Ps8, Ps9, Ps10 Release Date, Price And Features What To Expect

PS8 Release Date, Price, Features, Specs, Leaks (Latest News)


16th October 2023 | 1417 Views

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Sony is actively developing the future PlayStation gaming consoles. In fact, we have verified information about the development of PlayStation 8. The PS8 Release Date could be closer than we expected. Most of you must be wondering why we are talking about when will Sony PS8 come out? as we haven’t even got the PS6 till now. Well, as it turns out, PS8 is not that far ahead.

Generally, there’s a gap of 7 years between any two PlayStations. At one point, we thought it was safe to assume that PS8 would not be coming until 2040. However, the PlayStation 8 release could be sooner than expected with new information.

This is because Sony has already filled trademarks for the PlayStation 8 and is planning on reducing the gap between successive PlayStation launches.

PS8 Release Date

Sony plans to shorten the gap between consecutive PlayStation console launches from 7 years to 3-4 years. This means we can expect the Sony PS8 release date to be in late 2032 or early 2033. 

We have tangible evidence that the PS8 Release Date could be really close.

This is because Sony has filled trademarks for every PlayStation up to PS10. Yes, Sony already has the trademarks for PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10.

Furthermore, rumours about the successor of PS5 have already started coming, making it possible for Sony to start operating.

The urgency Sony is showing to build newer PlayStations is the result of pressure from the PC market and the sheer dominance of their superior performance.

PlayStation 8 Release Date, Price, and Features

Considering the growth in the PC market and the availability of high-spec, low-priced Windows machines, the PlayStation 5 did not meet the power requirements of the modern gamer.

Unlike in the past, when each PlayStation used to put Sony many years ahead of the competition, their machine was incapable of doing the high-res, high-framerate gameplay this time.

So, Sony wants to improve PS8 features and ramp up future developments to compete with gaming PCs. As a result, you can also expect the prices to go up.

The PS8 Release date will be around 2032. This is because the successors of PS5 will be coming relatively early. Sony wants to release its PlayStations more frequently to keep them updated with the latest specs.

So, Sony will likely start releasing new PlayStations every 3-5 years in the future. This means that the PS6 could possibly release in 2023

PS8 will actively embrace VR and other budding technologies of today. Metaverse life would have become even more real. PS8 features would include better specs and will have adopted VR technologies.

PS8 would be crucial in bringing a paradigm shift to the gaming industry. PS8 price will be a shock to many. PS8 will likely be the first PlayStations to breach the $1000 mark.

With smartphones, we have seen companies start making multiple variants of their machines at increasing prices. The same can happen with the Sony PlayStation. Sony might create 2 versions of PlayStation, one for casual gamers priced at about $500 and one top-notch gaming machine priced at $1000.

Digital Only, VR, and More

Some say that VR is the future of gaming, so it would make sense that Sony experiments with VR gaming. We now have separate devices to buy to hook up to our existing computers and consoles to benefit from virtual reality games. The PS6 might be too early to have widespread gaming support, but PS8 will certainly be the right place for adopting VR.

Maybe the PS7 is when Sony will use motion controllers and headsets in the same box as the console. And while we are at it, do check out our PS7 Release Date, Price, Features, and more

PS5 supports the ability to upgrade storage. But it wasn’t easy. It was way too complicated for 90% of their user base. PS6 will likely improve on it. But, the PS8 release date is where it would be safe to say Sony will ditch the physical storage altogether. Also, by the time PlayStation 8 releases, we will be observing the advent of VR.

Sony might finally support wireless audio playback through Bluetooth, too. Wireless earphones have become extremely popular in the past few years, and Sony must start keeping them.


When will PS8 come out?

Sony PlayStation 8 will come out around 2032. Sony is likely to start refreshing PlayStation every 4-5 years. Based on that PS8 release date would be sooner than the previously expected 2040.


The Verdict

We have discussed everything related to the PS8 Release Date, Price, and Features. I hope I have satisfied your curiosity about the future of PlayStation.

In case you wanna share your views or add to the info, we would love to hear you in the comment section below. We tried to cover everything available for future PlayStation release dates. 

Why are we so sure about the information mentioned in this article? Well, we’ll be honest with this. These estimates are far off in the future and are based on very thin rumors. Moreover, 10 years is a long time for a company to change its plans. Furthermore, Sony has already started planning for PS9 Release Date, where they would likely announce a radical shift to Game Streaming technology.

In fact, Sony could completely change its plans, and the reality could vastly differ from what we say today. #PlayStation #Metaverse #GameStreaming 

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