I Never felt The Change

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7th March 2024 | 8 Views

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Every day at night when I am about to sleep part of my #soul inside me come and talk to me. Soul ask me, dear you are more than 55 years old. what have you lost dear. What have you ₹₹gained dear?. 

I say “dear soul I do not have account of what I lost in 55 years. “.I know I had beautiful #childhood. I got good care, #love affection from my parents grandparents. When I attained my youth, I do not have #vivid memory of same. Now I am old woman. “

I further said to my soul”I remember I was #daughter then mother. This #transition was beautiful. “Now I am grand mother. This transition from mother to #grandmother is again beautiful. “

I further said “dear soul I remember I was not #empowered woman. My childhood was #governed by my parents and after getting married my life was governed by my #husband and in laws. I accepted this fact therefore life was peaceful to me. Now my #knees are no more that strong. “

Dear soul asked me. “Dear you have any #wish which you want to full fill. ” I said “dear  soul I wish I could be young and become #empowered woman”

Dear soul said”past is past one cannot relive same. My sincere advise to you is to live your #present to your full potential. Please  never tell me, I did not realise any change in life. “

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