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Wattpad Alternatives: 8 BEST Websites like Wattpad for Writers & Readers

9th January 2024 | 949 Views

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Wattpad has a variety of stories, poems, and content. But, it has its problems. Some of the best Wattpad alternatives are Milyin, Goodreads, Inkitt, Medium, and more. Wattpad has many issues, including frequent downtimes, story ranking delays, and app publishing problems.

That’s why you should join some of the best websites like Wattpad that provide an ideal experience for readers and writers. I’ve got 8 of the best reading websites, like Wattpad, for you to choose from. Let’s see.

Wattpad AlternativeEase of UseUserbaseCommunity EngagementLink
MilyinVery GoodGoodVery GoodMilyin
PenaraVery GoodGoodGoodPenara
MiraquillGoodGoodVery GoodMiraquill
GoodreadsGoodVery GoodModerateGoodreads
InkittVery GoodGoodGoodInkitt

Editor’s Choice

I recommend Milyin as the best website, like Wattpad, with various readers and writers. Milyin provides multiple content, including poems, stories, and quotes. You can follow your favorite creators and enjoy a variety of content.

1) Milyin

Milyin is best for enjoying diverse content from variety of Creators. Find relevant Creations using Hashtags, chat with popular Creators, and interact with the community in comments.

Milyin is one of the finest writing platforms and boasts some of the most engaged users in the world. It is free to join and an ideal place for Content Creators and Content Consumers.

Writers are monetized from day one and can earn money through advertisements in the content. They get complete control over ad placements, affiliate advertisements, and a more straightforward signup process with no approval requirements.

Readers can use Milyin to chat with their favorite creators, build community, follow their favorite Creators, and discover quality content. 


  • Customization: Writers can customize the UI to add or remove elements and adjust the visual appearance and design of their Creations.
  • Content: A robust content creation interface allows easy editing and inserting content into your Creations.
  • Related Creations: All Creations have Related Creations at the bottom to help you discover newer content quickly.
Straightforward user interface.Poorly built app for Android and iOS.
Tools to protect your content and ensure protection. 
It helps you quickly discover friends and other Creators at Milyin. 


Why is Milyin the right platform for you?

Milyin is the best Wattpad Alternative thanks to its social features. You can discover your favorite content via hashtags and follow your favorite Creators to stay updated with their latest stories, quotes, poems, and more.

2) Penana

Penana is best for reading and writing stories. It has support for various genres and sub-genres for greater accessibility.

Penana is driven by original content in stories created by new and upcoming writers. All content is easy to find and is made available through search facilities. The content is divided into genres to help you find stories based on your interests.

Furthermore, all content is labeled for suitable audiences. This ensures you can avoid or view content appropriate for mature audiences. It is one of the best Wattpad alternatives for reading fiction and non-fiction.


  • Bookshelf: Provides a bookshelf to manage and maintain all your favorite content or stories worth reading.
  • Contests: Runs periodic content and events to create content on specific topics. Besides, it also improves community engagement.
  • Guidance: Various tools to provide you with advice and help you 
The active society network allows you to engage and interact with all users.Relative old-looking UI.
Provides details like estimated reading time to help you choose stories worth reading. 
Tools to quickly start writing and publishing stories in parts or entirely. 


3) Miraquill

Miraquill is best for representing quotes, stories, and write ups as images. It provides tools to create attractive text arts and stunning images for your content

Miraquill is a unique Wattpad alternative for writers and readers to share content in a very visual form. By nature, Miraquill is geared towards more visual content consumption. It is a proper social media platform that separates itself from other websites like Wattpad. 

Miraquill is an ideal platform for those who want to socialize and join a close-knit global community of readers and writers. It supports social media features like hashtags to help you find and discover new content.


  • Interactions: It has various features such as likes, follows, sharing, tagging, and comments.
  • Sharing: Tools to easily share your favorite writings on social media via sharing buttons.
Straightforward UI 
Native apps for Android and iOS devices 
Easily signup using support for “Sign in With Google.” 


4) Goodreads

Goodreads is best Wattpad alternative for book readers who want to discover great new books, track reading progress, and socialize with other readers.

Goodreads is an ideal website like Wattpad if you struggle to find something to read next. You can add the books that you have already read and books you want to read to get great recommendations. You can add friends and stay aware of their books and reading progress.

Goodreads is a platform owned by Amazon; it works well with Kindle owners and Amazon customers. You can also use it to find high-quality quotes and learn about some of the most popular and historical writers, making it one of the best websites like Wattpad.


  • Community: It has a highly engaged and active community of readers and writers that you can interact with. You can even follow various writers. 
  • Interviews: You can enjoy their variety of original content, including news and interviews with famous writers.
  • Lists: It curates its lists of best books/content across some genres you can refer to for finding your next book.
You can search for books and famous lines and find a lot of historical data about them.Not ideal for new/upcoming writers.
It allows you to read and write reviews of publicly available books. 
Join book clubs for collective reading and sharing your interests. 


5) Inkitt

Inkitt is best platform for fictional stories, novels, and books with a huge existing audience base.

Inkitt has a highly engaged community of readers and writers. The audience can share feedback, interact, and make suggestions to their favorite writers. Authors get complete control over their content and retain 100% copyrights for their original works.

For readers, Inkitt allows effortless reading with minimum distractions and an easy way to provide feedback for all the content. The website is available in 4 languages, making it accessible to more excellent demographics worldwide.


  • Community: You can join their active community and social groups to communicate and engage with other authors on Inkitt.
  • Writing Contests: Creates writing contests to improve community engagement and provides you with particular content about specific themes.
  • Recommendations: Provides intuitive recommendations for content on the platform based on popular books you may like.
Network of over 1 million users.Poor support for short-form content.
It remains wholly ad-free and is a clean and straightforward UI. 
Smooth running native apps for Android and iOS. 


6) Medium

Medium is best for enjoying long form content usually in the form of blogs or personal stories written by skilled professionals.

Medium is one of the best websites like Wattpad for readers and writers alike. The robust user interface allows for ely easy content consumption ent creation. Writers can use Medium to create and monetize content through subscription fees easily. 

At Medium, you earn money in proportion to the time Medium’s paid subscribers spend on your content. It provides robust newsletters and effortless content creation tools; you can easily add content such as images, videos, create containers, and stylize content.


  • Interactions: The popularity of Medium ensures that there are plenty of famous personalities and celebrities. You can chat, socialize, and engage with these users.
  • Statistics: Native tools to get analytics and statistics about the performance of your written content. These tools help you improve further.
You can follow your favorite writers and stay notified It takes time for writers to get monetized and start earning money.
Doesn’t show any obstructive annoying advertisements. 
Accurate recommendations for the content that you might like. 


7) Scribd

Scribd is best for enjoying variety of content including books, audiobooks, podcasts, documents, music, and magazines.

Scribd is an advanced membership-based Wattpad alternative for consuming various content. It has some broadest formats, including long-form and short-form reading and audio.

You can download your favorite content for offline access and save it to your private lists for reference in the future. Content is categorized across various interests for you to access and discover the most relevant content, making it the best website like Wattpad.


  • Content: Authentic, well-written content reduces stress, increases satisfaction, and boosts happiness.
  • Languages: Entire website is available in 9 languages to provide greater accessibility for non-native English speakers.
Tools to easily refer and gift subscriptions to a friend.No free plan is available.
Available as native apps on iOS, Android, and Kindle. 
Provides discounted prices on enterprise-grade plans 

8) Booksie

In online literature, writers and readers have sought platforms that provide a space for creative expression and engagement. Among the choices, Booksie has emerged as a compelling alternative to Wattpad, offering an exceptional platform for writers to share their stories and for readers to explore diverse content.

Booksie is one of the best Wattpad alternatives due to its unique features and user-friendly interface. Here are some reasons why writers and readers alike are gravitating towards Booksie


  • Customizable Profile: Booksie allows writers to personalize their profiles, providing an avenue to showcase their work and connect with readers.
  • Feedback and Engagement: The platform fosters a vibrant community where writers receive constructive feedback from readers, encouraging growth and improvement.
  • Varied Content Categories: With an expansive array of genres, Booksie caters to a wide range of literary tastes, ensuring readers can discover stories that resonate with them.
It can be customized to suit your needs and provide more relevant content.Relatively more minor and limited user base.
Highly engaging and active community that interacts well with all readers and writers. 
Strong copyright controls ensure that your content is always safe from plagiarism. 


FAQs – Wattpad Alternatives

What are some of the critical issues with Wattpad?

Some of the critical issues with Wattpad include:

  • Content Versatility: Wattpad is primarily dominated by long-form fiction writing. It is not a place where other forms of content, like short stories or poems, can flourish.
  • Earning: For small writers, it is challenging to use earn money by writing on Wattpad due to their poor monetization scheme.
  • Weeker Interface: Their overall interface is relatively cluttered and often struggles to let you get things done.


What are some of the best reading websites like Wattpad for readers and writers?

Some of the best Wattpad alternatives are:


How to choose the best Wattpad alternative for writers and readers?

Some of the critical things to be considered while choosing a website like Wattpad are:

  • Requirements: Some platforms are geared towards writers, while others are aligned in favor of readers. Choosing a platform with an outstanding balance of both is best.
  • Content Formats: The best Wattpad alternatives should have various content for all audiences, in short stories, long stories, poems, and quotes.
  • Genre: You should get access to a great deal of fiction and non-fiction content in genres of your interest.
  • Pricing/Earning: For readers, the platform should offer great value for money, and for writers, it should give them a decent chance to earn money.


Conclusion – Websites Like Wattpad

We’ve discussed some of the best Wattpad alternatives for you. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Based on your needs and use case, you can select your favorite website like Wattpad. To ease your decision-making, we’ve created this conclusion.

Best forWattpad Alternative
Best for diverse content for quotes, stories, articles, and blogs Milyin
Best for reading content in the form of attractive images.Miraquill
Best for enjoying the widest variety of fiction contentInkitt

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