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Index of Luxury Life

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Sukarma Thareja

18th October 2023 | 17 Views
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I am school teacher.I love my job.I am dealing little kids and I can mold them as I want. I am so happy during my teaching time  I have #inculcated so many good #values in my students.Some of my students are doing so well in life.I am so so happy for them.
Many of my students when visit me,often ask me question madam how cum you remain happy as school #teachers are not paid well. 
My short answer to them is friends #happiness comes from inside not from outside.
During my #co curricula activity class once I talked to students about topic #’happiness”
My submissions which I wish to share with my esteem readers were following

Happiness in life lead to success on other hand success in life may not lead to happiness.

For #materialistic gains ,or sometimes for #fame gain, one does do over work.Some times ones health is also at stake.But one never evaluates one self.One keeps working and  some time during exercise forget to give any priority to ones family.In the end one gets financial gains but looses track of ones family and feel very lonely.In other words in this exercise of materialistic gain one looses ones peace of mind.One always has feelings as if something is lost in life.

People who always make work life balance in life are always at peace with them selves.

The best example is our mothers.They are busy all day. Being Saturday or Sunday, kitchen work for mothers seem unending.

Mother is on her toes since morning. Towards the evening when mom is tired ,unable to bear it, she steps out of the home leaving her helper to look after kitchen.

She walks across the street to temple nearby  to distribute food to orphan children. That relieves her tiredness and gets her peace of mind. The energy one give the world is the energy one receive.

This is a typical case of looking inside ourselves for something that we have with us.

My mother has been telling me “my child! many of us travel across the lengths and breadths of the earth and also visit various shrines and holy places to find peace.Eventually, we come to realize that peace is within us at all times in our #own heart & mind.Peace of mind comes from being content with ourselves & being grateful for what we have with us.”

There is a peaceful way of going through life, but all depends on our #willingness to change our attitude towards everything in life.

The older we get, the more we realize… the ultimate #luxury of life is #”Peace of Mind”. So friends!never leave ones peace of mind ,whatever may be ones circumstances.

Moral of story-if one keeps tension and sadness in ones heart one can never be happy.If one has roses of sweet memories of time spent doing  assigned duties honestly one is always happy.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IIT-K

Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Feb 23, 2024 @ 1:21am 1FebUTC

Sukarma Thareja



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