may depend on various factors, such as your poem’s genre and experience. The few best ones are as follows:

  • Milyin
  • Rattle
  • Poetry Foundation
  • The Sun 
  • AGNI


How much can I expect to earn by writing poems?

The earnings may vary depending on your chosen website, the quality of your content, and your favored genres. Some websites even prefer poets of marginalized identities. Some websites keep a basic payment, while other websites pay for ad clicks or the number of poem views.


Can I submit the same poem to multiple sites simultaneously?

Some websites allow simultaneous submissions, while others don’t. You can check the same in the submission guidelines. The websites that would enable simultaneous need you to withdraw your submission once it gets accepted elsewhere.

Conclusion – Best websites that pay for writing poems

As I reach the end of the article, you will be well-versed with the best websites to #GetPaidToWritePoems. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find the appropriate site that matches your requirements, and you can also work on improving your content or expanding your genre. 

Best for Website 
Best earning tool Milyin 
beginner-friendly Poetry Foundation 
best for marginalized identity poets The Sun 

Thanks for Reading,

Warm Regards,

Aditya Milyin



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