11 BEST Ways to Earn Money By Blogging in 2024 [Definitive Guide]

Earn Money By Blogging
Aditya Milyin

3rd July 2024 | 33 Views

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Earning money by blogging isn’t easy. To be a blogger, you need to be a master of SEO, Content marketing, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships, and more. With the continuously evolving landscape of blogging, you must stay current with the latest strategies and skills.

With my vast experience, I’ve curated the list of these nine ways to make money by blogging. Affiliate marketing, collaborations, sponsored posts, and advertisements are some of the best ways to earn money. We’ll help you implement all of them.

Also, if you are a beginner looking to start a blog, we’ll share a secret to creating a successful blog with 0 investment.

How To Earn Money By Blogging?

When it comes to earning money through blogging, several effective monetization methods are available. Each method has its unique advantages and requires a specific approach. There are many strategies to make money by blogging. 

Some bloggers focus on a single source of money and exploit it. At the same time, others use 3-4 sources in parallel to have diverse income. It’s totally up to you to choose your strategy.

By diversifying your income streams, you can maximize your earnings and create a sustainable blogging business. Let’s explore all the methods in detail:

1) Advertisements in Blogs

You might already know about it. Running advertisements on your blog is the most common and effective way of earning money. With ads, you will make on a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) basis. Wherein your earn per ad click. 

Well, it’s focused on low costs and high volumes. Here are some critical parameters to earn money by blogging through advertisements.

  • Please choose the exemplary service: Choosing services with sufficient advertisement and partners to serve ads relevant to your audience is essential.
  • Earnings: High CPC is a critical parameter. Looking for services that offer the highest possible cost per click for higher wages would be best.
  • Threshold: Most advertising platforms require you to reach a certain payment threshold before you are allowed to withdraw money. Choosing an advertiser with the lowest possible entries is critical for a beginner.

Popular advertisers: AdSense, Ezoic

Advertising Sounds difficult?

Well, I’ve got an excellent idea for you. You are not alone if you find setting up a blog and finding advertisers tiresome.

Solution? Well, a new and upcoming platform Milyin allows you to start blogging quickly. It has a vast network of pre-approved advertisers. 

Signup at Milyin for free and start blogging and running ads on their site. It also has a low payment threshold, allowing you to withdraw just $1.

2) Affiliate Marketing Sales in Blogging

Affiliate marketing is similar to advertising but still quite different. Just like advertisements, you would be running advertisements in your content. But, the big difference is you will NOT be earning on a Cost-Per-Click basis.

Instead, your earnings would be based on per-sale. You will earn a hefty commission for each sale through you. Some top affiliate programs can offer even $100 per sale, making it lucrative. 

It is an ideal choice if you want to write product reviews, round-up reviews, or talk about your experience using various products and services.

  • Right Network: I can’t emphasize the importance of choosing the right network. An affiliate network that is niche relevant and matches your audience’s interests is critical for growth.
  • Trust: To earn money by blogging, you must ensure that you create authentic content and interest in your audience. It’s easier said than done regarding content with affiliate links. Always create content that your audience likes, and ensure you genuinely believe in the product before recommending it to your audience.

Popular Affiliate Programs: Amazon Affiliate, CJ Affiliate

Sounds good, but there’s a problem.

Most affiliate programs require high domain authority and views on your site before you get accepted. As a result, most small/medium blogs struggle to get relevant affiliate options.


If you want to start a blog, I recommend you begin Creating at Milyin. With a vast network of advertisers and marketers, it is an ideal choice to earn money by blogging.

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3) Grow Blogs with Sponsored Content

When I say “sponsored content,” you may think only celebrities and proven influencers can score sponsorships. But that’s not true. Even beginner-level bloggers can find sponsorships if they create quality and credible content.

As an unproven blogger, you will not earn money by writing sponsored blogs quickly, but you can still have frequent sponsored posts that could be a little additional boost to your income.

  • Notices: In most places, you are legally obliged to disclose that you are publishing a sponsored post. It is a best practice to provide proper disclaimers and ensure your audience is aware of them.
  • Create Compelling Content: Just because you earn money by writing sponsored blogs, you don’t have to be their bootlicker. Even in sponsored content, you should always ensure you can provide your fair opinion.
  • Legal: Always study the legal stuff when signing sponsorships; some hidden clauses might restrict you from signing sponsorships with similar brands or may restrict you from speaking your mind. Always choose to talk about the truth.

4) Memberships

Memberships are a great way to add to your income. If your audience likes your content, you can ask them to become a paid member. As a paid member, they will get exclusive content from you, and you get the monthly income. 

Now, I must say that memberships exclusively are a terrible idea. Usually, it’s hard to get people to signup for paid memberships if you aren’t very popular. Considering you are reading this, it is more than likely that you are among the beginner/intermediate-level bloggers.

So, I recommend you get paid to blog online by using memberships in complement with at least one other income source.

  • Right Price: Setting the price of your subscription too low is going to lose your earning potential. Setting a price too high will make the audience too scared to make purchases.
  • Content: Remember you must write blogs and earn money via memberships; you must create blogs for non-members and members. Create content to attract non-members into becoming members, then create exclusive content for retaining members and keeping them subscribed.
  • Planning: You need to plan for the methods you will use in complementing memberships. Continuously optimize processes to ensure you earn well both ways.

5) Get Paid to Blog By Selling Digital Products

It is yet another excellent method. If you are writing informative blogs or sharing guidance, you can provide a lot of information for free in your blog. Once your audience is hooked, you can offer additional assets as a PDF or any digital downloadable. 

These would be paid downloadable, providing additional value to the audience. You are recommended to always c

  •  Identify your audience’s needs: Research your audience’s pain points and identify areas where you can provide valuable solutions. Tailor your digital products to address these specific needs.
  • Create high-quality content: Invest time and effort in creating well-designed, informative digital products. Ensure your products are comprehensive, easy to understand, and provide actionable insights.
    Implement effective marketing strategies: Promote your digital products through various channels, such as your blog, social media, email marketing, and collaborations with other bloggers or influencers. Utilize persuasive copywriting techniques and offer exclusive discounts to drive sales.

By strategically creating and selling digital products, you can leverage your expertise and generate a substantial income from your blog.

6) Earn Money By Blogging using Referrals

Just like affiliate programs, you can refer others to do some activity. When they do that activity, you all benefit mutually. Sounds complicated? Well, let’s take this example. Fiverr is a freelancing platform where you can get your referral link. It has no affiliate program, but it can use your work. If you refer someone to join Fiverr, and they make a transaction, you are rewarded 10% of their first payment.

Such referrals have a low barrier for entry and therefore are ideal for beginners and intermediate-level writers.

  • Lower Level: Referrals are always less ideal than Affiliate Programs. But, affiliate programs are rare; referrals exist in almost every company. 
  • Easier Sells: Referrals are often used for minor sales or events requiring minimal spending or are free. Therefore, such little sales are a great way to write blogs and earn money as a beginner.

7) Guest Blog Posts

Guest posts are posts on your site written by a guest. Businesses often invite famous writers to their sites to have their content published. But the opposite is also true. Many times, writers looking to grow and gain credibility are looking to write guest posts,

You probably see where I am going with this. These upcoming writers won’t mind paying the price to have their content published on your site.

  • Quality: The idea of someone paying to write content on your site is very lucrative. But, it would be best if you adequately interviewed the writer. This ensures the writer is worthy of getting a chance and can produce content that your audience loves.
  • Content Pace: The significant advantage of guest posts is that your audience is happy. Producing content at scale is challenging; having some guest posts eases your workload and, at the same time, gives the audience more range to enjoy.
  • Network and collaborate: Engage with other professionals in your industry and actively seek collaborations or partnerships. Guest posting on influential blogs, participating in industry events, or joining relevant online communities can help expand your network.

8) Events & Engagements

If you create content, you will eventually build an audience interested in interacting with you at length. It is essential to keep your audience well-fed with content. So, organizing online meetings, webinars, events, and more is in your best interests.

These events could have some joining fees that could add to your income. At the same time, it connects your audience emotionally, and they are more likely to keep consuming your blogs.

  • Scale: For organizing events, you need scale. Having a small audience will not be sufficient for organizing events. Medium and high-scale bloggers can easily manage such events. Organizing events is a great way to earn money by blogging.
  • Collaborations: Many bloggers don’t have a large audience and lack capital/experience organizing such events. They can collaborate with other bloggers and be able to organize combined events. This reduces your costs, increases audience exposure, and reduce headache.

9) Social Media Promotions

Social Media is always a powerful tool for you. While this is not a direct way to earn money by blogging, you should always look into the potential of social media for growth.

While there is no direct way to write blogs and earn money using social media, I always recommend you promote your social media profiles, YouTube channels, or any other digital profiles.

Reason? The audience often loses interest and stops viewing your content, so it’s better to have them hooked on multiple platforms. This increases your chances of engaging with the audience and converting them into earnings.

Again, it’s not a direct source of income, but if your audience is more hooked, you are likely to have higher conversions in other methods of earning. In short, it is an indirect way to get paid to blog online.

10) Sell Courses using Blogs

Here’s the thing. Depending upon the topics of your blogs, Courses can be a huge hit or a gigantic failure for you. When people buy courses, the intention is always to learn new things or get better at existing things.

So, if you are reviewing phones, there’s not much you can teach in the course. But, if you have a blog about “Growing a Startup,” you can quickly guide that topic. So, it makes a lot of sense for you to create courses.

  • Niche Relevance: Always make your course relevant to your blog’s niche. The most crucial step is ensuring you provide genuine value and are credible enough for the advice.
  • Depth: Survey your audience, understand their needs, and be aware of the topics they want to be covered. This helps you build the course syllabus that works well with your audience.

11) Earn Money Through Consultation

Consultation is again quite similar to Courses. How? Like Courses, you have to be in a niche that supports talks. You must be knowledgeable and perceived as an expert in the field. 

So, if consultation and courses are similar, why are we discussing them separately? Well, talks mean you would be providing one-on-one advice to people. Classes can be recorded once and can be distributed endless times. On the other hand, consultations are unique, with live video calls (or physical interactions).

You would be providing them with proper advice about their issues and concerns. 

  • Charges: You would be charging based on the time you spend providing them advice rather than per session. You’ll get a lot of work if you can provide genuine advice.
  • Planning: You must plan for the consultation in advance. Before each session, you must have a form filled out by the other party with all the information, background, and topics you will cover. This ensures you have time to prepare for the consultation and can provide genuine advice.


Q. Is it possible to earn money by blogging?

A. Yes, it is possible to earn money by blogging through advertisements, affiliate marketing, referrals, sponsorships, and guest posts. You can get paid to blog with these methods. To start blogging, we recommend you choose one of the top blogging platforms, like Milyin, to enjoy a hassle-free blogging experience that supports your career.


Q. How To Earn Money With A Blog

A. Some of the best ways to get paid to blog include:

  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Content
  • Memberships
  • Referrals


Conclusion: How To Earn Money By Blogging

So, those were the 11 best ways to earn money by blogging. The hassle of managing websites, running courses, or creating e-books is too much for most bloggers. That’s why it is best to go for Advertisements, Affiliates, and probably memberships.

To make your life easy, it is in your best interests to become a blogger at Milyin. Milyin is an upcoming platform that allows you to create various content without restrictions. It has native tools for running ads, affiliate programs, referrals, and more. You focus on creating content, while Milyin manages advertisers, ad delivery, optimization, and your payments. Learn How Milyin Works and How to Get Started

Thanks for Reading,

Warm Regards,

Aditya Milyin



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