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Devil in my own tale!


2nd December 2023 | 19 Views
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Hey! Back with my favorite heated and contentious lines. 

Earlier,  I used to feel guilty about being mired in the past and holding it responsible for my messy present.
Like, how I could have made a better decision, how I could have liked someone else, how I should have changed my career as soon as I started lagging behind, and so on.  I was training my mind to intensely compare it with others’ present and past to console myself.  However, the realization that how I was trying to pull myself down with sympathy and trying to surround myself in a cocoon is something, unforgettable.  

Let me tell you, sometimes, we are our own enemy. I said, what I said.

We had been hurt so much that we think this is the only way to accept ourselves rather than loving each and every moment of our past.  Why do we easily forget that every single moment of our life are like puzzle pieces which is being assembled together to define our purpose of life? If those dark as well as happy moments never happened with us, we would erase ourselves from this universe. 

Love and light, always!

Snehal Pillai

PS- I was going to tell you all the story behind these lines. But, umm, Not today. 


Damn! This emoji 🙂 is creepy. 

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Polish 20231202 111125774

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