Improvement Guide


Milyin Creation Improvement Guide is an extensive guide to help you do Smart Work when Creating at Milyin. We have always tried to Keep It, Super Simple. This guide is to help you create Better Content on Milyin. Search Engine Optimization is the term used to Create Content that ranks better on Search Engines like Google, and as we all know Google (for now) is the biggest source of traffic for any website whatsoever.

Search Engine Optimization does not define what content you have to create, but it lays out steps to make Content More reader Friendly. Around 75% of people search on google and around 67% of people click on the first 5 links. If you want more views you need to rank higher. So in this creation improvement guide, we will tell you how to do that. Views are not the end of the world, and many of our Creators generate Views from their own Popularity/ Social references too. Therefore it’s up to you whether you want to follow it or not. You are FREE to create Content the way you like, and this Article is a Soft Suggestion, which can be disregarded if you need it.

Do I need SEO if I don’t Care about Views from Search Engines, and I write for Fun?

Seo1 Yes, because SEO was made with the intent to give people a better viewing/reading experience. Search Algorithms are made to help people who search get the most relevant and most quality results with the best experience. For example, even if you don’t want Views, you still would want a fast loading site, a site that is secure, and Well Designed site, that Looks decent on both Mobile and Desktop.

This is a part of SEO only, SEO was built with the intent for better Internet, therefore everyone should follow it. In your Content, there can be many things like Proper Headings, etc, which can make your Content much better. Another thing is, Accessibility, for example, almost every Creation usually has at least 1 image in its Content.

While a normal person will be perfectly fine in interpreting that image, however, a visually impaired person may not understand what that image is, therefore “Alt Text” should be defined for Images, which describes what the image actually is, so that Screen Readers can read out the Alt Text to explain what the Image is, for a Visually Impaired person. Things like Alt Text often get neglected, but these things are helpful in a better experience for all types of People. Therefore SEO is important.

So Let’s Start

Seo2  So Let’s Begin with understanding How you can Improve your Content to give users the Greatest consuming experience.

What You don’t Need to Worry About

We have always believed in making Milyin a platform where “It’s hard to Create BAD Content”  striving for our same goal, we have done many smart moves to help you save time, and we take the troublesome work for you. Some of the Important things for Having a Better experience for people Who consume your Content, are Fast Loading Page, Good User Interface, Security, Great Design overall, and Easy Accessibility for all types of People.

These things are really hard, and they need Web Design knowledge to make it Possible. But as it is Milyin, and we want to make all Content we take care of all Of it. Site Speed and Good Design are taken care of by Milyin. We are using really good Servers that work to serve the page at Blazing fast speed and we use all Modern standards like TLS 1.3, SSL Certificate, Nonces to ensure Secure Forms and really well-Protected user data.

This is really important for making a Credible and Trusted site. We have done it all for you. You never have to worry about security issues. In Terms of Design Milyin is really careful about Good Design and great Visuals on each Screen. We provide lots of customizability options like Hiding Header/Footer etc. We carefully Design our site for each of such customizations, so that your Content Consumers receive the greatest experience.

We only leave the Content Portion for you. While we do a lot of things to ensure regardless of what you create you can provide a Great Experience, but still there are a lot of things that you can take care of in your Creation. These Things Include:

  • Black Hat and White Hat
  • Title
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Images
  • Hashtags
  • Excerpt
  • Backlinks

Black Hat and White Hat


Before we start Creation Improvement Guide, we need to learn some things. The Type of Content you create is divided into 2 types, namely Black Hat and White Hat. You have to choose which one fits you.


Content Creators who want to make few bucks very quickly and are not in it for a long haul end up doing BLACK HAT SEO. This type of SEO is done for search engines, not considering humans at all. There are few ways to bend the rules and make few dollars very quickly and that’s exactly what BLACK HAT SEO does, they bend the rules.

WE DONT RECOMMEND BLACK HAT SEO as it results in crappy Creations and often considered spam. You might make few dollars but you can also get SEVERE PUNISHMENT ruining the chance of creating something sustainable for the future. Here’s the Thing, Black Hat is like Get-Rich-Quick guides, it can make you get some views really quickly, but it is not scaleable, in Long-Term it is always troubled, Black Hat includes Click Baits, and False Promises and Spam too.

Milyin’s Policies give Milyin the right to delete any such Creation, which is inappropriate, Some techniques used by black hat: Keyword stuffing: obnoxiously overusing keywords throughout your blog. Duplicate content: posting the same content throughout the website. Link farming: promising other websites that you will post a link to their site if they post the link to yours. Click Baits: Promised Content is Title, which is far different from the actual content.


As the name suggests it’s the complete opposite of BLACK HAT SEO. White SEO is done to build something sustainable for the future. In White hat SEO, you focus on the human audience rather than search engine optimization. Some techniques used by white hat are: Researching and analyzing your audience and give them more relevant information. Improving your Creation by incorporating more keywords and keeping readers on the website. Providing Genuine Value: Unlike Black Hat, the goal of White Hat is to create an experience where the user feels satisfied after reading content

Why You Should Do White Hat SEO?

We understand that white hat SEO takes more time and energy than black hat SEO but if used properly, white hat SEO can help you rank higher. Also, black hat techniques can guarantee that people will visit your blog but they won’t stay and leave. White hat SEO is accepted by search engines and guarantees long-lasting benefits. Treat white hat SEO like two sides of THE FORCE, chose your side wisely.  


Your Title is the most attractive thing in your Creation. Now Title is one thing that has been exploited on the Internet for Click Baits, which can get quick Views. We do not recommend doing that. But there are many things you can do for your Title. Some things that are usually recommended include:

  • Having Title of Length around 80 characters,  this includes spaces also. 80 Character is said to be the sweet spot for where your Title is neither too short to make an impact nor too long to be ignored by consumers.
  • Besides that, it is recommended to include Parenthesis in your Creation because Psychology says people believe important information/explanation is usually mentioned in the Parenthesis.
  • If you are writing about a topic that has been in demand for a long time, then including the year when it was Published helps make credibility.

While we recommend doing it, it can be that these 3 steps can sometimes restrict your Creativity or what you wanted to keep as a Title, so it’s up to you, idea is to tell what your Creation is short, so you can be creative with Titles. But with examples, I have explained few things that you can do regardless of what your Title is. Let’s Explain to you with examples, imagine that below is the Title for your Creation.

the secret about how to make quick and easy homemade mac and cheese(updated:2020)

One of the things is to Capitalize your Title, your Creation Title should have Capital Alphabets for important words so that if the user gives a glance at your Creation, his eyes land on the Important words as they are capitalized. The above title seems boring, A capitalized title would look so much better. Take this for example

The Secret About How to Make Quick and Easy Homemade Mac and Cheese(Updated:2020)

This one looks so much better and much more attractive, So it’s Perfect right? No. It isn’t Perfect. There is one more little thing that needs to be corrected. The URL of your Creation should be readable too. Milyin and all sites convert the title into URL, by converting everything to lower case, removing brackets and other symbols, and adding hyphens in place of spaces. The URL for the above Creation would be as follows:

The URL is readable for most of its part, but the problem lies in the last 3 words, “cheeseupdated2020” as there is no space between these words in the title, and the Symbols like Parenthesis get removed so it looks difficult to read. Always try to write a Title with your URL in mind… So the Title had the last 3 words “Cheese(updated:2020)” if we change it add spaces then we can further perfect it. so Let’s write the Last 3 words of the Title as follows, “Cheese (Updated : 2020)”  look at how we added a space before the left Parenthesis, and spaces before and after the Colon. Now the New URL would be

The last 3 words now are, “cheese-updated-2020” making it more readable and relatively easy to understand. Web Browsers trouble interpreting Brackets and spaces, that’s why we need to space it correctly so that we can have better Readability. So now we are done with the title, let’s Move onto Content


Remember ”Content is King”, Bill Gates also said this. So let’s take an example, suppose you search “Quick and Easy Homemade Mac and Cheese” now google will use all its energy to give you the best result. It will not only give you the QUICKEST or the EASIEST result but it will give you exactly what you asked for. So your first job is to create Good Content. Remember it cannot happen overnight, you need practice for it as well and after some time you will get expert in it. Good Content means Content that provides value to the Consumer, content which people love to read/ provides knowledge/ gives information/ entertains your Consumer.

But few things are useful in Content.

One of them is Proper usage of Headings, there are standard 6 sizes of Heading, Heading 1 being the Largest and Heading 6 being smallest. Headings should be used carefully and should be used to represent hierarchy, if You are writing a sub-point of a topic, then give the topic a Heading bigger (Heading 1 is the biggest) and its sub-topic a smaller heading.

Headings should be used after approximately every 250 words. Though it is no rule when reading the article having headings after every 250 gives people hints of how far they have reached in the Creation, and gives them a Directional sense of where you are going.

Though there are cases where your whole post goes through a really small topic or maybe you are doing Poetry, then you may not use Headings at all. When in Dilemma always “Not Doing is better than Over Doing”, it’s better to use No headings than to use too many headings. Another Benefit specific to Milyin, which you get from Headings is that Milyin generated a Table of Content from your Headings, and by default puts this Table of Content at top of your Creation (Just after Title), you don’t need to anything, if we detect Headings in your Creation, we automatically will generate the Table of Content.

Clicking on any Point in the Table Of Content will take the Consumer to the respective Heading. Bold, Italics, and Underline are other useful things.

Scroll Breaking and User Interest

How many times it happens that we are quickly scrolling through social media, and all of a sudden some video or some Image captures our Attention. Well, it happens quite a few times. This is called Scroll Breaker, anything exciting or attractive, that you stop to actually read it.

In your Creations, this Scroll Breaker can be the words that You highlight with Bold Italics or Underline. In some cases, if you have to write a significantly big sentence in bold, then you can smartly change the text color of the Keyword as Keyword is always more valuable than the rest of a Sentence. (We Would be Discussing the meaning/significance/use of keywords in the next point, so don’t worry if you don’t understand What exactly is a Keyword.)

Good Content always wins, if people love reading it then you don’t need to do anything else, and we always believe that Creations without SEO, and Creations even without our recommendations can always do great.

User Interest is really important, simply people opening your links does not mean that people read your Creation, and certainly doesn’t mean, that your words shall reach the people as intended. That’s why Interest is important, People need something to hook up to. The first 100 words are really important for any Creation. They set the tone, and give Readers a Zoomed-out view of what they will get.

Don’t take this Creation Improve casually: This Creation Improve will be your gateway to a successful piece. So, you have to focus on the first 100 words of your content. This is because this will become your meta description. A meta description is the one that is displayed when you search for something. You must contain your target keyword 2 times in the first 100 words of your Creation. This will really help you a lot in improving SEO. Do not worry if you are not sure what is a targeted Keyword, and what is


Keyword, as it tells us the most important Word for your Creation, it is a synonym for “Topic” yet it’s different. The keyword is not essentially a Word but usually is a phrase. I define Keyword as how would you define your whole article in about 2 to 7 words. Well, Keyword plays important role in your Content, but as you can see we are teaching you about Keywords after we taught you Content.

Why is it? (We will answer it soon) The keyword is also the purpose for which the Reader is reading it. For example, recall the “The Secret About How to Make Quick and Easy Homemade Mac and Cheese(Updated:2020)” example from Title Section, here the keyword in your Content would probably be”Homemade Mac and Cheese” it is a phrase it doesn’t need to be a complete Sentence by any means.

And as said, Keyword is the purpose too, a Reader would probably be reading it for this purpose only. In layman’s language: Keywords are ideas and practices that define what your content is about. In terms of SEO, these are the words or phrases that searchers enter into search engines also called “search queries”. 


Keywords are the most important thing and don’t sleep on it, We mean it. Keywords are important because it is the linchpin between what people are searching and the content you are providing to fill that need. Keywords decide what type of traffic you get, so you need to be careful. FRESHNESS OF CONTENT:  Writing more frequently improves Search Rankings. However, posting new content is not the only way, some Content Creators have written fewer posts but they keep it updates with the latest knowledge that they find. DIRECT ANSWERS: Google will provide some direct answers on the SERP. If you write your content clearly enough for Google to recognize it as an answer to a particular question, it will show up directly beneath the search bar. So write relevant posts.

SERP: Search engine results pages are web pages served to users when they search for something online using a search engine, such as Google. The user enters their search query (often using specific terms and phrases known as keywords), upon which the search engine presents them with a SERP.


What Are Long Tail Keywords And Why You Should Use Them: Keywords can be broad and far-reaching but they can also be to-the-point. These “to-the-point” keywords are called longtail keywords. Peoples use them because competition is less and it’s more specific. Longtail Graph Image 15 350x453 (1)

Short Tail Keywords

You might want to use short-tail keywords as the audience is more but competition is also more so use them at your own risk. Here’s an example of long-tail keywords and their benefits: If you search ” engineering jobs” here’s what you will get: The results are all over the place. Some are finding mechanical engineering jobs others are finding software engineering jobs. “Engineering Jobs” is a keyword that is a Super Set of Software Engineering Jobs, Mechanical Engineering Jobs, etc., meaning it can show results of all of its subsets, and therefore is relatively having more content and more people searching for it.                    Screenshot 2020 06 18 23 46 40

Long-Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords, as we said are much more specific, if your Creation is about “Aeronautical Engineering Jobs“, then your readers, would not be searching for “Aeronautical Engineering Jobs” because searching just “Engineering Jobs” This is because Engineering Jobs, gives them results for Software Engineering Jobs too, for which they are uninterested. Even if you rank on “Engineering Job”, people won’t really click your link. Let’s change it to”aeronautical engineering jobs”, the result is this:   As you can see, the competition is less and you have a great chance of ranking higher. And Boom, we have a lot of relevant search results.   Here’s the Thing:  Sometimes thinking that the keyword “Engineering Jobs” has much more audience, can make you greedy, leading to you trying to rank at it. Which would do no benefit, because your audience won’t just click it. “Target the relevant keyword-only”        

Target Keyword: A target Keyword is one word or phrase that best summarizes your page. This is what you hope people will type into a search engine to find the page. This keyword must be repeated throughout the Creation, wherever possible, though it should never be spam(from Spam we mean don’t do Keyword Stuffing)


USING KEYWORDS: When it comes to using keywords there are some rules you need to follow. DON’T PERFORM KEYWORD STUFFING.


Here’s how Google defines keyword stuffing: KEYWORD STUFFING refers to the practice of loading a web page with keywords or numbers in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in google search. Often these keywords appear in lists or groups or out of context. Filling pages with keywords or numbers results in negative user experience and lower-ranking”. In other words: It’s like a bell curve, add a keyword or two and your ranking will increase. Keep adding keywords and your ranking will decrease. These are 2 tips for you to get non-penalty great content: The kind of keyword that gets penalized are long-tail keywords rather than short-tail keywords: Let’s go back to the example for “Aeronautical Engineer Jobs” if this is our target Keyword, then some relevant long-tail keywords would be, “Aeronautical Engineering Jobs” or maybe, “Aeronautical Engineer Jobs in Palo Alto” these keywords are closely related to one another and therefore are good. But say that the target keyword is “Aeronautical Engineer Jobs” and you, use keywords such as, “High Paying Engineer Jobs”, and “Great Books About Aeronautics”, they go a little too broad and can impact negatively. It’s All Relative: A Keyword used in your Creation becomes good or bad based on other keywords used, similar and related keyword use is good, but if you use keywords that are unrelated then that can be a problem. Use related keywords:

LSI: Latent semantic analysis is a technique in natural language processing, in particular distributional semantics, of analyzing relationships between a set of documents and the terms they contain by producing a set of concepts related to the documents and terms

There’s been a change in google’s LSI so whatever is google’s current LSI keep in mind that related keywords are useful to avoid keyword stuffing and also to rank higher. For example: instead of putting”San Francisco hotel cheap” too many times you can use “places to stay in the bay area”. Remember to use long-tail keywords but don’t use them a lot instead use related keywords. We recommend making up your mind on the Title, before finding keywords, because, sometimes people write content based on Keywords, even if they don’t like it. They create content with the intent to get views and Create easier keywords, but they don’t really love writing it, and neither do they know, so always decide Title first.


Seo4  Images are as Important as Content. And this is important. This is actually Important. Images are more important than they have ever been in the history of the Internet. With the development of Computer Vision, images are at growth. Every Company is trying to Leverage Images. First of all, Images are heavy, they can slow down your site, and therefore, Images need to be Optimized so that they don’t hamper site speed. Google has become great at understanding what the image is about. And it suggests the relevant images in search results. Undoubtedly Images are of immense importance. We discussed at the start of this guide, how a Visually impaired person may never understand what your image is, and he would have a bad user experience in your Creation. Alt Text is a small text telling what the image is about, and as a best practice, it should be defined for every site. Besides that, there are few other things, which we will discuss in a moment Images are heavy, they slow down the site. We take care of optimizing and Deferring a load of Images, until they become visible (Lazy Loading), for better performance. So all you need to do is put Good Images. There are 4 Important Things for images that we need to take care of about any Image:

  • Title: It’s the Name of the file.
  • Alt-Text: Alt Text is a text defined to be read and understood by screen readers and search engines. Your Images are interpreted by Bots and Machines using Alt Text
  • Caption: Caption is a text defined to be read by Real Humans, it appears below Image, and is always useful for improving user experience.
  • Description: Describe the Image, if any Reader opens the Image attachment Page, then he sees the Description of the image

Well, it is great to define all these 4 fields, and we have made your work easy, for doing it.

Here’s The Thing

Milyin built a Simple yet effective way to handle it. Whenever you upload any Image on Milyin regardless of purpose, the name of the image ( [image name].jpg)  is taken as Title, Alt Text, Caption, Description. So, for example, you have an image of the name, “Mac and Cheese.png” then we will extract the name, and set Alt Text, Title, Caption, and Description as “Mac and Cheese” making your work easy. This was a Handy pro tip. But if you are among the people who do not nicely name their images beforehand, then After Uploading the Image, head to edit the image, and here you can change the things in the way you want. Images are important for a Good User experience, and in your main content, you should have at least 1 image per 500 words.

Featured Image

Thumbnail or Featured Image is also really Important, Thumbnail is the Image that is shown beside the Title everywhere on Milyin. But it is far more significant. It is the first image that is seen when you open the link, therefore it should surely be pretty. But one more little thing, Whenever you share a link of Milyin on Social Media, (Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp, etc) they usually show a preview/some info of the URL on their own. This information includes an Image too. This image is going to be your Featured Image. Meaning if shared on Social Media…


If you are not living under a cave, then surely know what is a hashtag, popularized by Twitter, and later taken by almost every platform, so is it with Milyin. It’s a way to reach out to more people, and help people find your content. It is good for accessibility. While Milyin has a really advanced Search, people always prefer to visit hashtags, to find relevant content.

Moreover in Milyin Search can filter Creations based on Hashtags also. Using Hashtags in Creations also allows people who read your Creations, visit Hashtags and get more relevant material on those Hashtag pages. Whenever you save creation, we find all words starting with a ‘#’ symbol and then convert them to hashtags. On the front end, all these hashtags ate linked to their taxonomy pages also. This helps in the internal linking of your page, plus driving more traffic through or taxonomy pages. A taxonomy page is a page, that has all the posts with a particular taxonomy.

For example, a taxonomy page for #Apple would be every such page includes all the Creations having the  #Apple in them. For a hashtag to be formed, first of all, the hashtag cannot be the first word of a paragraph, secondly, there needs to be at least 1 space (‘ ‘) before the hash symbol, for example, the sentence “An #Apple a Day” will not execute to form hashtags, but “An #Apple a Day” will convert  #Apple to a Taxonomy tag.

We would also be sending your featured images, on social media, though if you don’t add any featured image, a randomly generated featured image would be used in its place. Apart from that, the last would be the link to the post. Hashtags are colored in green, so they are very prominently visible for a Consumer. And is always a recommended thing. The Hashtags are not SEO directly, but surely they improve User Experience on Milyin


The description is another important thing, Description is the small text that you see besides the link, in Google Searches. When you go to the Creations Page, and Hashtags there is a text shown beside the normal Title and Thumbnail.

Usually, the first few words of your Creation are automatically set as Description on Frontend, but if you want to have a custom description, you can write it in the Description textarea. The description is basically having the summary of the Creation in about 180 characters. use it wisely. as a Best Practice, it should include your Keyword, and long-tail keyword, to make a better impact.

The description is not the same as the Disclaimer. The description is a summary and base for the rest of your Creation. Whereas Disclaimer, is a Notice, about your Copyrights/Licenses and other Info as and when required. The simpler idea usually is to write it directly as the first paragraph of your Creation. As Milyin automatically picks up the first few words as Description, and the benefit of having a full summary at the start is, that it sets the tone and the agenda for the reader. This ensures people are much more patient in some boring portions of your Creations, and people read much longer and more carefully


So if you are thinking”WHY SHOULD I USE BACKLINKS?” The answer is simple: Backlinks are the foundation of search engine optimization. Without using backlinks you won’t have any chance to rank higher. These bad boys are the building blocks so remember that.

Here’s the idea Behind Backlinks, back in the early days on Internet, companies like Google used to rank sites based on Views and Words, which was pretty basic and did not give relevant search results. With time they realized, that if a ‘Web Site A’ has a good article, then another site (Site B) with similar content, would put the link to Site A, into their content, to direct their users to Site A for more information.

This would mean that Site A has good Content and people are sharing it. So, here we are Site A, and every other site on Internet can be hypothetically referred to as Site B, you shall wish and try maximum other sites to link to your site, so that Google can be sure, that you are having Good Content. In earlier days, this was the only major “Ranking Factor”, though now Google has got Advanced and there are many more, and it is not that relevant as it was earlier, but surely it can be utilized.

What Are Backlinks?

In simple terms, BACKLINKS ARE THE LINKS THAT POINTS BACK FROM ONE PAGE TO ANOTHER. Backlinks are the easiest way to rank higher. You need to generate good-quality backlinks. You need to generate loads of good quality Backlinks are the key to rank higher but remember DON’T FOCUS ON QUANTITY, FOCUS ON QUALITY.

Why Use Backlinks?

They can help to improve your organic search ranking. They attract great referral traffic. They help Google index your pages faster. They help you to get more views and maybe your content can go viral. Google gives a lot of credit to content that has a decent amount of backlinks. So you should focus on getting NATURAL AND HIGH-QUALITY BACKLINKS. WHERE SHOULD BACKLINKS POINT TO? Most of the backlinks should point to important parts of your blog. Parts that solve the problems of the reader or some interesting parts that will keep them hooked are a good choice.


Comments are a great way to generate quality backlinks. If some people comments on your blog you rank higher and if your blog is good? maybe you can get an invitation to guest blogging. Capture traffic after your post goes live: This is the fun part, you can capture traffic after your post goes live which means you have to make the readers read more of your blogs. Milyin offers the following option which helps you to capture traffic. Keep an eye on your competition.

Yes, this also helps. Keep an eye on what your competition is doing, what strategy are they following to get backlinks, what type of blogs they write, how frequently they write, and what words they use in their blogs. All this can help. Link reclamation: This is an easy method to get backlinks. Simply ask someone who has already mentioned you to give you a backlink. You can use tools like google alerts to find your unlinked mentions.