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What’s so Happy about Birthdays.

Aryan SinghLast Seen: Nov 23, 2023 @ 3:08pm 15NovUTC
Aryan Singh

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Birthdays are the best day of the year in a person’s life.”

 You must have heard or thought of this phrase many a times. If you are a normal person(I hope you are), you may have once or always celebrated your birthday. You wait for a whole year, dodging all other months, hopping through different stages(positive, negative and more negative) of life, just to hear those two magical words:


But, “What’s so Happy about Birthdays”.9d497ff9f7eb9375beeac3a901009776

You wake up early in the morning(in some cases, don’t even sleep) because of excitement of the day. You start making criteria in your mind about different situation that are possible that day. You start getting calls and messages from every corner of your contacts to whom you never really talked before. People greet you with the best wishes they can think of. People will make you believe that you have achieved something that makes you special. You shall also think that you are really an existing special guy to whom everyone loves. But let me tell you, you are just another ordinary guy who managed to survive 1 more year. But no one actually cares about my opinion. So, you are gonna celebrate this misunderstanding. You are gonna throw the most grand party to subtly notify everyone about all the arrogance that is being earned in form of money. All the people, that you invited, are gonna attend your arrogant party, pretending that they are happy about your achievement. They are gonna take 300 pictures, and will post only 3, without even tagging you. Then your photo-session shall start. You will have to feed cake to everyone just for a photo. But at the very moment, the most repeated phrase you are gonna hear is “Please take another bite. The photo is not being captured perfectly. Smile Please”. Half of the cake has been eaten by this way. Now you will have to moisturize your face with cake. People shall start playing Tomatina with cake and you will have to dodge it. This is the most dumbest thing of these parties. Why do we need to waste the cake. Just eat the freaking cake mannerly. They will eat, drink, dance, sing, judge and go. The day will end. Life is back to normal(boring). You will have to wait for 1 more year to get the existence validation and celebrate.Lonely Birthday Vector Cartoon Isolated Art White Background Flat Lonely Birthday Vector Cartoon Isolated Art People Characters 124255056

What’s so Happy about Birthdays”.

Your Birth Day was the day from where all your problems began. Your birthday was the day when you got to know that you have to survive in this horrific world. With every birthday, your life is pacing towards end. Birthdays are just the reminders that 1 more year has passed, without achieving much, and there are so many things that you still have to achieve. What are you really celebrating? Being happy for just 1 day and surviving other 364 days is not why we are here for. Celebrate and live those 364 days to make a Happy Year. The life is beautiful only if you are living it to its fullest.

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Aryan SinghLast Seen: Nov 23, 2023 @ 3:08pm 15NovUTC

Aryan Singh


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