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The best blog websites, like Milyin, Medium, and, Blogger, have a variety of quality content in many niches for you to enjoy. You must read content from some of the most well-designed websites for blogs with properly researched content.

I’ve made your work easy by curating a list of some of the best websites for blogs for all your needs. You can refer to our research process was based on several free blogs, a variety of content, and writers. We will show you their features, pros and cons, and pricing data. 

Best Website For Blogs to Consider in 2024

Read Blogs OnlineVariety of BlogsQuality of BlogsCostLink
MilyinExcellentVery GoodFreeMilyin
WordPress.comVery GoodVery GoodFreeWordPress
MediumVery GoodVery GoodFree (Monthly Paid Subscription for unlimited access)Medium
Blogger.comVery GoodGoodFreeBlogger.com

Editor’s Pick

If you are looking for the best websites for reading blogs, you should go for Milyin. It is a great place to read blogs online. A variety of genres, content, and Creators make Milyin ideal for reading blogs. It allows you to socialize and interact with other users as well.

1) Milyin

Milyin is best for enjoying widest variety of blogs on any genre/topic

Milyin is a free-to-join website for blogs with a variety of content written by 1000s of independent Creators. Its advertisement-based business model means that you never have to pay for reading blogs. You can discover new topics, find relevant content through hashtags, and follow/unfollow creators.

You are sent a weekly digest of the latest blogs from your favorite bloggers as well. You can interact with other Creators on Milyin through commenting, chatting, and following them with the built-in socialization tools. 


  • Variety: With a global user base of independent writers, you get to enjoy a variety of content that matches your tastes.
  • Search: Native search tools allow you to find your relevant content and discover the top Creators.
  • Access: Unlimited free access. Find and share as many poems as you like. Interact with poets, share with friends, and more.
Hashtags support, similar to social media, lets you quickly find similar content.Poorly built mobile app.
You can interact and discuss with other members in the Comment section. 
Supports various form factors, including articles, blogs, quotes, stories, and poems. 

Pricing: Free

Link: https://milyin.com/

Why is Milyin the right place for you?

Milyin is the best platform to read blogs online, as it has the best variety of quality Creators. You can discover your favorite content via hashtags and follow your favorite Creators to stay updated with their latest stories, quotes, poems, and more.

2) WordPress.com

WordPress.com is best for reading content from the widest range of professional writers globally.

WordPress.com is the most popular blogging platform for a reason. In fact, a majority of the sites and blogs on the internet are built using WordPress. It offers a wide range of features and customization options, making it suitable for both beginners and readers.

You can use it to start your own blog as well as read blogs from some of the best upcoming writers. One of the key advantages of WordPress.com is its strong community support that ensures you always have people to interact with.


  • Content: There are numerous forums, tutorials, and resources available to read and enjoy. 
  • Follow: You can follow and subscribe to your favorite blogs on WordPress to stay updated with their 
  • Ad Free: Provides a paid ad-free version of WordPress for you to enjoy content without distractions.
Robust mobile app for Android and iOS.Top blogs often avoid publishing on WordPress.com
Let you like and share your favorite content. 
Easy to use and straightforward signup. 

Link: https://wordpress.com/

3) Medium

Medium is best website for blogs with variety of top writers and high-quality content.

Medium boasts a network of highly active and engaging readers and writers that together create a really fun community. You can read specific content from some of your top Creators, follow them, show appreciation for their content, and much more.

The clean and modern UI is very easy to use as well. Besides, you can become a paid subscriber to Medium to enjoy unrestricted access to content and support bloggers financially. Medium is designed to interact, so you’ll enjoy the comments and social interactions.


  • Save: You can save your favorite blogs on Medium to easily find and read them in the future.
  • Sharing: Easily accessible buttons allow you to easily share your favorite blogs online with your acquaintances online.
  • Listen: You can directly listen to the top blogs like an audiobook using their listening functionality.
Newsletters share some of the most relevant Creations for reading Medium allows you to read a limited number of blogs online without membership.
It boasts some of the most popular and renowned writers globally. 
Interact with writers in comments and chat. 

Link: https://medium.com

4) ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud is an ideal place to discover a great variety of content from skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable writers. Unlike other websites for blogs, ShoutMeLoud majorly covers reviews, guides, and tutorials, but it maintains an overall open nature for all forms of content.

You can discover some of the best blogs online using their easily navigable menu and robust searching tools. All content is categorized into various taxonomies (Categories) to provide easier accessibility and help you find relevant content.


  • Deals: It provides coupons and discount links for some of its top product recommendations, including hosting services, plugins, software, and tools.
  • Additional Content: If you ShoutMeLoud as a website for blogs, they produce a lot of additional content from their YouTube Channel.
  • Downloadables: You get variety of downloadable content in the form of Ebooks and various other resources.
The weekly newsletter suggests the latest blogs worth reading.Even though it is open to all forms of content, it is majorly used for very few niches.
Easy to access share buttons to post your favorite blogs on social media. 
Some of the best recommendations for content worth reading. 

5) Blogger.com 

Blogger is best for reading quality content from some of the most popular writers worldwide.

Blogger.com is another popular blogging platform offering a user-friendly interface and a range of unmatched content. It is designed to be simple, uncluttered, and straight usage. It’s particularly well-suited for beginners looking for a simple platform to start their blogging journey.

One of the critical advantages of Blogger.com is its integration with other Google services. You can read blogs online with really creative stylings and design through Blogger.com. It also has a robust network of writers and creative professionals that create interesting blogs, making it one of the best websites for blogs in 2024.


  • History: Blogger is one of the older platforms and thus has an extensive range of content for various ages. This gives you access to a great deal of historical blogs.
  • Writers: As an old platform, it boasts a variety of famous and long-term writers. You can enjoy their content easily.
Blogger is completely free and gives you unrestricted access to content.Relatively old and hard-to-use UI.
You can individually follow top blogs using their unique domain URLs. 
Native mobile app for Android and iOS devices. 

Link: https://blogger.com/

6) Longreads

Longreads is best for enjoying variety of content from some of the best writers globally.

It is a great place to read properly written blog posts from experienced writers. All content is carefully evaluated and reviewed before publishing, ensuring far greater quality standards. It also has a proper RSS feed to read blogs online using your favorite feed app/service.

It is a very transparent platform, as it allows you to nominate specific content or stories to be published on this website for blogs via Twitter. All content is sorted and categorized for greater accessibility. Moreover, it is devoted to maintaining your privacy with proper security of your personal and financial data and proper tools to unsubscribe.


  • Membership: Easy periodic memberships provide you access to more content and features for your usage.
  • Exclusive: Longreads also produce a wide range of exclusive original blogs for its audience, making it an ideal place to read blogs online.
  • Editor’s Picks: Some of the best and most noteworthy content is listed in the editor’s picks. This is ideal for discovering and reading new blogs online.
Developed completely open-source code using WordPress.Relatively old and poorly designed UI.
A completely reader-supported platform means it is ad-free. 
Their Best Of has some of their best blogs for each year available for you to read. 

Link: https://longreads.com/

7) Wix

Wix is the best website for blogs with well-designed content and robust features

Deep down, Wix is a website builder platform that helps businesses and blogs create attractive and beautiful websites. But it is really a great place to find some of the most underrated blogs online. It is very hard to find Wix blogs, but generally, they are hidden gems.

Beautiful and straightforward interfaces, along with absolutely great quality content, makes it an ideal place to read blogs online for those who want variety. 


  • Content: Since it’s completely open for all, you can really find new and upcoming writers on the platform.
  • Commerce: Apart from readable content, blog owners can implement subscriptions, ebook sales, e-commerce, merchandise, e-commerce, and various other things to keep you hooked.
  • Design: As Wix controls all the site code, the bloggers can choose themes and styles that appear great on all displays, screen sizes, and form factors.
It provides various tools for sharing content on social media.Since the bloggers have to be found on Google Search, it is usually challenging to find content.
Based on the site-to-site configuration, you may be able to communicate and interact with other blog readers. 
Often provides tools and features by integrations through various 3rd party services. 

Link: https://wix.com/

How To Choose the best website to Read Blogs Online

Some of the key factors in choosing the best website to read blogs online are:

  • Genre: Always choose a website for blogs that are completely open to content in any genre, or have support for genres that are most relevant to you.
  • Content: It is best to look for platforms that have a great content variety and can satisfy all your content needs.
  • Recommendations: As a reader, you should look into websites for blogs that provide plenty of recommendations for similar and suggested content to help you find more blogs.
  • Pricing: You should always go for websites for blogs that are completely free or have a nominal cost. This ensures you get really great value for money.


Conclusion – Read Blogs Online

Till now, we’ve shown you platforms like Milyin, Medium, and WordPress to read blogs online with minimum effort. You can use any one of these websites for blogs to read content online. But, to help you narrow down your search, we’ve created this final conclusion.

Best forWebsite for Blogs
Best for the widest range of quality blogs onlineMilyin
Best for reading blogs from top bloggers worldwideMedium
Best for enjoying high-quality content with proper reviews and evaluationShoutMeLoud

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