Yelling at kids

Sukarma Thareja

3rd July 2024 | 11 Views | 0 Likes

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I teach in govt school. One day I was going home in #metro train I met my old student Ankita in #train

My friend was looking very #tense.I asked her reason to be so tense. She said”madam my son is 5 years old. Every #morning he makes so much fuss in going to #school. It is time for me to make break fast. Due to #frustration of work and other factors contributing I #yell at him. That makes  me sad”.

I said”Ankita yelling at kids is not respected #parenting technique. #Patience is key. Please maintain your #calm. Instead of yelling if you try to #convince your son that please be #prompt otherwise you will miss school bus. #Yelling is short term goal. Making children understand the urgency of #situation in calm atmosphere has long term #impact on children.Please practice #meditation to become calm parent. I request you Ankita please be patient with your son when you are giving #toilet training to him. Ankita small children nervous system is sensitive there for #yelling may give bad impact on child . 

Moral of story- yelling is not good technique for is considered to be #destructive for child. Better is to show #patience while teaching good #manners to #kids.