Learning Through Hardship


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 I am teaching science in government school. Sumitra is our #old student. She came school to attend #alumni Association function. I was so happy to meet her after a long time. Sumitra is special #student in the sense she is married to most sincere #IAS officer of country. So when ever school has some #administrative problem Sumitra’s generous always help school with some #amicable solution. 

Sumitra said”madam I am very happy with my life. My children are doing well in life. I have one big #regret in life that is after marriage I resigned from #good job(lecturer ship). I never thought any time to #increase my skills after marriage. If I wanted I could have done so. I was #misguided by my own thoughts that I get respect of chief guest’s wife then where is need for #working hard. But madam I no longer enjoy that. I regret that I myself lost my #identity because I was scared of facing little #hard ship. Now I know madam hardships make woman #strong. I started enjoying my comfort zone . I remember you madam Sukarma(sukarma.thareja.knp @gmail.com ) so much. You strongly #advised me to not to forgive my #identity and make sure you add some #technical skills to your personality. Madam I was ignorant and never thought on your advise #line of thinking. Time lost can never #come back. “

I said “it’s ok Sumitra one can never walk in time which is #gone. Since you are relatively free now still you can search for an #activity which give you satisfaction. Please #work on that if possible”

Sumatra said”believe me madam Sukarma. It’s so nice to do #heart to heart talk  with you. I have very few persons in my life I can do so. It has given so much #relief and peace today. “I blessed Sumitra from core of my heart and wished for her successful and peaceful life. ” I was also very happy to be part of Sumitra’s conversation, I could make her  little distressed. 

sukarma.thareja.knp @gmail.com

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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