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Finding the perfect article writing websites with proper tools, genres, and monetization isn’t easy. Top websites to write articles include Milyin.com, Medium.com, and Substack. As a writer myself, I understand that most sites to write articles don’t let you build a proper audience and hamper your growth.

I struggled to write articles with proper UI customization, embedding tools, writing options, formatting, etc. My first-hand experience has allowed me to curate some of the best article writing websites for your needs. Stick around till the end to learn how to choose the right platform for your needs.

The best sites to write articles websites include Milyin, Medium, and WordPress. Milyin is best for writing freedom, Medium has a huge user base, and WordPress supports proper customizations. Let’s discuss these and many more in our review.

Editor’s Pick

Milyin offers proper article writing tools, support for adding images, tables, lists, embedding tweets, buttons, and more. It is the perfect website for article writing to grow as a writer.

Best Article Writing Websites

Article Writing WebsiteEase of article approvalEarning potentialJoining FeesLink
MilyinExcellentVery HighFreeMilyin
MediumDifficultHigh$60 per yearMedium
WordPressExcellentVery HighFreeWordPress
SubstackExcellentVery HighFreeSubstack
Vocal MediaModerateDecentFreeVocal Media

1) Milyin

Milyin offers a distinct approach to content creation – it’s positioned as a ‘social media for writers’. This article-writing website provides a comprehensive ecosystem that includes article writing, blogging, poetry, stories, and more. Writers publish ‘Creations,’ which generate money by running advertisements. 

Creators at Milyin appreciate a lot the ability to monetize Creations by default – withdraw earnings as soon as they reach $1. This multifaceted website for article writing site fosters a sense of community among Creators – hashtags can be used to promote creations and explore similar creations, just as an example.

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 9.08.55 pm


  • Earning: Allows article writers to earn through various channels, including ad revenue and affiliate marketing.
  • Analytics: It also provides analytics tools like lifetime and daily changes in views, clicks, and words so that writers can improve their ‘Creations.’
  • Community: Apart from the help writers can receive from fellow creators, Milyin’s documentation and customer support are quite helpful and prompt.
  • Writing Interface: Many tools are provided so that writers can express themselves the way they like. Insert media, embed links, create tables – it’s all possible.
Easy for creators to share their articles across social media via integrations.The mobile apps for Android and iOS aren’t quite polished yet.
Freedom over article writing with various ways to style your Creations. 
Simply sign up and start writing; no approvals are required. 

2) Medium

Medium is one of the best-established websites to write articles for writers seeking an engaged audience. Medium provides a clean and elegant interface for users to publish articles on a wide range of topics. This article writing site boasts a vast readership,  motivating writers to create well-crafted and thoughtful pieces.

Article writers can significantly boost their visibility by getting published in their publications, which are curated collections of content around specific themes. Also, the substantial built-in audience of readers seeking quality content motivates writers who seek an engaged readership, making it an ideal place to read articles online.

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 9.12.45 pm


  • Flexibility: Writers can publish articles for free/accessible through the Medium paywall. This allows the writer to balance monetization and reaching the wider online audience.
  • Partner Program: Medium works on a subscription model, i.e., readers pay a monthly fee, part of which is distributed to writers based on engagement and readers’ interactions.
  • Analytics: An ‘earnings dashboard’ helps writers track earnings off each published article behind the paywall, as well as member engagement and estimated revenue. 
Medium articles are SEO-friendly, making it easy to attract organic traffic.You don’t control your content, as you aren’t operating your own website per se.
A curation model allows editors to highlight well-written content, providing exposure. 
Responsive design ensures that content is appealing on all devices. 

3) WordPress

WordPress is best for article writers looking to establish a digital presence and reach global audiences. It has been one of the go-to websites for article writing for bloggers since 2003. It’s versatile, supporting various formats and a wide range of content types- writers can publish blogs and articles and insert all kinds of multimedia.

This freedom and adaptability make it a suitable article writing website for every type of content creator. Writers essentially build their own websites, establishing a unique online presence in the process. Choose from a plethora of WordPress Plugins and themes to customize your site to suit your style and preference.

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 9.14.06 pm


  • SEO Optimized: WordPress generates clean and semantic code. It also offers various SEO plugins that help articles get recognized by search engines.
  • Robust CMS: The Content Management System is great for effective management. Writers can organize articles, categories, and tags, schedule posts, and moderate comments.
  • Community Engagement:  Readers engage with articles via comments, social media integrations, and subscriptions, allowing writers to really connect with their audience.
Frequent updates and maintenance by the developers ensure relevance and security.Sometimes, updates and security patches break websites as plugins get outdated.
Suitable for all needs: from small personal blogs to demanding, high-traffic websites. 
Support is easy to find in the form of forums, tutorials, and more.  

4) Substack

Substack is best for article writers who want to engage with their audience through the nostalgic newsletter format. While newsletters might seem like a relic from the past, they have revitalized this medium, turning it into a powerful tool for writers to connect with their audience. It simplifies creating and sending newsletters, allowing writers to focus on their content without getting.

The article writing website offers a subscription model where writers can set a price for their newsletters or provide free articles to subscribers. With its user-friendly interface and the ability to reach readers directly through email, this article-writing platform has become a staple for writers who want to establish an intimate connection with their audience.

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 9.14.46 pm


  • Newsletter Format: Substack utilizes the trend of newsletters. Writers connect directly through email inboxes, adding a personal touch to the audience’s relationship with them.
  • Subscription Options: Revenue is earned easily via the platform’s built-in payment processing. Writers can also offer free newsletters, thus reaching a wider audience.
  • Creator Autonomy: This article writing website ensures that writers own their content and mailing lists, putting them in control.
Occasionally, noteworthy newsletters are highlighted. Good for discoverability. Limited choices for styling and less control over formatting
Integration with social media allows article writers to attract new readers. 
Many analytics tools, like open/click-through rates and subscriber growth, are offered. 

5) Vocal Media

Vocal Media is best for writers seeking an inclusive #writing website that allows them to share their perspectives on various topics and connect with like-minded individuals. It is a website for #WritingArticles that cherishes diversity in writing by providing a space for creators to share their perspectives on a wide range of formats like fiction, poetry, opinion pieces, and personal essays. 

It accommodates a broad spectrum of writing styles and genres. Writers can express themselves and connect with various audiences. This #ArticleWriting site operates on a revenue-sharing model, allowing writers to earn based on readership. It hosts regular writing challenges and competitions, providing additional opportunities for writers to showcase their skills and earn rewards.

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 9.15.39 pm


  • Publications: Apart from writing challenges, Vocal Media also has various publications. Getting published in these can help an article writer reach new audiences.
  • Great User Experience: The website for articles has a user-friendly design. Navigating the interface and creating, publishing, and managing articles can be done with ease.
  • Tips: This writing site encourages readers to support their favorite article writers by tipping. This leads to surplus revenue and a personal connection with the audience.
Your audience can engage with you using comments, likes, and sharing capabilities.Strictness about the content being posted- sometimes, it is not approved.
A community-driven platform ensures a supportive environment for all writers. 
This site helps you write better by experimenting with different themes. 

6) Hive

Hive is among the best sites to write articles and experience writing in a novel manner- a more inclusive and economically rewarding website. It is a blockchain-based article-writing website that brings transparency and decentralization to the world of content writing. Decentralization means that a central authority can’t censor or control content, giving authors greater autonomy over their work. 

The article publishing site offers rewards in the form of cryptocurrency, ‘Hive tokens,’ to content that performs well, i.e., gets more engagement. The crypto-driven rewards make it ideal for writing articles and earning money. Such lucrative rewards add an interesting and modern element to the traditional online publishing model. It also acts as an incentive for authors to keep writing good articles.

Screenshot 2024 01 16 At 5.19.24 pm


  • Zero Platform Fees: It doesn’t charge platform fees if you write an article. Rewards garnered by a writer’s content go directly to the writer.
  • Preserved Article Integrity: Articles, once posted, can’t be edited or deleted, no matter what. This could be appealing to writers who seek that extra bit of control.
  • Merit System: A ‘Proof-of-Brain consensus’ mechanism is in place that emphasizes the value of articles based on quality and relevance, giving rewards to the best.
Writers can explore multimedia embedding- images, videos, audio, etc.Tough for newbies to get started and understand the integrations of Hive’s network.
Ability to create personalized front-ends for branding. 
A supportive and collaborative community of writers and readers. 

7) Ghost

Ghost is best for article writers who want an aesthetic yet distraction-free writing environment for them to focus solely on their content. With a sharp focus on content writing and minimalistic design, it allows writers to publish articles without unnecessary features. However, it offers a range of customizable themes so that writers can showcase their work visually appealingly.

The article writing site operates on a membership-cum-subscription model, offering hosting services for writers who want to create their websites using their platform. Authors can set up paid memberships and encourage their readers to subscribe to access premium content. It stands out as an article-writing website that adapts according to the needs of article writers.

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 9.23.40 pm


  • Newsletters: This article writing website has a built-in newsletter- ‘Ghost Newsletters’. Article writers can utilize it to achieve more direct communication with readers.
  • Using Markdown: Markdown is an easy-to-use markup language that makes text formatting convenient, even for people who don’t know how to code. 
  • Analytics: This site for articles has insightful analytics tools. Article writers can track their performance using metrics such as page views, popular articles, and reader engagement.
The interface is quite user-friendly, and the site is responsive on all devices.The ecosystem of themes is quite limited.
Writers can publish their articles according to a schedule of their choice. 
Removing Ghost’s branding is possible, i.e., you can truly make your site your own. 

Link: https://ghost.org/

8) Wattpad

Wattpad is best for article writers who can weave factual articles into a storytelling format; a huge audience awaits. Originally designed as a writing website for sharing stories, it has evolved into a global community of writers and readers. Writers can publish articles as blogs, personal accounts, and serialized stories while engaging with readers through comments.

This is among the best #SitesToWriteArticles working on a freemium model, letting you share stories for free while offering premium content for a fee. With a vast and diverse user base of all age groups and different tastes, this article writing website provides a unique opportunity for writers to build a following and receive real-time feedback on their works.

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 9.16.21 pm


  • Stars Program: Wattpad financially rewards its top-performing authors. Article writers are provided with incentives to keep getting better.
  • Competitions: The article writing website keeps track of extraordinary pieces through awards and competitions; winning and featuring in them is quite beneficial.
  • Wattpad Studio: Popular stories have been adapted into movies and TV shows. A similar fate awaits for exceptional and novel articles.
Writers can collaborate on stories by co-writing, sharing chapters, and more.Difficulty in getting noticed as an article writer among the millions of writers.
Diverse, vast, and active community that reads and supports article writers. 
App support for Android, iOS, and Windows is available. 

9) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is best for article writers when viewing business as a factor- professional audience and networking opportunities are unmatched. It has evolved to incorporate a robust article-writing functionality. Writers can leverage ‘LinkedIn Articles’ to share their expertise, insights, and industry knowledge with a white-collar audience in the form of #Articles.

This website’s natural audience of professionals and business leaders provides a unique opportunity for article writers to establish themselves as ‘thought leaders’ in their respective fields. The website’s article writing algorithm rewards engaging content, potentially amplifying the reach of articles and attracting a broader audience that can interact with engaging and formal articles.

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 9.17.11 pm


  • SEO Optimized: The articles of this writing website are indexed by search engines. Therefore, article writers will benefit from the added discoverability.
  • Analytics: Performance insights can be gained from the provided metrics, such as likes, comments, shares, and views.
  • Integration with LinkedIn: Writers can use their existing LinkedIn accounts to make their articles visible to their connections.
Writers can engage with their readers and develop meaningful connections.Limited formatting options compared to dedicated article-writing websites.
There is flexibility in writing about all the domains the writer is involved in. 
Consistently posting high-quality articles may even enhance career opportunities. 

How To Choose The Right Article Writing Website?

Some of the key factors to consider while choosing the right article writing websites are:

  • Writing: You should choose writing tools that allow for creating content in various formats and writing styles.
  • Formatting: Always prefer sites for writing websites that have proper text formatting support. You should be able to create lists, tables, grids, add images/videos, and more.
  • Earning: If it wasn’t obvious, you should look into sites for article writing that allow you to monetize your content and earn from it.

FAQs – Article Writing Websites

Is a content writing course certification necessary for writing articles?

Anyone can be a writer. However, knowing the technicalities of writing is surely going to help. So, getting certifications for writing is unnecessary, but augmenting your knowledge by earning certifications will shape you into a better article writer.

Can article writing help me pay off my bills?

Surely, article writing can help you earn more than just paying off bills. It all comes down to your writing skills, dedication towards your work, and experience; it can be tough at the start, but with time, you can have a successful career in article writing!

Conclusion – Websites for Article Writing

In this review, you read about some of the best #ArticleWritingWebsites. To assist you in the best way possible, we created a concluding table so that you can choose the website that is perfect for your needs.

Best forArticle Writing Website
Best writing platform overallMilyin
Best for collaborating with top CreatorsMedium
Best for customization/stylingWordPress

Thanks for Reading,

Warm Regards,

Aditya Milyin



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