7 BEST Websites to Write Blogs in 2024 (& How to Choose)

Websites To Write Blogs

3rd July 2024 | 50 Views

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The best websites to write blogs, like Milyin and Medium, let you create quality blogs in many niches with tools for effortless writing, formatting, styling, SEO, and media insertion. These sites help you write content in the form of blogs for growth and income.

There are many great websites where you can write blogs and grow. The best blog writing websites offer unmatched writing and formatting tools, a variety of styling options, and easy to use interface. I’ve made your work easy by curating a list of some of the best websites to write blogs for all your needs. You can refer to our research process was based on supported niches, variety of content, and earning potential. We will show you their features, pros and cons, and pricing data. 

Best Websites for Writing Blogs

Website to Write BlogsEarning PotentialWriting ToolsEase of UseLearn More
👍Milyin Very HighVery GoodVery EasyMilyin
MediumDecentVery GoodVery EasyMedium
WordPressVery HighVery GoodGoodWordPress
GhostVery HighGoodVery GoodGhost
BloggerVery HighGoodGoodBlogger

Editor’s Pick

If you are looking for one of the best websites to write blogs online, you should go for Milyin. I’ve personally been a fan of it. It lets you write on any topic with great freedom and enables you to get monetized from Day 1. You can use it to grow as a blog writer quickly. Learn how Milyin functions if you’re interested, and start using it right away!

1) Milyin

Milyin is best website to write blogs for freedom to create content in variety of genres and earning potential.

Milyin is a free-to-join and open-source content platform that helps you produce quality content. To begin with, Milyin is extremely simple to use and just works. There are no complicated forms or rules to start; simply register with your name, email, password, and other details. You are monetized by default and can start earning from Day 1.

The easy-to-use New Creation interface allows you to start writing quickly. It has tools for formatting text, adding tables, lists, bold, italics, underlines, lists, highlights, media, and more. You can easily embed Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter posts.


  • Earning: It automatically places advertisements in your content, and you earn on a per-ad-click basis from clicks from your Creation’s advertisements.
  • Socialization: You can interact with your blog readers, other bloggers, and various other people using the comment section and native Chat support.
  • Variety: Unlike other platforms, Milyin has full support for quotes, stories, poems, blogs, articles, and various other forms of content.
Provides you complete control over the type, format, and frequency of your advertisements.Poorly built app for Android. Works well only on the web.
Native statistics and analytical tools help you analyze the performance of your blogs and improve. 
It provides tools to easily manage media, embeds, tables, and more. 

Link: https://milyin.com/

2) Medium.com

Medium.com is best for connecting with wider audiences and popular creators

Medium.com is among the best websites for writing blogs that focus on connecting writers like you with a wider audience. That’s why it is designed to be a great platform for sharing your ideas, opinions, and expertise with a strong community of global readers. The clean and minimalistic design with lots of useful tools and features for creating content easily.

Medium.com has a large and active user base, that makes it easy for you to target a wider audience by writing blog posts as a beginner. Additionally, Medium.com provides a range of tools to help you engage with your readers, including the ability to highlight and comment on specific sections of an article.


  • Design: Medium has a distraction-free user interface that makes it an ideal website to write blogs in 2024 with ease.
  • Sharing: The sharing buttons allow you and your audience to easily share your medium posts on social media platforms
  • Socialize: Your readers can use socialization tools like chat and comments to interact and engage with one another.
The higher domain authority of Medium ensures your content ranks well on Google.Limited monetization options
Frequent newsletters to readers ensure that you are easily accessible. 
The searching function makes your blog easily discoverable on the site. 

Link: https://medium.com

3) WordPress.com

WordPress is best for customizability and styling capabilites

WordPress.com is one of the best websites to write blogs for a reason. It offers the widest range of tools, built-in features, customization capabilities, plugins, and themes that are suited for the needs of beginners and pros alike. Making it suitable for both beginners and experienced bloggers. It powers almost 50% of all websites in the world, making it really common and accessible. That’s why its large of the critical advantages of WordPress.com is its strong community support.

It boasts a user-friendly yet customizable interface and a vast library of themes and plugins. Additionally, WordPress.com offers powerful SEO tools, allowing you to optimize your content for search engines and increase your blog’s visibility. The native tools allow you to easily create blogs with complicated designs, images, grids, and various other features.


  • Plugins: WordPress plugins help you implement newsletters, Call To Action (CTAs), Merchandise, podcasts, memberships, paid content, ebooks, and more.
  • Themes: The wide variety of free WordPress themes ensure that you can design your website to match your niche style and needs.

Completely open-source code ensures complete transparency between you and WordPress.Requires you to invest to get complete access in the form of a self-hosted website.
A strong and very bonded community ensures you can find support and solutions to all issues quickly. 
Free plugins and tools for SEO and sharing content on social media. 

Link: https://wordpress.com/

4) Ghost.org

Ghost.org is the best website for writing blogs with a minimalist and content-focused UI

Ghost.org is a platform specifically designed for minimalist and content-focused blogs. You can use its distraction-free writing experience and clean, minimalist design to write blogs with ease. Ghost.org is a great choice for writers who want to create high-quality, engaging content without distractions.

One of the major advantages of Ghost.org is its simplicity and easy usage. The platform provides a straightforward and intuitive interface that makes creating and managing your blog posts easy. But that’s not all; Ghost.org offers powerful SEO capabilities, allowing you to optimize your content for search engines and increase your content’s rankings online.


  • Customizable: It has a completely customizable user interface that lets you easily design and modify your content to suit your taste and preferences.
  • Domain: As a CMS platform (like WordPress), it works on custom hosting. Thus you get to set up custom hosting and website domain for your needs.
  • Tools: It provides you with additional tools that make it easy for you to create and manage content in a variety of formats.

Allows you to change branding to suit your identity and interests.Limited community support and customer service.
Easily implement subscriptions, memberships, and various other use cases. 
A robust knowledge base and guidance are ideal for beginners. 

Link: https://ghost.org/

5) Blogger.com

Blogger.com is best for writing blogs with a user-friendly and customizable editor

Blogger.com is one of the best websites for writing blogs online, with a simple, beginner-friendly, and easy-to-use interface with a range of customization options. Even though it is a balanced platform, it is particularly well-suited for beginners who want something simple and straightforward website for writing blogs to get started with creating blogs online.

One of the key advantages of Blogger.com is its integration with other Google services. Being an old and reputable platform, use Google products like Gmail or Google Analytics; you’ll find it easy to integrate them into your blog based on your use case. 


  • Templates: Blogger.com provides a variety of templates and design options, allowing you to create a unique and visually appealing blog.
  • Cost: Completely free with no paid plans or paid add-ons, ensuring you can grow and develop without a problem.
  • Reliable: It is very reliable with rare issues and almost no compatibility problems, making it an ideal convenient and hassle-free website for writing blogs.
Designed with SEO in mind and ensures high and consistent rankings.Lacks advanced tools for more experienced users.
Allows you to apply and use multiple sources to write monetized blogs. 
Oldest and the most well-known platform for blogging 

Link: https://blogger.com/

6) Wix.com

Wix.com is best website for writing blogs with custom elements and UI

Wix is best known to be a page builder with robust tools and features for building and designing pages without code. But it has proper functionality for writing, managing, and styling blogs. You should use Wix if a drag-and-drop builder is of any use to you.

The drag-and-drop builder allows you to add elements to your blog that are very difficult to implement via code. This could include adding responsive grids, creating vector graphics, embedding social media posts, and more. The drag-and-drop website builder lets you customize and make your content visually appealing and professional-looking blog without needing any coding skills. 


  • Templates: Wix has a variety of professionally designed templates and design options, that let you customize and style your blog as desired.
  • Branding: Built-in tools allow you to create logos, and custom branding, and add them to your blog to match your brand or style.
  • Features: It has various blogging features such as the ability to schedule posts, manage/moderate comments, and integrate social media sharing buttons.
In-house management of security, performance, and design to save you time.Relatively expensive plans need to be purchased for getting a fully functional blog
SEO tools to automatically optimize and improve your rankings. 
One of the most experienced, responsive, and helpful customer support. 

Link: https://wix.com/

7) Weebly.com

Weebly is best beginner-friendly website drag-and-drop functionality for writing blogs.

Weebly.com is a beginner-friendly blogging platform that offers a wide range of tools, features, and customization options. It’s a great choice for users who are new to blogging and want a platform that is easy to use and navigate. Weebly.com provides a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to easily create, edit, and manage your blog posts without any coding skills.

One of the key advantages of Weebly.com is its large library of professionally designed templates and design options. The platform offers a huge range of modern professionally designed themes that can be easily personalized to match your branding and style. Additionally, Weebly.com provides built-in SEO tools, making it easy to perform SEO on your content for better rankings.

However, Weebly.com does have some limitations. The platform’s blogging features are not as robust as some of its competitors, which can impact your blog’s functionality and customization options. Additionally, if you’re looking to monetize your blog, Weebly.com offers limited options compared to other platforms.

8) Fiverr

Fiverr is best website to write blogs as a freelancer

Fiverr traditionally is a freelancing platform that is a great website to write blogs online easily. Content writing related to blogs and articles is a particularly popular genre for customers on Fiverr. This means you can become a freelance blog writer at Fiverr, work with variety of clients globally and earn a lot.

Usually, long-term writers struggle to find new topics worth writing for their websites. That’s why Fiverr is a great place, as the client figures out the topic, and you just have to use utilize your writing skills to the fullest.


  • Specialization: If you specialize in a particular niche, you can set up a profile targeting such relevant clients. This can help you quickly gain customers and start earning from Day 1.
  • Portfolio: The positive reviews dropped by your clients can be critical in helping you find a new job or starting your own blog writing agency.
  • Convenience: Unlike conventional freelancing, Fiverr handles deadlines, payment delays, wrong customer behavior, and various other issues, letting you focus now writing blogs.
Highest earning potential of all platformsTakes time to build a constant supply of work.
Great place to build a portfolio of big clients to seek credibility. 
Become popular socially due to the public display of all your achievements at Fiverr. 

Link: https://fiverr.com/

8) Squarespace.com

Squarespace is best for writing visually appealing blogs

Squarespace.com is among the best websites to write blogs online, known for its visually appealing and modern UI elements. It’s a great choice for bloggers who prioritize aesthetics and want to theme their website is a visually in a way best suited for their audience or niche.

Squarespace is an excellent choice for writing blogs as it gives you the independence to use affiliate links, digital advertisements, sponsorships, and various other methods to earn. It is designed for the average writer who wants to stylize content without having the hassle of coding.


  • Templates: offers a range of professionally designed templates that can be easily customized to match your brand or personal style.
  • Drag-and-drop editor: The website for writing blogs provides a robust drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to create, edit, and stylize your blog posts. 
  • Tools: Squarespace.com offers powerful SEO tools to optimize your content for better rankings on search engines and increasing overall views.
Addons to suit special use cases and purposes as need be.Very expensive and not ideal for all niches.
It has tools and services for various other use cases like E-commerce, services, and appointments. 
Resources and knowledge base to help beginners learn and get better at managing a blog. 

Importance of Choosing the Best Websites for Writing Blogs

When selecting the best blogging websites, several factors should be taken into consideration. Choosing the wrong website for blogs can result in poor blog writing experience, inferior monetization resulting in less income, or low blog rankings on Google Search.

That’s why it is important to choose from the best websites for writing blogs. You should look into websites that are relevant to your niche and are compatible with your target audience. Choosing the right website to write blogs can make a huge difference in your rankings.


How to Choose the Best Website to Write Blogs

It is important to choose the best websites to write blogs for growing and becoming successful as a blogger. To begin, you must look into features, freedom of writing, and overall media/content tools they provide. The best website for the blog will offer various features like: 

  • UI: It is best to choose a website to write blogs with a user-friendly interface, customizable design options, and reliable hosting services. 
  • SEO: To grow as a blogger, you need to use a website with proper on-page and off-page SEO that ensures your content is always written properly.
  • Content: The best Websites for writing content provide plenty of topics and genres that are relevant to you.
  • Community: It should also have a strong community that you can socialize and interact with.
  • Monetization: You should always look into the best websites to market and monetize your blog effectively.


Conclusion for Websites to Write Blogs

I’ve shown you 8 of the best websites for writing blogs and these are most likely enough for your needs. All of them are strong, and that makes your decision-making difficult. So, to help you our conclusion will provide a TL;DR along with our choices for different use cases.

Best forWebsite for writing blogs
Highest Earning PotentialMilyin
The biggest community of CreatorsMedium

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